Establishing a solid knowledge of basketball is a must for aspiring superstars. It is where they get to feel the sport and they try to get into the position to succeed as young as they are. Help your young Kobe’s and LeBron’s to excel in their favorite sport with these amazing basketball gifts for boys!

Sports Illustrated Kids Big Book of Who Basketball

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This big book of basketball is a good starter gift to any young players out there. Giving them the proper knowledge on some of the most important basketball facts out there at a very young age is crucial for their development as a basketball player. Not only that, this big book of basketball teaches them the importance of training because their idols did not get to where they are right now if it wasn’t for those hours spent in training.

Mini basketball hoop

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Perhaps one of the best things that you can buy for a young baller, this mini basketball hoop will definitely set the tone at their very young age! Designed for any type of wall, this will guarantee that your child will be able to bring out their inner superstar! In addition to that, playing hoops at an early age will help them learn the basics of the sport through this miniature hoop. Just don’t forget to tell the young ones that there is something bigger than basketball.

NBA Socks (Kid's)

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A pair of comfortable socks is always a good idea for a present to someone. But when it comes to a baller, a pair of basketball socks makes it sweeter to them. Not only does it gives them the style points on the court, but it also give them the much needed comfort in their feet while playing to avoid the risk of getting injured. Especially when a superstar in the making is the recipient of this wonderful gift, it is important to give them the support that they need to succeed!

The Finals Shirt (Youth)

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Is your child is aspiring to be an all-time great and a world champion? Worry no more! You can get this LeBron James’ The Finals jersey to keep them inspired in reaching their goals! An authentic NBA sleeved jersey that has been a part of the prestigious NBA Finals is a piece of history and a guaranteed memorabilia. And what better choice than a LeBron James’ shirt to show everyone that you are really a witness of The King’s greatness.


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A jersey symbolizes a player’s hard work and mastery of the sport, so having one is indeed a privilege and a duty. Getting a jersey for your young baller’s favorite player is always a good choice for a present. May it be for any occasion, this jersey will be used by these young guns for training, or if they want to, for fashion. Wherever they may use it for, one thing is for sure: It is that they want to be like their favorite players.

Kyrie Irving Plush toy

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This plush toy is a fitting gift for the little ones out there who wishes to be a professional basketball player someday. This can motivate the young ones to be like their idols as they mimic the skills of the pros of the court. In addition to that, this can also serve as a wonderful piece of decoration in your bedroom or living room. Not only that, it is also made from polyester and it is recommended to have its surface washed only to keep it neat and tidy.

Youth jacket

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A youth jacket is becoming an essential to any basketball player out there. More than the swagger that the jacket brings, it gives the user the comfort especially when the weather tells them to. In addition, this youth jacket gives your team the support that they need while you are blanketed by the warmth that the jacket brings. This is also an official licensed NBA product which makes it more prestigious. Just be careful in picking a jacket as your gift, you might get the wrong team for your kid!

Knit hat

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This NBA knit hat is a perfect gift for any basketball player out there who loves to dress up and be fashionable. This knit hat comes in with an embroidered logo of your favorite NBA teams so you can wear them anywhere to support your favorite teams! This knit hat is designed with a raised cuff style and is made with a stretch fit closure, which means one size fits all. In addition, it is also made from acrylic yarn to make the user feel warmer and more comfortable.

Sticker box

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This collector’s sticker box is a must have for any die hard basketball fan. This box comes with a number of sealed sticker packs inside so it gives you the option to trade these packs to another die hard NBA fan. With its content changing each NBA season, it gives you a wide variety of fan items that you can keep or trade. Just be careful in trading your sticker packs though, it might contain some of the rare stickers out there!

Track pants

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A pair of track pants will always come in handy for anyone. With its multi-purpose features, it becomes one of the must haves for any sporty person. It can be used while training for a big ball game, or it can also be used as a part for your outfit of the day. Regardless of its use, having a set of these trusty track pants for you and to any ballers out there is a big plus in your arsenal of gaming clothes.

Marvel/NBA shirt

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In collaboration with Marvel, the National Basketball Association released comic-inspired shirts to their loyal fans. With each team having a different hero to represent them, this shirt is a collector’s item for Marvel and NBA fans. This gift is also perfect to the young ballers out there as they can show the world their love for Marvel and their love for basketball.

Like Mike

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A film starring one of the legendary basketball players of all time, and a Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan, this movie is highly recommended for the young ones. In this movie, a young basketball player has unbelievable basketball powers through a series of events which leads him to an opportunity to play in the NBA. A fitting movie to those young basketball aficionados who dreams of becoming a NBA superstar that also teaches the importance of hard work and love for the game.

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