Cooking is an art and kitchen stuffs such as oven mitts should add to the artistry in your cooking kingdom.  Fun and whimsical oven mitts can surely add colour and fun to every kitchen.  This will not only ignite excitement while preparing your favourite dishes but will surely be an interesting decor to display in the pantry.  Definitely an eye catching piece that will be a conversation starter to anyone who drops by your kitchen.  So, choose the cutest animal paw oven mitts in the list suggested below and grab the one that interests you the most.

On the intro photo: Fred and Friends Bear Paw Oven Mitts, #1 on this list.

Bear Hands Oven Mitts

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If you need a product that combines fun and functionality, the Fred Bear hands oven mitt might be the one that you need. For anyone who loves to cook and is playful at the same time, this one is a perfect gift. These oven mitts are made from insulated cotton and its paw pads are constructed from heat resistant silicone making it more convenient to handle hot food easily. It comes in two pieces – one left and one right mitts. If this bear hands oven mitts are not in use, this will surely be a great tool for storytelling too.

Lobster Claw Oven Mitt

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This quilted cotton lobster claw oven mitt is inspired by the lovers of the ocean and the sea. With its full colour and realistic double sided piece of art, this can be a great gift for a themed kitchen or for those seafood aficionados. It is made of 100% cotton fabric that is quilted to synthetic fill. It can also be hand washed for long term use. If you want to add fun to your cooking, this can be an amusing partner to have and a wonderful helper for those hot stuffs in the oven.

Teddy Bear Paw Oven Mitt

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This handmade fabric pot holder is custom crafted to resemble a teddy bear paw which will surely make baking a lot of fun. It does not only serve its purpose by protecting the hands from hot pots, pans and surfaces but it will surely be an entertaining cooking and eating session with family and friends. Without a doubt, the get togethers will be a fun and an imaginative one. So, in your next dinner party, try using this one when serving your food trays and definitely all your guests will find it awesome and everyone will be delighted.

More Animal Oven Mitts

Here are some animal inspired oven mitts that are not animal hands, but are still as cute!

Cat Oven Mitt

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For ailurophiles and cat lovers out there, this one of a kind oven mitt will surely amuse your kitchen. This oven mitt will not only be a helper in the kitchen but will surely thrill you while using it. This product is also a must for an obscure Seinfeld fan out there. It definitely will leave a mark in your kitchen collections. If not in use, this oven mitt can serve as a puppet and a toy for your little one running around the house.

Alligator Oven Mitt

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For people who appreciate reptiles especially gators, this oven mitt is simply made just for them. The alligator’s mouth opens wide as you place your hands and protects them from hot pots at the same time. This product is well made with a very good pop-up eye details and wonderful printing. Aside from being a cool addition to your kitchen, this oven mitt can also serve as a toy to your little tots and even to your dogs while not in use. Why don’t you try them and experience the fun in it? Hurry and grab one now.

Cow Oven Mitt

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Who would have thought that cows can be a fun assistant in the kitchen? This whimsical stuff will be something interesting in your scullery. It may look odd to see a cow’s head in the kitchen but surely this will be a great conversation starter when visitors stay in your house.

Pig Oven Mitt

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If you want to design your kitchen to be different, use kitchen stuffs that will stand out as they step into your kitchen doors. One recommendation is the oven mitt pig. Surely, if this oven mitt can be seen hanging your kitchen, it will be conspicuous to your guests and smile will surely come out from their faces. Not only that this oven mitt will be an immediate help to people who works in the kitchen but it will surely make cooking a whole lot of fun do.

Shark Oven Mitt

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Looking for a creative concept to use in your kitchen, then this shark oven mitt is very much recommended for the artist in you. You may even name it a safe fish as it help protect your hands from a hot cookie pan coming out from the oven. This product is ideal for light duty use and will be very effective for warm dishes and is not intended for use with high heat or open flame. For a combination of fun and functionality, this product is the one that you need.

Tropical Fish Oven Mitt

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For the perfect creation of an oversize fish with a lot of usage, this tropical fish oven mitt is the one that fits this description. Not only it is a winner in terms of appearance, it can also be used as a centerpiece in the kitchen table, as a décor in the living room, a toy for a child, a props for a puppet show and most of all as an oven mitt in the kitchen. All of this in an oven mitt. Grab one now and try all of these recommended usage.

Clown Fish Oven Mitt

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For those who were inspired by the movie Finding Nemo, this piece of kitchen paraphernalia will be an interesting kitchen collection for you. This creative clown fish oven mitt is both playful and functional. It will not only serve its purpose to help you around hot apparatuses, but it will be a fun way of doing things in the kitchen. A puppet show in the dinner table is also an interesting way to enjoy the company of friends and family.

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