Oh heya! Is someone who spent their childhood in the ’80s celebrating their birthday? Probably someone celebrating their 30th to 40th birthday. You might find it nice that ’80s gifts do exist. They are so nostalgic that the receiver might shed a tear! I am actually a 1980’s kid and I can remember some of these. Here are some ideas.

1980’s Candies and Sweets Gift Ideas

  • Retro 1980’s Candy Pack

    You can actually give the candies themselves if you want. Retro candy companies do repack a variety of 1980’s candies in gift boxes, like this 1980’s pack from Amazon or you can go to Old Time Candy for some choices. Some 1980’s candies that are still available for purchase although some of these are pretty rare. Examples:

    • Airheads
    • Razzles (They even featured this one in 13 Going to 30 starring Jennifer Gardner… It counts as two gifts because first it is a candy, then it is a gum!)
    • Nerds
    • Jolly Rancher
    • Pop Racks
    • Bananarama
  • Soft twirl ice cream are pretty popular in the late 1980’s. You can actually still buy a retro soft twirl ice cream machine like this.
  • I remember Jello pudding pops were popular that time. Buy the birthday girl or guy some Jello Pudding and Jello Pops Mold.
Jello Pudding Pops Poster!

Jello Pudding Pops Poster!

The Most Popular Toys in 1980’s

Mr. Potato Head toys are still very much available up to today.

You can buy the birthday boy or girl the toys they grew up with. Of course, these will not be playthings anymore, but more of a memorabilia!

  • Etch-a-Sketch (I remember having one of these… So cool. I also remember watching some kid on TV who makes portraits using Etch-a-Sketch.)
  • Pound Puppies (Pound Puppies are quite modern now, here is a link to classic ones.)
  • Pogo Ball
  • Mr. Potato Head
  • Simon Says
  • Snorks
  • Chatter Telephone
  • Mad Balls
  • Boglins
  • Pillow People (You can find these at eBay)

Kids Shows and Cartoon in the 80s Gifts

Skeletor Shirt

Skeletor Shirt

Some of the most awesome TV shows were in the 1980’s. You can give them gifts that have something to do with their favorite shows. Here are some examples.

  • He-Man –  My favorite. I actually thought a man can look like that! but I digress. Some He-Man things you can give someone who grew up watching him are this shirt featuring He-man (also this one featuring Skeletor) and this He-Man Bobblehead.
  • She-Ra – The female counterpart of He-Man. You can get a woman this super geeky She-Ra apron. [Related: Geeky Aprons]
  • Smurfs Figurines
  • My Little Pony – MLP is still popular to bronies today. You can get an 80’s kid a retro MLP shirt.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Still quite popular today. One cool item you can give to someone who used to watch the series is this TMNT Backpack.
  • Transformers Robot

Other 80’s Iconic Things

Alf – Why not give a complete collection of Alf episodes as a gift to an 80’s child?

Other iconic 80’s stuff are: