Children are certainly one of the greatest gifts to anyone, because you have been given a new life. And to hold someone so pure and innocent are a privilege that every parent would always be thankful for. This is why there so many elaborate celebrations for the coming of the children such as throwing baby showers before birth and of course, having the baby baptized after birth.

After all, having a baby boy is certainly going to interesting, considering the fact that they are extra-noisy and hyper when they grow up, but that is part of the parenthood that is most beloved, the precious moments of watching your baby boy find his footing in this world.

So if you are the parent, godparent, or a close friend to the family of the baby boy, make sure to prepare a meaningful and at the same time, practical gift for his baptism! Here is a list of cute baptism gifts for baby boys.

My First Rosary

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Probably one of the most recognizable religious item in the world, even for non-Catholics and non-Christian religions, a rosary is still regarded cautiously and with great respect, because they symbolize the love of a mother and the power of love of the son, so a necklace would be a great baptismal gift for a baby boy since it would mean love and protection. The keepsake box is also a plus here because it can both serve as storage for the rosary or it can become a place for other trinkets such as the boy’s tiny jewelry.

Christening Blanket for Baby Boys

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The weather is so fickle nowadays so giving him a baby blanket would be a wise and practical choice because it can shield him from sudden cold and strong wind, which can make him sick, and also the fleece and satin-bordered blanket is soft and smooth so it is guaranteed to make him comfortable, while also avoiding any allergies to his sensitive baby skin.

Mirrored Picture Frame

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Each and every event in your baby boy’s life must be documented, especially now that technology is just at the palm of everyone’s hands and there is no need for expensive professional photographers. Babies grow so fast and one day you would just wonder when all of the years have passed and he is already going away for college! So immortalize memories by taking lots of pictures and framing them with this elegant mirrored glass frame with a well wishing inscription at the bottom.

Lamb Christening Plush Rattle

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Babies love to cuddle in order to keep warm and so getting him a lamb plushy would be a good choice as a baptismal gift, because he may already have a lot of teddy bears, a puppy toy, and even a rabbit, but only a few people would give lamb toy, which has a intimate meaning in religious light, because lambs are seen as the loyal and faithful servant to the pastor. Not only are you giving something so meaningful and baptism-appropriate, you are also giving him a sleeping companion.

Baby Boy Baptism Box Cross Necklace

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Christening is always religious in nature and mostly, it’s Christian in nature, but of course, make sure first that it is the case in order to not offend anyone. But it’s safe to give a crucifix necklace since it is renowned to be a symbol of love, guidance, and protection.

Baby Boy White Tux

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Every boys look so good wearing a tuxedo so make him a charming boy even as a baby with this tuxedo suit that would make him a head-turning handsome boy during his baptismal! The perfect white outfit that is accented by the light-catchy satin would also look awesome in pictures and everyone has to start early in being fashionable, right?

Personalized Name Bracelet

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Who says that only baby girls can wear a bracelet? Boys can also wear a bracelet as a symbol of protection and good health and the blue beads alternating with yellow-gold beads and a tiny cross at the clasp makes it a perfect jewelry for his baptismal fashion. You may also have this personalized to spell out his name or simply greet him for his christening. This is an awesome Christening gift for baby boys!

Beautiful Boy's Baptism Crib Medal

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Sometimes, baby cribs can be a little dull-looking and then we wonder why babies hate staying in them unless they are fast asleep. It’s boring in there, but it’s for their safety and comfort, but when left alone even for a minute, they feel so afraid while lying there, unable to move that much. So you may want to give him this blue-accented baby crib medal, especially if your are religious, since it could serve as a protective charm blessing coming from you wherever you are, not to mention that it would give a lively design to the baby boy’s crib.

Sterling Silver Baby Feet Charm

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A baby boy’s feet are so tiny and it makes all hearts melt when he wiggles his toes especially when he is asleep, because how can he be so tiny and look so vulnerable in your arms? This is why everyone is helplessly in love and wants to protect him from the world, and to think that one day he would grow into a man that can walk and run and maybe be an athlete of his chosen sports. So it would be lovely to give him a baby feet charm in celebration of his baptism!

Elephant Hooded Towel

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Baby boys are adorable little angels who would bawl their eyes out at the first sign of water nearby and bath time is almost always a struggle for parents and nanny alike, because for someone so tiny, they pack in a lot of tears and screams. Then after bath time, it becomes a battle to wrap a robe around them to avoid them getting cold and sick, so it would be a great aid to have this hooded towel with the cute elephant design. The design would help distract the baby while the hood does it job of protecting his head from cold air and the non-abrasive towel would dry his wiggly body fast, as well.

Baby Dove Complete Care Bath Time Essentials

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Even newborn boys are already so restless, probably an indication of a hyper attitude that would plague you in later years, and they keep crying especially with little water poured onto their foreheads during the christening rites. But worry less when you give him Dove Bath Time Essentials, which is perfect for relaxation and getting rid of all the dirt accumulated in his sweat and from the air pollutants. This bath set kit is perfect for your baby boy’s sensitive skin and proven to leave a silky smooth baby skin behind.

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