Looking for the best 3rd wedding anniversary gifts? We have compiled the best for any recipient, whether it is your husband or wife!

During the third wedding year, most couples start to have the kids and get comfy with each other. The third wedding anniversary is the time when couples give leather or crystal gifts as traditional and modern gift ideas, respectively. Third anniversaries are often celebrated by giving a spouse (or the couple who are celebrating) gifts that are made of leather (traditional) or crystal (modern).

If you and your spouse are celebrating your third year, congratulations, and I have gift ideas for you!

Leather Bound Memory Book (Of You Both)

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Do you know what is a great gift idea? Compile the most memorable (and flattering) pictures of you both and add them to this memory book. Give this to your spouse at the end of your third anniversary date. This memory book will do the job well because it is made of leather and the traditional gift idea for the third year anniversary is leather.

Leather Wallet

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The husband will definitely love to receive something that will replace his old tattered leather wallet. This super good-looking tri-fold wallet can contain more cards, cash, and receipts than an OCD paper collector. Do not think this gift is boring, ladies! Men would prefer something that is useful to something decorative any day. This is a great symbolic gift for your husband, women!

Leather Rose

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The wife would love something that is symbolic and memorable, gentlemen. This piece of decorative rose looks good and it represents leather, the traditional gift idea for third wedding anniversaries. Your wife can put this on top of her desk if she works in an office, or on her bedside table.

Personalized Leather Tray

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This is one unique, personalized and wonderful 3rd anniversary gift for the lady of the house. To make it even more intimate and personal, his and her initials and wedding date can be inscribed in the leather turning it into one memorable piece for her. This is also a perfect organizer for her jewelries, watches and other valuables.

Memory Keepsake Booklet in Leather

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This is an amazing copy of the Adventure Book that Elie from the movie Up kept! Perfect for movie geeks.

This memory keepsake booklet presented in leather is a perfect anniversary present especially for celebrating her 3rd year of marriage. This comes with a journal that will help her remember and reminisce just married romantic memories from the heart. This will truly bring a smile on her face every time she reads what is inside this leather booklet.

Leather Coasters

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These leather coasters truly represent the three year mark of married life. It is even made more special as the couple’s initials are laser engraved in the heart shape design and more so, the wedding anniversary date is also highlighted. Indeed, a great remembrance to cherish. Giving more reason to express your love even more.

Engraved Leather Picture Frame

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To significantly celebrate your 3rd wedding anniversary, this engraved leather picture frame is a must-have for your wife.  The leather material will truly make this picture frame more meaningful and inspiring as it represents three years of married bliss. The more reason to celebrate more years ahead.

Leather Photo Album

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One best way to truly touch the heart is to reminisce wonderful memories and weddings are always a great happy celebration to remember. This leather photo album will be one useful and helpful gift idea to bring back those joyful moments which will definitely put a smile on her face as you celebrate your 3rd wedding anniversary.

Engraved Leather Plaque

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This engraved leather plaque is truly a must-have for any couple hitting their 3-year milestone. With its carved and not printed texts, this will be one important gift that you can give your wife. Truly a wonderful blessing to celebrate your third.

Personalized Leather Bookmark

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Looking for useful 3rd wedding anniversary gfits? This is the one.

This useful yet meaningful bookmark is a cute reminder of your three wonderful years together and all the great moments that are yet to come. This gift will surely let her curl up in an armchair, have coffee, and revisit a favorite read. With this leather bookmark, she will never forget which chapter she can look forward to next.

Engraved Luggage Tag

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As you celebrate your 3rd year couple milestone, these unique customized engraved leather luggage tags are a romantic way to decorate your suitcases. Whether you embark on another adventure together, or as a sentimental reminder of each other’s vow when both are traveling alone, this is such a sweet keepsake to remind you of your leather anniversary.

