Dad has been growing older and wiser.  He has been celebrating his birthday for quite a long time but this year he would be 60.  Dad has reached 60 beautiful years of his existence and on his birthday you want to surprise him with something special to make his day a fabulous one! Help dad celebrate his 60th birthday with style through our list of awesome 60th birthday gifts for dads.

60th birthday is not an ordinary birthday because it calls for something extra since its one of those life events that is elaborately celebrated by most.  In Hinduism, if you reach 60 years of existence that calls for a grand celebration.

The Queen of England got a diamond jubilee for her 60th monarchy anniversary while in Japan and China, the 60th birthday is the mark of five cycles reached which signifies rebirth in the Chinese zodiac.

We assure you that the list that we have rounded up would please even the hard to shop for dad.

Check out our top finds on the list below for your reference.

Experience for His 60th Birthday

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Since dad has enjoyed glorious 60 years of his life, it would be great to celebrate his unforgettable achievements in life on this day. You can give dad gifts that he can keep and let dust accumulate or let him have a once in a life time experience to top his natal day. This experience gift for dad’s 60th birthday comes with a variety of options to choose from. From driving a race car, spa packages, food tours and more, for sure dad would cross one of his bucket lists on this day.

"Damn I Make 60 Look Good" Shirt

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Dad has always been jolly and bubbly. He is often tagged as the light of the party. No wonder, many are puzzled whenever he reveals his age. On his 60th birthday, it would be suffice to gift dad a funny gift to celebrate his fabulous years. This gift for dad’s 60th birthday is a shirt with a caption of: “Damn I make 60 look good.” Indeed, dad would love to see how people would react when he wears this shirt since it fits him well.

Custom Bobble Head Figurine

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There’s no one like dad! He is special and for us he has the kindest heart ever. On his 60th birthday, surprise dad with a one of a kind gift that suits someone unique like him. This bobble head figurine is a fantastic gift for dad’s 60th birthday. He would see how gorgeous he looks like in this mini-me doll which is made in his likeness. This bobble head figurine would certainly be a jaw dropper and an eye catchy conversation starter on his office desk or on his favorite coffee table.

Personalised 60th Birthday Scrapbook

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Dad is one of the few people who have encouraged you to be the best that you can be. You admire him for his work and great example in life and you would want to show him how much you appreciate him on his 60th birthday. This personalized scrapbook is a gift for dad’s 60th birthday. This is a special gift that you can give him on his birthday since this would be filled with the wonderful memories that he cherishes in his 60 years of existence. Don’t forget to put the great moments you had with dad and showcase how much you adore him for being your dad.

60 Reasons We Love You

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We love dad more than anyone in this world. He is his son’s first hero and his daughter’s first love. He reached his 60th milestone in life and you are thankful for having him as your dad. Tell dad the 60 reasons why you love him on this wonderful gift for dad’s 60th birthday. This is a customized 12 inches by 15 or up to 20 by 24 inches. It can be personalized to your liking even the font size and font design. House it in a fabulous frame so that dad can just hang it on the wall as he receives it. This customized frame would be wonderful token of love from his children for his 60th birthday.

60th Birthday Gourmet Gift Basket

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If you have a foodie dad, he would certainly be delighted with something that could tickle his taste buds. This 60th gourmet gift basket is a gift for dad’s 60th birthday, he maybe a sexagenarian now but his taste buds and stomach is still feeling young as ever. This gourmet gift basket comes with a wide array of snacks that dad usually loves such as pretzels, cappuccino, mustard, fudge pecan, premium cookies and more. It comes with a sturdy gift box and a simple message tied with a sophisticated bow which makes it ready for gifting upon delivery!

Funny 60th Birthday Mug: 21 With 39 Years of Practice

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If dad is on denial stage that he is 60 now because he is still a kid at hear then this funny gift for dad’s 60th birthday would be perfect for him. This funny mug has a caption of: “I am not 60; I am 21 with 39 years of experience.” Dad would certainly draw a huge laugh when he sees this mug and every time he drinks his coffee on it.

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