If you are looking for 1st wedding anniversary gifts, then this article has a lot of suggestions.

Celebrating the firsts among the many years to come in marriage is really something wonderful and delightful to do. To put meaning to this significant milestone in one’s marriage is to remember its traditional symbol which is paper. This is actually an interesting gift idea especially if you want to surprise your dear spouse on your special day together.

With this in mind, below are interesting 1st wedding anniversary gifts to give to your spouse as you celebrate this important achievement in your journey as husband and wife.  Choose the one that will surely entice her journey with you.

Lonely Planet: The Honeymoon Handbook

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If your spouse is the bookworm, hopeless romantic type, then this book from Lonely Planet will surely bring back your sweetheart days. As you celebrate your first year anniversary as lovebirds, the honeymoon stage is actually just starting. This book will surely fuel your travel-lovers selves and strengthen your bond as husband and wife. This book will set your heart racing with your real adventures, tailored to what you two love the most for the very first time.

Custom Couple's Portrait

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This is a perfect and wonderful present for your wife after a year of saying “I Do”.  The cutest way to remind her of the many firsts that you have together as husband and wife.  The best part is that everything about the illustration can be modified depending on the setting that you want to set to fit your spouse’s mood and personality and will be printed on paper as a reminder of your 1st wedding anniversary.  Surely, a heartwarming thank you awaits you.

Book Safe

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This is a wonderful symbol of opening an exciting new chapter of your unique and wonderful love story after 365 days. Remember, that your story started with “Once upon a time” and you have to make sure that yours will end with “And they lived happily ever after”. What an exciting way to celebrate your 1st year milestone.

1st Wedding Anniversary Wall Plaque

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This cool and awesome wedding anniversary wall plaque engraves in it one year of marriage and its equivalent in days, weeks, months and years. This can also be best displayed on table top or on the wall depending on your mood. This one makes a very special gift on your milestone as husband and wife as it is a keepsake for your first wedding anniversary.

1st Year Wedding Anniversary Paper Rose Flower

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This handmade paper rose attached to a floral stem is the perfect 1st anniversary gift for her.  This single rose anchored in pebbles inside a terra cotta pot would send her a message that says: Happy Paper Anniversary, My love!

One Year Anniversary Poster

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This print is a great way to recognize a special anniversary. A great reminder for wedding dates and love anniversaries. It is made with archival inks on premium luster paper but no frame included. This is one of the most wonderful 1st wedding anniversary gifts especially for her.

Handmade Preserved Flower Rose

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This is a unique gift idea for the one that you love the most as you remember your 1st year anniversary. This handmade preserved flower rose is a symbol of forever love, appreciation, and caring. A very sweet gift to give to your wife.

Folded Book Art

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This beautiful personalized handmade book art is perfect for the hard-to-buy-for person in your life. If this perfectly describes your wife, then this is the gift on your 1st wedding anniversary. This is an awesome gift that she will surely love to show off to your spouse.

"What We Love About Us" Couple's Memory Book

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This modern memory book and photo album is a perfect fill-in diary to keep track of your dating, proposal, wedding day, wedding invitation, and couple’s anniversary milestones. This one is a sure happy paper gift idea to give to your spouse on your 1st wedding anniversary.

Happy Anniversary Printed Toilet Paper Gag Gift

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To add more fun and laughter in celebrating your 1st year wedding anniversary, this printed “Happy Anniversary, I love you” text on toilet paper will surely make your spouse laugh out loud. But, come to think of it this is one romantic and heartfelt gift idea. A gag gift with a heart.

The Quiz Book for Couples by: Lovebook

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The most obvious paper gift to give on your paper anniversary is obviously a book. This Quiz Book for Couples is basically a recommended book to check how you think you know everything there is to know about your significant other. This fun and interesting book will put your wife’s test about how well she knows every aspect of your relationship. It will surely be a night full of laughter.

Adult Coloring Book

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This is truly one great paper anniversary gift for your lovely wife. This cute book contains 50 adult coloring pages and it comes within a one year day planner (180 pages). One relaxing way to let the stress of the day float away is to color. As she goes through her very busy schedule, this book will definitely make her unwind for just a short time.

First Anniversary: One Epic Year (Memory Journal Anniversary Series)

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This 1st-year anniversary memory journal is definitely a must-have. It is indeed one great present to give your spouse in celebration of their one epic year of marriage. An interesting journal that has full of questions and inspirational quotes where both will be inspired to use.

What I Love About You Journal Book

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If paper gifts are in mind, one will immediately think about books. His favorite book is an idea, but it is boring. Why not buy this journal book, entitled “What I Love About You and Me”? It is a customizable journal book where you list the different reason why you love your significant other. Hint: the sweetest ideas are small things that they think you do not see, like how your spouse cutely devours buffalo wings or how they snort when they laugh.

