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Father’s Day is coming and it is approaching real quick! Do you have a gift for him already? If not, you might want to take a look at this list of 100 gift ideas for the 10 most common types of dads!

Tech Dad

Tech DadAlso known as the Gadgeteer, this is the dad who is always up to date to the latest trends in gadgets and electronics. He is the man who people ask if a piece of gadget is good to have and he always have the answers. He might not always own the latest tech because really, a family man has other stuff to spend on, but that does not mean he does not dream of owning that latest piece of iPhone!

Here are some gift ideas for the tech dad:

  • A new tablet – Something he can use while on his commute to work.
  • The latest smart phone – He won’t buy it because there is rent to pay, but now that you work and earn your own money, why not buy him the latest iPhone or ‘Droid phone?
  • Smart watch – In case he already owns the latest tablet or smart phone.
  • Tech magazine subscription
  • GoPro – This is very popular right now and for a reason! GoPro’s are very flexible and useful and fun!
  • Quadcopter or RC Drone – Who says your old man is too old to play with remote controlled toys?
  • Powerbank – He has two to three gadgets at a time: something will probably run out of juice at the wrong place. Get him a powerbank to avoid these!
  • Spy pen – Oh wow, a pen that has a flashlight, records things AND WRITE? Count me in!
  • High lumen tactical flashlight
  • A new LED TV – Whenever he just chills at home.

For more gift ideas, you can check our separate list of tech gifts for dad and this list of tech stocking stuffers.

Gamer Dad

A hipster man with the beard playing video game with gamepad in hands vector flat design illustration. Square layout.

Also known as the Video Game Addict, this is the dad that spends most of his free time in front of the TV screen and holding his PS4 controller. Or he is this guy who sits in front of his high-end PC playing Fallout 4 all day. Here are some ideas for the gamer dad.

  • Beanbag chair – Sitting on the floor takes a toll on his lower back! Make his gaming sessions comfy!
  • Gaming magazine subscription
  • Video game inspired pillows – Spruce up his old couch by adding some gaming inspired pillows. This will give him something to rest his butt or his belly on!
  • Gaming mouse and keyboard – For the PC gamer, gaming mice and keyboards are a luxury they will not buy for themselves but will happily accept as a gift!
  • USB fridge – PC gamers get thirsty, too! This connects to a USB port and it will chill a can of soda or beer, readying a cool delicious beverage for dad’s consumption.
  • Comfy statement shirt and jeans – Shirt and jeans are the staple outfit of video gamers! Choose the nerdiest statement shirt. he will love it!
  • Self-stirring mug – That hot choco won’t stir itself. Oh wait.
  • Hot Pockets – A cheap treat for dad. Hot Pockets are the staple food of video gamers, if you have not heard.
  • Video game den decorations
  • A new couch – This is perfect if his butt already had made a huge hole in his couch.

Driving Dad

A young man looking very scared driving fast in classic sports car

This dad is the car lover who treats his car as your sibling! Driving makes him feel good and he is never the passenger. his favorite movie is The Fast and The Furious.

Here are some gift ideas for the car lover dad.

  • New leather car seats
  • Car freshener – So when he takes you for a ride, his car does not smell musty!
  • Car charging port – Something to help him keep his gadgets ready while driving.
  • Dashboard hoola girl – This is very manly to have on the car.
  • Tablet car holder – A little something to hold his smart phone or tablet while he use Wayz.
  • GPS – If he prefers to navigate without asking for directions!
  • New music for his CD player
  • Have his car tires changed
  • Fill up his fuel tank – A sweet gesture.
  • A cool key fob – something to clip is car, house and other keys into.

Fishing Dad

Fisherman in the boat caught a fish on the hook

He loves the outdoors and spends a lot of time fly fishing. Out of all the dads in this list, he is the most in-tune with nature and enjoys the sound of water gushing. Of course, the catch he brings home are always delicious. Here are some gift ideas for your fisherman dad.

  • New fly lures – A little something to add to his collection!
  • Advanced fishing tips book
  • Fish wall trophy – A manly decor for such a manly sport!
  • Bait and tackle box
  • Luxury fishing rod – This will give him something to brag to his fishing buddies!
  • Survival knife – To gut the fish he caught. Also cuts and repairs things!
  • A new tent – For those long camping and fishing trips!
  • Fishing pail
  • Digital camera – Pics, or it did not happen!
  • Fishing vest – These vests have a lot of pockets for a reason: to store baits!

You can also take a look at this list of fishing gifts for men.

Businessman Dad

Business DadHe is the parent with the credit card and the thick wallet. He owns a business and always seem to make money wherever he goes. Maybe a retired guy who lets his businesses run by itself. Maybe the start-up guy. Whatever kind of businessman your dad is, it is always great to give him presents that will inspire him more.

  • 4 Hour Workweek – This book by Tim Ferris inspires staring businessmen and aspirants alike. This is perfect if dad is just starting out is company.
  • A journal – A businessman always have ideas in mind. This will help him not let those precious ideas go to waste.
  • Planner
  • Luxury pen – Journals and planners are useless without a nice pen! Get him a luxury pen he will treasure!
  • Business card holder – Keeps his business cards in pristine conditions and stores the cards he gets, too!
  • Neck tie
  • Travel pillow – Some businessmen travel a lot, so if your dad is like this, be sure to get him a travel pillow to help him nap during the long hours of commute or flight.
  • Credit card multitool – Who says he cannot be McGyver while having a business suit on?
  • An iPod – Plays music to relax him, plays audiobooks that will help him grow. perfect!
  • “Retired and Rich” shirt – This is great for dads who are now running a successful business. Simple but funny!

