Let me guess… someone in you life who spent their life in the 1970s is celebrating their birthday. Someone in their 40-50’s? That is a far out idea! Nostalgic gifts are a very nice way to make someone happy and to remind them how rich of a culture they have been in.

You should give them a themed present. How about ’70s gifts?

The 1970s is the decade of technological innovations and this was the year when gadgets started becoming a trend. Atari, Walkman, VCR  were invented this year and are the forefathers of modern gaming, music and video that we we use today.

Want to send your friend a birthday gift that will send them back in the 1970s? Here are some ideas.

Toys in the ’70s Gifts

Hoppity Hippity. Looks fun!

Most of the toys that made a fortune in the ’70s were gimmicky and did not last long. In fact only a handful are still available for purchase today and are usually only for those who want to feel nostalgic. Here are some 1970’s toys you can give as birthday gift. For collection purposes, of course.

  • Pet Rocks. These are rocks where you attach eyes and nose and mouth to it. A modern version is this one… similar, but with more modern designs.
  • Evel Knievel. The stunt driver! The 1970s boys loved this. Still has not changed since the 1970s. You can even buy them a shirt! Nostalgic for the men.
  • Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots. You see those funny fighting robots on the ring? They started in the 1970s.
  • Hoppity Hippity Ball. Very popular in the mid-70s. Of course you should buy the adult size. The 1970s is now an adult… well at least physically. Still has a child’s spirit!
  • Hungry Hungry Hippos
  • Simon Says
  • Pop Gun
  • Mexican Jumping Beans

1970s Sweets: Hard Candies, Gum

Bottle Caps Candy

Bottle Caps Candy

You can also give the birthday boy/girl some candy he ate when he was a kid.

Pop Culture: Kid’s Shows in the ’70s Gifts

Feeling nostalgic? Here are some of the cartoons a 1970’s kid watched and some equivalent gift ideas for that cartoon.Flintsones Shirt

  • Flintstones. The modern stone age family have become a staple in every home in the ’70s, as long as that home has a kid. It even had it’s own line of multivitamins! (Flintstones Vitamins: Take It, If You’re Smart) Anywho, this Fred Flintstone Necktie Shirt is the best Flintsones gift you can give to someone who watched this show. So geeky!
  • Sesame Street. Another top kid’s show in the ’70s is Sesame Street. This Elmo Face Shirt is just awesome.
  • Pink Panther. This cookie jar is cute!
  • Scooby-Doo. Get them this Scooby-Doo coffee mug.
  • Doraemon. This is the blue alien dude that has a lot of inventions inside his tummy pockets. This balance game is a cute memorabilia of the popular show.

Trending Fashion and Other Icons in the ’70s Gifts

Modern Day Moped

Just some of the iconic 70s things, and the gifts that you can give that relates to that item.

  • Most fashion in the 70s do not fit in the modern clothes now, but flared jeans (also known as bell bottoms) have made a comeback. Maybe give them flared jeans?
  • David Bowie (RIP, Starman!) – Super popular, one of the most famous glam rock performers.
  • How about giving them a copy of Saturday Night Fever?
  • Or anything that is connected with disco.
  • Or a Hula Girl dashboard decor? These were pretty popular in the 1970s.
  • ABBA – maybe a collection of their songs, or this 20th Century Album.
  • Mopeds! Also known this day as scooters or electronic bikes. These were very popular in the 1970s because of high gas prices… they even made cars go unused for a long time.
  • The classic Atari gaming console!
  • Anything Star Wars. Really. Star Wars were crazy in the late 70s. Here are some great Star Wars gifts.

Want More Retro Birthday Gift Ideas?

How about the 80s? The 80’s was a very rich decade too.