Do you want to give a time traveling gift to someone who is celebrating their birthday? If they grew up in the 1960’s, then you should give the birthday boy or girl nostalgic ’60s gifts.

The 1960’s is very rich. It was the year when psychedelic stuff was cool and the the hippie was THE fashion along with colorful clothes, natural fabric and flambouyant hairstyles.

Give a gift of the 1960’s with these nostalgic birthday gift ideas!

Toys of the ’60s Gifts

Some popular toys in the 1960’s are still present today and you can buy them for your groovy 1960’s kid.

  • The most famous, probably is the slinky. A plastic coil that you can tumble down the stairs. This is the toy featured in the old video ton above. Anywho, the slinkies today are colorful, but you can buy the original silver color here.
  • The kids were also crazy for the Balsa Wood Model Planes.
  • Many children of the 1960’s also fell for the sea monkeys scam where they were told that these were real monkeys that lived in the sea. (These were in fact, small brine shrimps.) These sea monkeys are still available today and maybe your ’60s kid can still play with these tiny pets. They are buyable in Amazon.
  • The boys used to race slot cars. They were crazy over it and used to trade them with each other.
  • Trolls! These ugly things that have standing, messy, colorful, Einstein-like hairs. They HUGE in the 1960’s and the women had dolls and keychain trolls.
  • Superball. This super bouncy colorful ball were super popular to the teenagers of the 1960’s. Surprisingly, these are still available for purchase today! Fun fact: did you know that Super Bowl was named after this toy?

SlinkyBalsa Wood Model PlaneTrolls

Food and Candies of the ’60s Gifts

Cinnamon bears

Yum! Cinnamon bears were very popular back then, but are still very much available today. Treat your birthday boy or girl to a candy time trip!

You can also give the birthday boy food and candies that he ate when he was a kid. Here are some! When it comes to candy, you can buy the 1960’s candy box, or buy some of the 1960’s candies below:

You can also cook for your 1960’s child! Some dishes were very popular in the ’60s like:

  • Jello encased dishes. Jello was dominating the supermarket in the ’60s and food encased in Jello was very popular. Try this recipe of peaches in Jello.
  • You can also try this tunnel fudge cake, which was a winning Pillsbury recipe in the ’60s.
  • Chicken a la king
  • Ambrosia salad
  • Shrimp cocktail

Fashion of the 1960’s as Gifts

Psychedelic shirt!

Why not host a 1960’s party? This will give you all the reason to wear and gift 1960’s clothes.

  • Afro! Buy an afro wig. The bigger, the better!
  • Tie Dye Shirts. You know those super colorful, psychedelic shirts? Yep, those were super popular back then. Actually, you can still wear these today and still look cool!
  • Also tie dye long skirts! The ladies love to wear these in the ’60s and these are actually making a resurgence today.
  • Along with the tie die skirts, the ladies also wore barefoot sandals! These were not really sandals, but are foot accessories make someone look like they are wearing sandals, when in fact they are barefooted! Some have small foot padding that gives a small amount of foot protection.
  • Peace sign was outta sight back then and people were using peace signs on their belongings, including cars, bags, books. I have found this fab peace sign necklace you can give as a ’60s gift to the flower child.
  • Gogo boots!
  • Mood rings were also popular back then!

Other Iconic 1960s Stuff You Can Give as a Gift

Lava lamps were always present in a teenager’s room in the 19060’s! These make a ’60s gift!

Other things that defined the ’60s are:

  • Lava lamp! They are very giftable and these were ubiquitous in the 1960’s.
  • A bike with a banana seat. Banana seats were a trend among the youngsters in the ’60s!
  • The Beatles started getting big in that century. Why not buy your 1960’s child an album of The Beatles?
  • Black light! The cool kids had black lights in their rooms to show off their glow in the dark stuff.
  • The yellow smiley face was created in the 1960’s. You can get them a smiley shirt!

Want to Move a Bit Forward in Time?

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