Looking for ideas for 2nd wedding anniversary gifts? You can get lots of ideas from this list!

2nd wedding anniversary gifts can be cotton or china. You can also give other romantic gift ideas. Cotton represents the second year of marriage. This symbolizes your beautiful life together as one, for your individual lives now become increasingly intertwined like the fibers of cotton. Check out the exciting list below for some unique and interesting traditional cotton gift ideas for your spouse to celebrate your 2nd wedding anniversary.

Calendar Throw Pillow

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This personalized throw pillow with an anniversary date printed on it is the perfect 2nd year gift for your wife. This gift idea is so cute that it also symbolizes the 2nd year anniversary sign which is cotton. What a cuddly way to treat her on your special day together.

Couple's Pillows

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If you are wanting to get a couple a traditional second anniversary gift, then a couple’s pillowcase is a great cotton gift. This gift idea will be useful in the bedroom and can give the couple giggles while putting this on their pillows. The print on the pillowcases are cute, too.

Personalized Cotton Jewelry

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For a perfect sentimental cotton anniversary gift for your wife, this personalized jewelry is a winner. This delicate jewelry is customized with your special words engraved on cotton to remind her of the amazing 2 years with you.

"Simply Locked" Cotton Rope Necklace

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This twisted cotton ropes interlocked with each other and adorably swinging on a gold plated chain is a very fun gift to give your wife on your 2nd year wedding anniversary.  Since, it is made of cotton and its design is intertwined, this just shows how much you love her all through the years and the many years ahead.  Surely, she will wear this proudly everyday.

Couple's Towels

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There is always a fun way to celebrate another couple milestone in style. Give your lovable partner an amusing and beautiful beach towel made of cotton that is customized with your own stylish 2nd-anniversary quote and design.  A great way to remember your love for her.

Cotton Rose

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Women love receiving roses and husbands should not stop giving flowers to their wives. A cotton rose is a great cotton gift idea for the wife as it is symbolic and follows the themed wedding anniversary gifts. This cotton rose will look good on her bedside table, or if she goes to the office, on her office desk.

Cotton Rope Hammock

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Lounging around is a great way to relax and what better way to lounge than to lie down and sway on your hammock? This cotton rope hammock is a great gift idea for your significant other on your second anniversary. Imagine this: both of you sitting on this hammock, while drinking wine and eating blue cheese and crackers. What a perfect lazy evening date! Plus, this hammock looks good and adds a bit of cute touch to the patio.

Two Years Together Shirt

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This shirt is s cool gift ideas for your spouse. Just whip a pair of those shirt (styles for both genders are available) before you go out on your wedding anniversary date. This shirt is a cute announcement taht both of you are ce

Cotton Anniversary Shirt

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Two years of being married is just simply awesome. A statement shirt of reaching 2 years of dating and marriage milestone is a unique shout out that indeed you two are wonderful together. Wearing this cotton shirt is showing off that indeed it is great to be married to her. Thus, this is called a happy marriage shirt.

Funny Women's Socks "I Love You More"

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This is probably one of the coolest 2nd wedding anniversary gifts ever.

These socks are a perfect addition to your wife’s sock drawer. It comes with comfort toe seam and moisture management to help keep her feet warm and dry. Aside from its functional use, these special socks can be personalized to celebrate your 2 years wedding anniversary.

A wonderful footsie gift for her on your cotton anniversary

Knight Beanie

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This knight crocheted beanie is made with cotton yarn and will make a great second-year anniversary gift idea for the husband. This will keep his head warm during these cold winter days when he goes to work. It looks cool and keeps warm. What could you ask for more? You can even say, “you are my knight in shining armor!” while giving him this knight beanie hat.

Purple Aqua Rag Quilt

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Are you planning on a romantic movie night at home for that perfect 2nd wedding anniversary surprise? Then this soft, cuddly handmade quilt with personalized label would be the best partner. This quilt comes with personalized details such as your name (his and her), wedding date, or even a special message for her that surely will cap that one special anniversary night.

