The American sport, baseball has captured the hearts of many fans, American or not. The quick pacing of the game, the adrenaline rush, all that speed… what can you not love about baseball?

Oh, you have a huge baseball fan there? Why not get him a baseball themed present? No idea? Here are 12 baseball gift ideas for the rabid fan of the sport.

Personalized Baseball

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Those who love baseball and (and play, too) will love to get one personalized ball from you. You can have anything engraved into this ball, from his name to a message to his favorite baseball team. This baseball can be used a regular baseball for games or can be kept as a decor or a lucky charm. Personalized stuff make very nice baseball gift ideas.

Personalized Baseball Bat

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If you gave him a personalized baseball already, then you can get him this personalized baseball bat. A personalized bat makes an awesome present because the receiver can use it during baseball games and also use it as a self defense weapon whenever someone trespasses the house. Plus, it looks so cool.

Engraved Baseball Plaque

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If the recipient is your coach and you want to show your appreciation for him, you can get him this engraved baseball plaque. Basically, this is an engraved baseball with a nice stand. Perfect to be placed on a table or a workstation. This is also great for those who work at an office or a cubicle.

Baseball Player Wine Holder

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Is your baseball enthusiast a wine drinker too? This wine bot holder looks like a baseball player holding the wine like a baseball bat. This looks very cool and will make a great addition to someone's bar or gaming den or man cave. Also holds bottles other than wine.

Baseball Ice Chest

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Moms who have children who play a lot of baseball will appreciate this. This big baseball holds a secret. It is actually an ice chest and can carry drinks and ice and other meals. And guess what, it also transforms into a makeshift mini table or stand. This is perfect for meals after baseball games or just a normal picnic in the park. Also works great as baseball glove and ball storage.

"My Best Catch" Keychain

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Is the baseball fan your lover? Then they will love this key chain. This key chain has a baseball catching glove and the words "My Best Catch" on a small bar on another charm. This silvery key ring looks simple, but the message is very sweet, and spoken in their language. This also makes great baseball-theme wedding souvenirs, don't you think?

Baseball Coasters

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Those who have kids who love baseball will like this. These coasters have baseballs printed on them. This is perfect whenever one is serving drinks to baseball players after a tiring game. These sporty coasters also make great accessories in a sports bar.

Praying Baseball Player Statue

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Is your baseball player also a devout Christian? This statue features a baseball player, kneeling and solemnly praying for guidance. Engraved on the base are the words, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, Philippians 4:13." which is just the perfect Bible verse or athletes. (Even Stephen Curry loves this verse!)

Baseball and Catching Mit 3D Puzzle

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Like the baseball plaque above, this catching glove and baseball trophy will look nice on a coach, a cubicle worker or an officer's desk. This also has an additional function. It is actually a 3D puzzle, which one can disassemble and assemble as a stress buster or as a way to pass the time. The nice wooden finish is a bonus.

Baseball Coin Bank

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Saving will be so much easier thanks to this baseball-shaped coin bank. Imagine this: you little baseball loving son comes home and puts all his spare change in this coin bank and it becomes heavier and heavier each day. When it gets full, he can buy that nice baseball jersey or new gadget he has been dreaming about. this is perfect for children because it teaches tem the value of saving.

Baseball Bottle Opener

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Baseball watching marathons will never be complete without a nice cold bucket of beer. Every baseball-loving man knows this! One of the best baseball gift ideas ever created is this baseball-shaped bottle opener. This bottle opener actually assembles with another half, so you have a nice whole ball whenever you are done using it to open booze. Oh, and it is made of real baseball. Very very nice.

Baseball Wallet

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This white wallet is looks nice and minimalist, but there is the distinct red stitching found in most baseball. If you want something that a baseball lover would carry around with him, this is the best gift you are looking for.

Looking for More Basebal Gift Ideas?

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