Being a new mom is quite a stressful event in a life of a woman.  Changing diapers, feeding the baby, sending the baby to sleep and attending to the baby’s concern almost 24 hours a day would take a toll on mom.  To keep her sanity intact and help our new mom on her journey in motherhood it would be better to give her advice that she needs badly.  It would also help her a lot if you would be kind enough to gift her baby gifts that are essential for the new mom.  Please see our top baby gifts for a new mom below for your reference.

Swaddling Blanket

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Receiving blankets are very useful in handling the baby but it would be easier to have a swaddle blanket. You can use this to wrap the new baby snugly and comfortable. It gives the baby the self soothe feeling that she once felt while inside the womb.

Sophie Teething Toy

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This giraffe teether has gained its popularity worldwide for a reason. Teething pain is such a terrible experience for the baby and most especially the new mom but through Sophie the teething toy, the pain would magically go away. Sophie is made of natural rubber with no toxic substances. The colors on Sophie is made from food paint, it squeaks when chewed on and for an unknown reason, it has a magical appeal on babies that could definitely make and keep the baby happy and even silent for a while.

Baby Carrier

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No matter how much you love your baby, there would come a time that you would still feel tired. In order for the new mom to carry her baby longer, she needs a baby carrier. This baby carrier comes in a wrap style that makes the new mom and baby’s bonding last longer. The weight of the baby would be evenly distributed and save her from some serious back pain.

Boppy Travel Breastfeeding Pillow

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A nursing pillow is one of the essential tools that a new mom needs to have but we certainly know that nobody wants to lug around with a huge pillow when moving or travelling. Good thing there is Boppy travel breastfeeding pillow. You can rely on this pillow that the new mom would not strain her back while breastfeeding even while boarding on a plane or in the car. It is inflatable and can be stored compactly after and easy to carry which is perfect for the on the go mom.

Quality Breast Pump

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Let’s face it, engorged breasts are not just uncomfortable and painful but it’s also so irritating for the new mom. Help her to pump with style through the help of this breast pump system. It comes with an insulated cooler bag, baby bottles, connectors, tubing, instructions and more. This would be very beneficial for the new mom who pumps several times and would certainly ease her painful and swollen bosoms.

A Nice Diaper Bag

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Being a new mom may sometimes take a toll on the fashionista’s point of view of the mom. Before she may only carry signature bags when going out but because she has a new career now, her signature bag has turned into a diaper bag. This boRann diaper bag comes in floral and other colors and designs to choose from. The new mom can still stay fashionable even while carrying a diaper bag. This bag has compartments and a spacious inside to keep all her baby’s things intact while travelling.

First Aid Organizer

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Every new mom should have a mini first aid organizer that would be compact enough to fit in the diaper bag but is complete of everything that she needs. This first aid organizer will help our new mom to squeeze in the essential materials that she needs all the time like the allergy medicine, diaper rash cream, q-tips and more.

Baby Stroller

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As a new mom, everyone would tell you that you need a stroller, a baby car seat and a travel system. You need not to buy these three things separately because with this baby stroller 2016 you would get all three for the price of one. Travelling with the new baby would be easier now for the new mom with the help of this one of a kind baby stroller. Moving the baby from point A to point B while doing some errands would be easier without causing any fuss to the baby. This brilliant idea makes life easier for the new mom, indeed!

More Baby Gifts for a New Mom?

Here are some gifts to celebrate a new mom on Mother’s Day, Christmas, or as a push present: