Parenthood is phase in couple’s lives that is both frightening and delightful, because to be entrusted with such a pure and innocent gift of life is certainly life changing. You are now wholeheartedly responsible for another person whose survival depends solely on you.

But then once you have seen your baby girl and her tiny little hands grabbing at anything that comes near her, you would know that there is nothing in this world more precious than holding her in your arms.

After all, a baby girl is amazingly sweet compared to the opposite gender and they make these adorable princess-y tantrums than no father could resist. Actually, everyone knows that when a baby girl comes along, the father is helplessly outmaneuvered because every dad could not bear the thought of his little princess crying for anything!

So prepare a perfect gift for the baby girl in her baptism whether you are the parent, godparent, or simply a close family friend. Not decided? Here are some breathtaking baptism gifts for baby girls.

Lamb Plush

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Baby girls are sweet little angels that love to cuddle and be warmed as they sleep tight so you might want to get her a sleeping companion as a baptism gift and this lamb plushy would be the perfect for role since it is soft and lined with satin so you are certain that it would irritate the baby’s skin. Also, it has embroidery that reads: Bless this Child. So it feels like she is always blessed and protected even her sleep. It’s also small enough that she would be able to hold and possibly carry it.

Pink Christening Baby Bracelet

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Available in different sizes, you can easily choose the perfect one for the baby girl’s tiny arm. It is also really adorable seeing a baby wearing a bracelet around their tiny and vulnerable arm, making you feel extra-protective of her. This beautiful bracelet has light pink-colored beads alternating with silver beads and has a tiny heart-shaped clasp and cross charm for an added blessing and protection. So this bracelet can complete her baptismal outfit or simply become a symbol of everyday good wishes for her.

Christening Baby Blanket

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For a more pronounced religious gift for her christening, give her this baptismal baby blanket available in color pink made out of fleece but bordered with wide satin cloth at around 36x36 in size, so you know that she would be protected from harsh wind and cold weather. The blanket is also soft and smooth to guarantee that it would not cause any allergy and it also has religious symbols such as the bible, a cross, and a dove among others.

Rose Baby Headband

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We all know how cute baby girls look when they are wearing a headband, especially a white one with flower design, because it makes them so angelic! So if you are looking for a baptismal gift for a baby girl, make sure to include this Cameron Rose Headband as one of your choices, because she can wear these in special occasions including the baptismal rites itself or the party afterwards.

Baptism Tutu Dress

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You already have the headband in hand so if your budget would allow it, it is highly suggested to partner it with this amazingly ethereal baptismal dress! It is not extravagant-looking as other dress of its kind, but that is what makes it so endearing because of its simplicity and understated elegance. Your baby girl would surely shine if she wears this during her christening without her throwing a tantrum because of itchy clothing and lining. She would be comfortable in this dress while being picture-ready!

Baptismal Shoes and Headband

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Of course to complete the ensemble, you now only have to purchase a baptismal shoes and another headband, because why not right? It can be a little humid in the church and your baby girl’s head is the first one to get sweaty. So get this shoes and headband set for a change during the day’s celebration.

Baby Shoe Trinket Box

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Look at this adorable shoe trinket box! It may be a quite simple gift among others, but it can have a practical use aside from being a beautiful display at home. It perfectly suits as a baptismal gift for the baby girl while also serving as storage for tiny jewelries that the little girl may receive for her christening. It can also hold other small trinkets including keys, earplugs, and a coin change, so it might earn a place on the bedside table.

Christening Candle For a Girl

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Perhaps you have already attended several baptismal rites and if you haven’t, then you should know that it is part of the ritual to light a candle for the baby while uttering a few prayer and promising to the priest that you are taking responsibility in the baby’s personal growth. Sometimes, candles are already given by the church, but you can also bring this beautiful pink candle, especially if you are a principal sponsor of the child, so you can light it up and make your vows in style. After baptism, you can already leave this to the parents of the baby girl as a symbol of your promise and a sign of blessings and well wishes from you.

Pink Photo Frame

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There is not doubt that hundreds of pictures would be made that day and in the era of smartphones, there is even no need to hire professional photographers for the documentations, because in one click, the memory is preserved and immortalized. So you can totally give this pink photo frame for her, so that her picture can be displayed right after the christening celebration. The pink picture frame also comes with a small pink shoes and pink ribbon for the side designs.

Keepsake Silver Rattle

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Baby girls love the rattle and parents love them too, perhaps, including the girl’s nanny, because it keeps her entertained and less inclined to throw a tantrum. It can also keep her pre-occupied whenever someone forgets to quickly fill the baby bottle with milk for her food. So it’s always good to have a lot of rattles lying around and this beautiful rattle would surely entertain her because of its designs. Moreover, it’s silver and light-catchy so when she shakes the rattle, things would really get interesting for her.

Satin Floral Bib

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Baby girls are gifts from God, until they drool and vomit all over you! Thus, it is important to never forget tying a bib around her neck, just in case things started to get a little messy. Also, it adds a lot to her style and fashion is something little girls must grow with, right? The floral bib can even be worn during special occasions because it appears quite formal.

Custom Baby Foot and Hand Print Photo Frame

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Whenever a parent sees a baby, one of the first things the mention is how adorable the baby’s small hands and feet are, and then they would start remembering how their little babies used to be so small! Well, they can forever preserve the shape of those tiny hands and feet with this gift! It comes with a casting clay, which is formulated for the safety of the child and it’s easy to come off as well, and in a matter of minutes, you can keep an important part f her childhood with you even when she grows up. After that, you can frame the prints and display it in your bedroom or even in the living room as a proud parent.

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