Cotton Handkerchief for Her

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Personalized handkerchiefs will always be a great keepsake. As you celebrate your 2-year wedding milestone, this cotton hanky will truly be extraordinary as your special message for her can be printed and will stay there forever. A great remembrance to keep that also can be use every day.

Song Lyrics Pillow

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Wouldn’t it be nice that every time your spouse sleeps at night, they will always be reminded of your love? This personalized song pillow will be one of the sweetest 2nd wedding anniversary gifts. Just pick your song or your wedding vow and the lyrics or text can be printed in it.

Personalized Egyptian Cotton Waffle Weave Robe

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This luxurious robe made of Egyptian cotton is the perfect cotton anniversary gift for your wife. To make this robe more memorable, monograms or your wife’s name can be custom embroidered to make it more personal and special. Giving this to your wife as a 2nd wedding anniversary gift will remind her to relax and unwind.

Cotton Candy Bath Bomb Fizzies with Shea Butter

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To celebrate that wonderful cotton wedding anniversary, treat your wife to delicious bath treats by giving her these 14 pieces of cotton candy bath bomb fizzes with shea butter that will moisturize her skin. This will definitely make her relax as she soaks herself in the tub. This bath bomb is natural, vegan-friendly, and organic that smells good, and has this aromatherapy effect. Truly a relaxing way to celebrate a wedding anniversary.

Matching Cotton Underwear

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These are truly fun 2nd wedding anniversary gifts. Surprise your spouse with this gift on the eve of your 2nd anniversary and surely they will have the time of her life laughing. Couple this with an intimate set-up in the bedroom and enjoy each other’s company all through the night.

Bone China Tea Set

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A china gift idea for the wife or for the couple, if you are giving to a married couple who celebrates their second year. This tea set is made of bone china. China is a modern-themed present for the second-year celebration of marriage and a couple can enjoy this gift idea when they drink tea or coffee on their patio.

Painting Lessons

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A painting lesson privately held for two is a great way to bond during an anniversary celebration. This experience gift idea is great for a couple, or for your spouse. Two people will find fun learning to pain, brushstroke to brushstroke, creating an objet de arts with a loved one.

This is probably one of the classiest 2nd wedding anniversary gifts.

Boudoir Photohoot

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This one is for the wife! Since by the second year, most wives will start to feel conscious about their bodies (because of childbirth) you may boost her confidence with this awesome send year anniversary gift. This experience present will set her to a studio, give her a make-over, clothe her in sexy lingerie (of if she chooses to go 1940’s, which is an option, like those pin-up girls of the 1940s), and then take her photos. Then promise her that the photos are for your eyes only and you will look at them when you feel down. She will blush!

More 2nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

Wedding anniversary gifts are usually themed. For the second year wedding anniversary, the theme is cotton. Couples usually give each other gifts made of cotton to celebrate two years together. If you are going to celebrate two blissful years with your husband, you should probably give him a cotton gift.

Here is a list of cotton anniversary gifts for him. This list is subdivided into three, which are something useful, something romantic and something fun. Take note that these are gift suggestions for a husband.

Useful Cotton Gifts for Him

Guys love to receive useful, practical stuff! You can always go to the useful route.

  • A dress shirt. Go for the classic colored ones, white, blue, black… a guy needs a lot of these because these are so versatile.
  • Boxer briefs. Especially if your man is in good shape. This shows you still have the hots for him.
  • You can also go for the funny route and buy him some funny, offbeat boxers.
  • Bath towel. Super useful!
  • Cotton pajamas. He can wear this every time he is tired from a hard day’s work.
  • A nice cotton necktie. To go with the dress shirt.  Go for nice, unconventional colors to add some flair to the classic dress shirt I mentioned above.
  • Colorful dress socks. This adds a splash of playfulness into his wardrobe!
  • This psychedelic shirt. Super cute! If your hubby experienced the psychedelic era, he will appreciate this immensely.
  • A baseball cap. A lot of guys love to use baseball caps.
  • A pair of sweatpants. For lazy Saturdays.

Romantic Cotton Gifts for Him

You can romance your husband through these romantic anniversary gift ideas:

Fun Cotton Gifts for Him

Cotton can also be a fun gift that can entertain, make him laugh or excite him. Take a look at these super nice cotton wedding anniversary gifts for him:

  • Bathrobes! He will totally look like a young Hugh Heffner.
  • A hammock. This will give your man something to laze on at weekends.
  • A funny macho man apron he can use during barbecue Sundays with his buddies.
  • Cotton candies! Maybe you can go to a theme park and buy yourselves these super sweet treats?
  • A cotton candy-making lesson, perhaps? Just search for experiences online, I am sure you can find some.
  • How about a cotton candy machine? This one is really nice.
  • Visit a cotton farm. And see the looming process?
  • Oh! You can also learn how to loom and turn cotton into fabric.
  • A vacation to Puenta Gorda. Stay at the Cotton Tree Lodge.

More 2nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

Wedding anniversary gifts are usually themed and for the second year of marriage, cotton is the traditional theme for gifts. Are you looking for traditional cotton wedding anniversary gifts for her? I have a list right here.

This gift ideas list is a mix of keepsake gifts, experience gifts, and DIY gifts. You just choose what you like. Nothing is stopping you from giving your beautiful wife more than one cotton gift! Note that this list is composed of anniversary gift suggestions for the wife.

This list is also divided into three groups: the useful gifts, the romantic gifts and the fun gifts. Pick what suits her personality!

Useful Cotton Gifts for Her

You can go and give useful anniversary gifts for your wife. Here are some ideas:

  • A nightdress…
  • Or a maxi dress! I love the look of a maxi dress on my wife… maybe you should get your wife one too.
  • How about a nice pair of capri pants?
  • You can also throw in a scarf for those cold days!
  • How about this super cute Wonder Woman apron? Tell her she is your wonder woman.
  • A canvass handbag is a nice thoughtful gift she can use.
  • Canvas shoes. She can totally rock a pair of Chucks, don’t you think?
  • A cloth wallet.
  • You can also give your wife a watch with a canvass strap. It looks preppy and your wife can wear it on casual days.
  • A personalized towel is a nice cotton anniversary gift. You can throw in a bubble bath so you two can use it.
  • This cotton rope necklace from Etsy. Who would have thought you can buy jewelry made of cotton?
  • Cardigan. For those cold winter days.

Romantic Cotton Gifts for Her

Romance her with your gifts!

  • A customized throw blanket. Put the happiest picture of you two into the throw. You can buy customized throws at Zazzle.com. Just upload your photo!
  • A framed canvass. Decorative and romantic!
  • Couple’s shirts. Please do get her something she can wear even without you beside her. Something like this “I’ll be your chocolate/I’ll be your marshmallow” shirts.
  • Boldloft has super nice couple’s pillowcases. I like this “magnetized” artwork on the pillowcases.
  • Plush toys are stuffed with cotton! Give her a large teddy bear.
  • These “You Make My Toes Wiggle!” socks. Sweet, funny, romantic!
  • Comfy duvet bed sheets. I am positive bedroom activities will go up with a bed so comfortable.
  • These five senses gifts will flatter your spouse. What you will have to do is print a gift tag for the five senses, then add a reason why you love them through that sense (or how you feel loved). For example: “Smell: Your after-shower smell drives me crazy!” then attach that to a gift that is connected to that reason, for example, their favorite shower gel. Put everything in a basket.

Fun Cotton Gifts for Her

A cotton gift that will excite or make her laugh.

  • You can go out and see how cotton is harvested and loomed into fabric!
  • Go to a theme park, buy cotton candy.
  • Or just buy a cotton candy maker and create sweet candies and sweet memories at home!
  • How about a photoshoot? Cotton candy-themed! Maybe you can have a carnival theme while holding cotton candies? Something like the photo on the right (or on top if you are on mobile). The photoshoot looks really really fun.
  • How about some plush slippers? These unicorn plush slippers are very comfy and cute and magical. She will wear these every day at home!
  • Cotton bathrobe. Maybe also invite her to a spa.
  • How about a tour to Cottonwood, Arizona? There are tons of tourist spots there!

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