Photo-Engraved Leather

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It would be very sweet if one of your treasured wedding photos is laser engraved onto leather for a wonderful gift for your wife on your third wedding anniversary. These 3rd wedding anniversary gifts can also be a lifelong keepsake and can even be a family heirloom.

Leather Bag for her

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This one is for the road. To make her more appreciated, a leather bag gift to mark your 3 years of being together is a sure winner. This will not only be a gorgeous gift, but this will definitely show your lady’s elegance, charm, and beauty. Choose a color that will complement her career or clothing. Thus, for a stylish wife, receiving a bag will always be treasured.

Custom Leather Key Chain

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If you and your spouse love to travel, then this functional leather passport is one great anniversary gift to celebrate your 3rd wedding anniversary.  Surprise her with another anniversary trip and use this leather passport cover to put your tickets.  This cover does not only hold passports but will be of use to other travel essentials such as your cards, cash, and tickets.  A wonderful companion to have on your next best trip ever.


Personalized Leather Bracelet for Couples

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This is one cool leather wedding anniversary gift for your wife.  It will be more meaningful if your message or promise of love for her is engraved in this bracelet.  This will be one accessory that she would really love to wear every day as this is a reminder that your love for each other is for keeps.

Crystal Cufflinks

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3rd wedding anniversary gifts can also be made from crystal, for a modern theme.

A piece of good crystal jewelry like these fine cufflinks will do the trick in making your husband more elegant during workdays. He will definitely look great with these on and his co-workers will pay him complements with your gift. A huge ego boost!

Crystal Earrings

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3rd wedding anniversary gifts can also be made of crystal, and it opens the opportunity to give jewelry to the women.

The wife would love to receive a sparkly, breath-taking set of crystal earrings, like these super fashionable crystal dangling earrings. Women just love a good-looking piece of jewelry and picking this kind of gift for your wife will earn you more brownie points. These look elegant and have a bit of weight that indicates that it is made of glass, not cheap plastic.

Crystal Couple's Watches

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If you are giving a gift to a couple who celebrates their third year, this super elegant crystal couple’s watch is a great gift idea for this occasion. The couple will appreciate the time (pun intended) you took picking for an awesome gift for them. This high-quality pair of watches are made of a black and gold alloy, with crystal details.

Waterford Crystal Clock

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This is another great crystal gift idea for a third anniversary. This mantle clock just looks so elegant and a couple celebrating their third year will love this. Waterford, a renowned manufacturer of crystal products has perfected the creation of crystal clocks like this, so you should get this one. This will look good on top of a coffee table or a fireplace mantle.

DIY 3rd Leather Wedding Anniversary Gift: Remember I Love You

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The concept of this gift idea is simple but extremely sweet. What you have to do is to create little heart-shaped packets (made of cloth or any material you are comfortable making or… you can grab one of these leather hearts so you can halve the creation time and make it even more symbolic) and hide them everywhere in the house. Let your spouse find them on their own (that means do not tell him where you hid them!) but make sure you hide them somewhere they are bound to find them (like inside the car or coffee jar). This is a long-lasting DIY 3rd wedding anniversary gifts that are bound to give a loving feeling even a few days after.

More 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

The traditional theme when a couple celebrates three years of marriage is leather. By the third wedding anniversary, couples give each other presents made of leather to celebrate.

If you are a wife that is looking for a leather anniversary gift for her husband.

This list is divided into three ideas, something useful, something romantic, and something fun. Also, take note that this list is for presents for men.

Useful Leather Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

Most guys would want to receive a useful gift. You can get him one from the suggestions below:

  • A leather wallet. This is a classic gift suggestion for the third wedding anniversary and it is for a reason: men find wallets useful. Buy him a bifold wallet that does not get too thick because a thick wallet is uncomfortable to sit on.
  • A pair of leather shoes.
  • Reversible leather belt. I own a reversible belt similar to this Kenneth Cole’s reversible belt. Very sturdy.
  • A fashionable watch with a leather strap.
  • Leather bracelet. I personally like the woven leather. I used to wear these when I was dating my wife.
  • Leather backpack.
  • How about leather car seats? He will love that you know how to woo him and his car.
  • You can also buy a leather wheel cover.
  • A leather watch case.
  • A leather messenger bag.
  • Leather couch.
  • Leather slippers.

Romantic Leather Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

Some men would love to get romanced too! Here are some sweet leather anniversary gift ideas.

  • A leather-bound photobook of your travels.
  • Leather photo frame.
  • Get yourself a boudoir photoshoot then compile the photos in a leather-bound book.
  • A leather heart handmade card. Fairly easy to DIY, too.
  • A leather portrait of you two, on tanned leather. This is super novel and if you want a sweet leather gift, I’d recommend this one.

Fun Leather Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

Leather gift ideas that will make him laugh or excite him

Now have some fun with some leather!

  • A leather jacket
  • And leather pants! I can almost hear the footloose theme song!
  • A hide tanning workshop! You can learn how to tan the hides of animals to make fur and leather!
  • A leather necktie. Clearly, a leather tie is not for an office outfit. It is for casual preppy wear!
  • Water skin. This looks so authentic and makes a man feel macho (like my idol, Bear Grylls).
  • This leather-scented candle. This is especially good if he has a man cave.
  • A poker set. Poker sets are usually boxed inside a nice leather case. This gives him a new plaything he can use with the boys.
  • Football. This is a nice sporty anniversary gift for your man. Many men like sports!
  • A drinking flask with a leather exterior. You can also get the personalizable ones where you can engrave the receiver’s initials. Something like this super nice-looking leather flask from Personal Creations.

More 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

Leather is the traditional theme for the third year of marriage. Couples celebrate this occasion by giving each other gifts that are made of leather.

If you are looking for a leather wedding anniversary gift for your wife, you can take a look at this list and see if you find it useful in getting that perfect themed gift for your love.

Take note that this list is for gifts for the wives. If you want a list for a husband, you can look at the list I published earlier here.

This list is in three parts, something useful, something romantic and something fun.

Useful Leather Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

Some women would want stuff they can wear or use every day. You can go through the useful route if you are the kind of guy who likes to see his spouse using the things he gave her.

  • Leather handbag! Did someone say Michael Kors?
  • A pair of nice high heel shoes…
  • …and because women love shoes, how about a pair of leather skin boots?
  • Leather flip-flops for those hot and casual days.
  • Moleskin journal. This is a nice avenue for her to write down her thoughts.
  • A beautiful leather belt, perhaps?
  • This leather cuff bracelet is the cutest thing ever! The owl is a really nice touch and its jewel eyes are the star of the accessory.
  • This really nice DIY leather key fob.
  • Cowhide necklace, perhaps? Go for the retro-looking handmade cowhide necklace. Like this one. The seahorse trinket is really cute.
  • Your wife would appreciate a nice leather wallet.
  • You can both have a nice leather lounge chair. Women do appreciate a nice, classy piece of furniture in the house.
  • Leather smartphone covers look super sleek. Buy something that suits her personality… consider her favorite color, design, etc.
  • Coasters made of leather. You can buy one but you can actually do this yourself. Here is a tutorial from Indestructables.
  • You can create these super neat leather feather earrings. Of course, this is another DIY leather wedding anniversary gift idea. Labor of love! This makes her look like Tiger Lilly, don’t you think?

Romantic Leather Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

You can romance her with your leather anniversary gifts. Here are some ideas!

Fun Leather Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

Have some fun doing activities or giving stuff that would excite her.

  • You can have an anniversary photo shoot. Masquerade themed. Wear leather masques!
  • Does she have a nice body? Buy her a pair of leather pants!
  • Or a leather jacket, maybe?
  • These leather mittens are really cute and I bet she will have fun matching these with her clothes!

You can also check out our gift ideas for 1st wedding anniversary and 2nd wedding anniversary!