The geeks and young at heart love to own cutesy and geeky things: shirts with video game references, beanie hats that are out of these world and gadgets that do lots of novelty things. But what about when they sleep? Is there anything that can satisfy their cravings for cuteness? Well yes. These cute animal onesies for adults will surely hit the spot! These Kigurumin are so popular among the young adults!

Panda Adult Onesie

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The giant panda is one of the cutest bears to have ever walked the face of the earth. So cute that people have been having their dogs colored black and white like a panda bear! If you ever wondered what it is like to become a like Po (from Kung Fu Panda) then you can just get this awesome panda adult onesie! This onesie is for both men and women and are very soft and comfy, you will fall asleep as soon as you lie down on your bed!

Bee Pajama

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Who would have thought that a bee can be cute? (Well actually Bee Movie already did, but still...) This bee adult animal onesie is just the coolest onesie pajama ever. The yellow and black design looks like it will be perfect for playful gentlemen who likes to play video games and watch Pixar and superhero movies. Awesome.

Cute Dinosaur

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Dinosaurs can be either fierce or very cute, depending on what kind of show you are seeing. (Just compare Jurassic Park to Barney!) This one, though, is fiercely cute. The dinosaur onesie is perfect for both men and women who want to show their playfulness while they sleep with their friends. The tail will somewhat bother those who sleep at theor backs, so make sure you get this only if you sleep sideways!

Magical Unicorn

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Who said that unicorns do not exist? They do and you can become too! This unicorn pajama will let you transform into a cute blue magical pony with a pink tail. It is very comfy and will keep you warm (but not hot!) at night and you can also use it as a Halloween costumes, too! Girly women and bronies will love this unicorn onesie.

Ring Tailed Lemur Adult Onesie

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Oh my goodness! If you have seen the Madagascar movie, the critter that sing, "Move it" are lemurs! Anywho, you can be a ring-tailed lemur with this onesie! The tail is very long and the texture of the pajama itself is very soft and smooth. You can also sing and dance "Move It" while wearing it. Do not worry, we won't judge you!

Kangaroo (and Baby!)

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This is so clever! You can be two animals at the same time if you wear thing Kangaroo mama and joey onesie! The joey is removable from the pocket, so if you want to just be a kangaroo, you can do so. Keep in mind that the joey is not a plush animal but a composite fabric sewn together. If you want to the joy to not flow around, you can sew it into the kangaroo tummy. As always, the ones I recommend here are very comfy and soft!

Tiger Kigurumi

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Fancy becoming a tiger? This tiger onesie is great for adults who love wearing loose and comfortable clothing. The material is made of high quality fleece and is perfect for keeping warm. This is eprfect not just for sleeping, but also for costume parties. Oh, I know, you can host a kigurumi sleepover with your friends!

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