Moms are known to be the primary caretaker of the family.  She is the one in charge and has everything under control.  Kids are heading to school and sometimes mom would also think of going back to school herself.  Some are young moms, so going back to school is a must while there are moms who would like to pursue higher level of education like masteral degree or doctorate degree or some short courses.  Either way, we have moms who are going back to school and taking this huge step in their lives could make them feel anxious a bit and a little excited as well due to the new endeavor ahead.

If you have a friend or a mom who is going back to school but you are totally clueless of what to gift her, then you can check out the gift list we have for you below. Here are some totally cool and inspiring back to school gifts for mom!

Personalized Photo Notebook

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She may have a lot of taking down notes to do and you are definitely sure that an ordinary notebook just wouldn’t do. Better to gift her a personalized notebook so that she can still have a glimpse of her beautiful family with her as she jot down important points throughout her class.

Reminder Cork Board

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Being a mom is a difficult role to play, especially if you are trying to balance school and family at the same time. Important dates such anniversaries, project deadlines and important meetings to attend to might jumble on her head. Help her organize her thoughts through this reminder board. She can post it on her wall and let her take the important dates be remembered.

Build on Brick Bookends

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Books have become a huge part of our going back to school mom’s life once more. Let her boring books have some spice by gifting her these colorful build on brick bookends. Studying would look fun and books would not be as boring especially when these build on brick bookends house them all!

The Sprite Bag

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Add some colors to her exhausting day at school by gifting her this vibrantly colored Sprite bag by Pixelle. This is a charming bag which is pleasant to look at and very functional because she can fit in all her essential stuff like make up kit and school materials too.

The Busy Mom's Cookbook

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Balancing school and family is quite difficult. Most of the time our back to school mom would be totally drained from school and would not have any idea of what to cook. Save her from the clueless nights of what to prepare for dinner by gifting her this Busy Mom’s cookbook. This cookbook contains more than a hundred recipes that are easy to make and prepare which is perfect for our going back to school mom.

Programmable Slow Cooker

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Our back to school mom maybe a school girl now but when she returns home her duties as a mom needs to be fulfilled. We have a solution that would save her more time for studying. The programmable slow cooker would be the perfect gift for our going back to school mom because she can program this slow cooker and leave the casserole and set it while she is away. As she comes home, dinner would be ready to be served!

Homemade Care Package

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Hunger makes the mind foggy. Our busy back to school mom might tend to forget herself due to the hectic schedule she now has. To help her curb her hunger fangs, this care package would come to the rescue. It comes in assorted delectable goodies that she would definitely love to munch on.

Mom Necklace

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She may be called many names but her favorite is to be called as “mom”. Surprise her with a sparkling gift of a mom heart shaped pendant on a necklace on mother’s day. This mom necklace has three dimensional heart shaped pendant with sapphires and of course her favorite name tag is there which is mom. The necklace is 18 inches long with a lobster claw for easy opening and closing. Her outfit at school would definitely be accentuated by this dazzling mom necklace.

Super Mom Shirt

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A little pat on the back for a job well done makes a huge difference. We all wanted to be thanked for and be appreciated every now and then, right? On mother’s day, brighten up the day of our super mom who is going back to school through this fancy super mom shirt. She is indeed a supermom, balancing family and school life is a tough nut to crack, indeed!

Best Mom Ever Water Bottle

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Keeping our busy mom hydrated might be difficult because of her tight schedule at school and hurrying back home to care for her family. She might forget to take some sip of water in a day because she just simply goes on and on without stopping. Let her be hydrated and remind her of how she is as a mom through this best mom ever water bottle. It is compact and can store for up to 0.3L of beverage. She an carry it along at school without any fuss at all.

Wine Tasting Sail

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How to end the first week of school in a dazzling way for our going back to school mom? If you would ask me, I would definitely suggest to give her a toast for a job well done! On mother’s day, surprise her with a wine tasting sail so she could unleash her anxiousness and loosen up a bit as she tastes the wine of different varieties while being cradled on the river. Wine tasting plus a fabulous view is a superb mother’s day treat!

Chocolate and Wine Tasting Tour

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A sweet toothed mom would love to be surprised by some sweet desserts on mother’s day but it would be better to add up some bubblies for the win. Finer things in life such as wine, chocolates and desserts would absolutely diminish the exhilarating school week of our back to school mom. This tour is comprised of three to five chocolate tastings and up to 3 wines tasting. A memorable mother’s day would that day be when you take her out on a chocolates, desserts and wine tour.

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