Stylish Dad

Stylish DadThe fashionista dad! He is always stylish and ways dressed to impressed. His wife is one lucky woman to have someone who knows how to dress himself!

Here’s some gifts for the stylish dad.

  • Pocket watch – This is THE accessory of a stylish man!
  • Newsboy hat – A bit of retro spin into his casual wardrobe.
  • Casual sneakers
  • Colorful socks – Men are not afraid to wear colors!
  • Drinking flask – There is something about drinking flasks that make a man carrying them look stylish.
  • Beard and mustache care set – If he sports some nice beard.
  • Cufflinks – Automatically makes any business suit even dressier.
  • Classic cologne
  • Bow tie
  • Checkered trousers – For those casual days. Goes well with the newsboy hat above.

Fitness Dad

Fitness DadThis heath freak of a dad has a regular a gym session. He loves to keep his body healthy and treats it well “to see your children”. Well, he indeed looks better and healthier than his buddies. You have to give it to him: those very early jogs are worth it. Here are some gift ideas for the dad who values fitness:

  • A pair of gym shoes
  • All-in-one shower gel – Those soaps in the gym are unhygienic! Get him an all-in-one shower gel that he can use as soap, shampoo and shaving cream. Perfect.
  • A home gym – If he has the space and you have the money.
  • Pair of dumbbells – A small piece of equipment that can have a huge impact to his fitness if his work suddenly changes schedules and he cannot go to the gym.
  • Massage vouchers – A massage once in a while will help his muscles recuperate from wight lifting.
  • Protein powder shaker
  • Water bottle
  • Glow-in-the-dark cap – This illuminates in the dark, so passing vehicles can see him when he jogs during night and at dawn.
  • Foot massage machine – A nice foot spa at ome feels good after a long run!
  • Subscription to Men’s Health

take a look at these running gift ideas, too!

Foodie Dad

young hipster man barbecuing meat on the grillThis dad just loves to eat. He appreciates all kinds of food, from five-star quality restaurant food to junk. If you have this kind of dad, then you are lucky: the fridge is never empty!

  • Coffee or tea gift basket – Coffee and tea are not just for drinking anymore! They also put these on cookies, candies and other kind of snacks! Delicious!
  • Gourmet chocolate
  • Wine or beer tour – You can book him to taste the different kinds of liquour a town has to offer.
  • Vineyard tour – For the wine connoisseur. Or the wannabe.
  • Chocolate sampler
  • Bacon and beer scented soap – Remind him of food even as he bathe!
  • Barbecue tool set – He can use this during the weekend barbecue with his buddies.
  • Bake him a cake – What a sweet (literally and figuratively) gesture!
  • Personalized chopping board -For the foodie dad who also cooks!
  • Liquor flavored candy – Vodka candy! Mmmm.

Macho Dad

Funny cartoon illustration of big male chest with tattoos.

The Manly Man! This dad values machismo and will cringe when you give him girly stuff. Be careful!

  • Old fashioned shaving razor
  • Beef jerky sampler – Beef jerky is the snack of a real man!
  • Tactical Apron – Very macho apron that he will not be ashamed to wear whenever he grills meat.
  • Metal comb – Classic macho man accessory.
  • Chocolate covered jalapeno peppers – This is the chocolate-covered strawberry of a manly man.
  • Make your own beer kit
  • An animal rug – This is expensive, but will be his most treasured property in his man cave.
  • Flannel shirt – Flannel shirts are the official wardrobe of macho guys!
  • Unbreakable hatchet – An axe he can use to chop wood and cut things.
  • Wet shave service – Treat him to an old fashioned wet shave performed to him by barbers. Spa are for pussies!

Single Dad

Super Hero DadThe single dad is either divorced or a widower or has custody of a child he had out of marriage. One thing is common, though, being the mom and the dad at the same time is a tiring role. It could not hurt to have some rest and relaxation and to get the attention of the single ladies!

  • Men’s cologne with a musky seductive scent – Something to use when he scores dates!
  • Art of shaving kit – He has to take care of himself! A luxurious shave is relaxing and a well shaved man is very attractive.
  • Single serve coffee maker – Caffeine to keep juggling work, family and dating!
  • A makeover, if he is up to it.
  • A trip to the spa – A massage and facial will ready him for dates with the single ladies.
  • Mystery murder dinner show – You can either take him to a nice date or have the vouchers ready when he takes a lady friend with him.
  • Hot air balloon ride – Same as mystery murder dinner above.
  • Ten-minute recipe cookbook – Single dads are always in a hurry, so a 10 minute (or less) cookbook is a handy tool he can use to prepare delicious meals for him and his kid.
  • Microwave oven – Essential equipment for those who are always rushing!
  • Hire a housemaid for him – Could not hurt to have a day off, right? This can go with many of the gift ideas (the makeover, the massage, the dinner and the hot air balloon ride) above and when he comes home, the house is very clean! What about the kid? You can either take over, hire a baby sitter or drop him off to a day care!