Scrapbook (with a Promise)

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For a sweet labor of love, buy this super cute scrapbook then fill up the pages with a story that promised something for your significant other. Example: If you both love to travel, fill up the first three pages with pictures of both of you in the places you have gone to, then the rest with pictures of places you never went to and add promises to go there in the near future. This gift idea will melt his or her heart.

Mulberry Paper Lamp

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This will look good in the bedroom! This mulberry lamp looks super unique and will suit a dim-colored room. Lamps like these set the loving mood in the bedroom, so if you are looking for something to give a couple celebrating their first wedding anniversary, this is a great gift idea!

More 1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him: Paper Gifts!

  1. Men are usually practical so they want useful stuff. You can go down this route and give him A book or magazine subscription.
  2. A journal.
  3. Paper mache smartphone ornament. You can check this video on how to make one!
  4. This paperless stapler.
  5. Decorative framed poems.
  6. Make him a DIY book safe.
  7. Personalized photo calendar.
  8. This is not for the tight-budgeted… paper furniture! These look stunningly minimalist.
  9. A paper lamp.
  10. You can also go into the romantic route, which is the main focus of anniversaries, eh? A poem you handwrote on paper!
  11. Or, if poetry is not your forte, write him a heartfelt love letter.
  12. Compile a picture of both of you, compile them in a collage frame!
  13. You can also make a scrapbook of you two if you are feeling artsy.
  14. These 52 ways to love you cards. These are super sweet and you can cheaply make them. This cute booklet lists 52 reasons why you love your significant other. Just list whatever you can think of! This gift idea will touch your spouse, make them laugh, make them smile, and love you more. The best thing about this gift idea is that is easy and inexpensive to make. They will appreciate your labor of love. Also, this can fit into the traditional paper gift because of the playing cards.
  15. Order a jigsaw puzzle, featuring the photo of you both. All you have to do is upload your best photo at Zazzle and buy it! You can both solve it.
  16. You can show your labor of love by making a paper mache figurine.
  17. Surprise him with a blanket fort date, decorate it with origami swans and flowers.
  18. Make 100 notes of love, put them where he is bound to find them. Examples are in his coffee grounds, his car dashboard, his pants pockets.
  19. How a cute DIY card?
  1. You can also make him laugh and have fun with your paper anniversary presents! Concert tickets… watch his favorite band with him…
  2. …or baseball or football tickets or whatever sports he is into!
  3. Cruise tickets? Perhaps? This one is bound to be for keeps. A special date night to celebrate one year of marriage bliss is truly amazing. Nothing beats this small piece of paper as it shouts out loud on a year of wonderful togetherness. Get one now.
  4. Plane tickets to a romantic destination! To somewhere warm and sunny, perhaps?
  5. Sexy Coupons… your man will like using these!
  6. A map. Tell him you will be going on a road trip.
  7. If he is a geek, you can get him a huge poster of his favorite video game, fandom, or movie.
  8. Go to a paper lantern festival.
  9. A funny coffee table book.

More 1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her: Paper Gifts!

  1. Paper gift ideas she can use… as a set of cute stationery.
  2. Journal
  3. Is she a creative soul? You can give her scrapbooking supplies.
  4. A nicely made paper jewelry looks stunning. Buy one for her. An example is this super well-made paper necklace. Cute!
  5. Newsprint scarf. This looks totally awesome.
  6. Book sculpture. Very decorative!
  7. Make a paper swan basket. you can fill it up with sweets if you like. Instructions in this video.
  8. Paper Mache Jewellery Box.
  9. A Japanese Paper Lamp will look super nice in your rooms.
  10. Write her a poem…
  11. Or a love letter! She will feel like you are still on the courtship stage.
  12. A romantic printed poem, framed.
  13. 52 things I love about your deck of cards. You can see how to make this through this Indestructables article.
  14. How about a DIY greeting card?
  15. Oh, I have an idea: buy these monogram paper letters, set up an “I Love You” in the backyard together with romantic firefly lights.
  16. Folded monogram book. This looks so gorgeous.
  17. Have photos of you both printed then frame it in a cool collage frame?
  18. Create origami hearts sprinkle them on your bedroom floor and on the bed. You can check the instructions for the origami heart video here.
  19. These are the paper gift ideas that make her laugh, flatter her or make her excited. A boudoir photoshoot for her. This is a great gift that makes your wife feel super sexy and beautiful. Have the photos printed on paper and framed. Assure her only two sets of eyes will see those. Yours and hers.
  20. Plane tickets for two, to somewhere you both can get away. Maybe go to a tropical paradise.
  21. Tickets to a musical theater. You can also both dress up in formal wear, then eat at fine dining to make it an extra special event.
  22. Porn for women book. No, it is not that kind where you see people get it on. This one illustrates men taking care of the baby, cleaning the house, vacuuming the floor, etc.
  23. A funny coffee table book, like this book about extraordinary chickens. Just looking at the cover image makes me laugh.
  24. Hey, the box of chocolate truffles is papery! The individual chocolate holders are paper, too.
  25. That gift voucher from the spa? That is made of paper too.