The bear may look ferocious to some but often we find the bear as a symbol of nurturing spirit and a cuddly creature.  For the Native Americans, the bear is a symbol of motherhood while for the Greeks, the bear is a symbol of hunting prowess.  Russians, on the other hand, believe that they are descendants of the bear.   Artio is a Celtic goddess that is a bear who represents the season transformation.  Either way, we often see the bear in a different way but for those who loves this animal, they just can’t get enough of it.  We have handpicked the charming bear gifts that no bear lover could resist.  See our prepared listing below for your reference.

Mama Bear Shirt

Want to give some surprise to your favorite mama bear in the world?  Well, check out this fabulous mama bear shirt which is made especially for the best mama bear in the world.  This shirt is made from 100% cotton which makes it so comfy to wear.  It comes in a variety of sizes to choose from to accommodate almost every size of mama bears.  The ink print on this mama bear shirt is made of eco friendly ink which is water based and even save for babies too.

Bear Hands Oven Mitts

Baking is not just a skill for the real pledged bakers they find this as a sweet escape since they can express their selves accordingly with every masterpiece they make.

Check out this extraordinary bear hands oven mitts; this pair of oven mitts are made with insulated cotton and its paw pads are of resistant silicone to protect the wearer from burning their paws.

Black Bear Shaker

Cool Black bear Gift for the Kitchen

Make your kitchen look like an estranged forest with this one of a kind bear-y outrageous salt and pepper shaker.  This black bear shaker is a delightful piece of kitchen aid that serves as a decoration as well.  It seems like this bear is watching you closely as you work in the kitchen.

This would be a great house warming gift or a gift just because for that bear indulged friend on your list

Drinking Bear Bottle Holder

A Cool Bear Gift Idea for Alcohol Geeks

Be unique as you are and display your favorite wine in an intriguing way with this drinking bear bottle holder.  Just like you, this bear loves some bubbly all the time.  This drinking bear bottle holder is made of polyresin that is hand crafted and perfected for your delight!  This is a ten inch by four and seven inch wine holder that is perfect for your wine nights or cocktail parties.  Don’t let it steal your thunder though!

Papa Bear Mug

Show your papa bear your huge love for him with a great big bear hug and with this papa bear mug.  This would be perfect not only on Father’s day but also on any occasion there might be.  This papa bear mug is a ceramic mug that can be personalized as well.  As you could see there is a papa bear and some cubs that can be labelled with your name as well as your siblings too.  You can choose from an 11 oz or 15 oz mug too.

Cute Waving Bear Mug

If you want to keep it simple and just cute then you are perfect for this cute bear mug.  Just like what you always wanted in a coffee mug, aside from cheering you up on your coffee break, you can also be mesmerized by the cuteness of this bear mug as well.

This cute bear mug made of ceramic that can house 11 oz of your favorite beverage.  The original Nemki illustration of a waving bear will brighten up your day with every sip.

Teddy Bear Glass Gift Jar

A Cool Bear Gift for the Children!

Who would not love gummy bears?  I don’t know about you but if there’s one food that I should pick to live the whole year; I’d choose gummy bears!

Kidding aside, there are some people who just loves gummy bears so much maybe because of its chewy and soft mouthwatering goodness that is hard to resist.

This teddy bear glass gift jar is a gummy bear heaven for those who loves it too much!

Bear Bouquet

You can surprise the love of your life with a bouquet of flowers on your special occasion but as we know flowers wither and lose its beauty in time.  So for those who prefer a long lasting bouquet we highly suggest this bear bouquet.  This bear bouquet is also perfect for those who are allergic to pollens or can’t handle the mere sight of flowers too.  This bear bouquet comes in a dozen of cute cuddly bears that is perfect for your special occasion such as anniversaries or monthsaries.  You can also check out this another sweet idea of a Romantic Rose with Bear Gift.  This gift set is a flower soap gift box with a charming bear for your damsel’s delight!

Baby Bear Gift Set

For the baby shower that you need to attend to, this baby bear gift set would come in handy!  This baby bear gift set is an all in one gift set that is perfect for new moms out there!  This baby bear gift set comes with twenty eight by twenty eight receiving blanket which comes in a very cute design of a paw print which includes a quote that says “the tiniest feet leave the biggest footprints in our hearts”.  This set also comes with a baby bandana bib which is made of pure cotton that will keep all the wetness and moist all away!  And of course, the star of the show that is no other than the sweet teddy bear that is a twenty inch white plush bear that is so cuddly and adorable!

Teddy Bear Silver Necklace

If you want to keep it simple and cute then this teddy bear silver necklace is perfect for you!  This sterling necklace features a very cute bear head that has cubic zirconia.

The length of the necklace is also customizable to your liking.  You can choose from 13.8 inches up to 19.7 inches.

Teddy Bear Earrings

Cute Bear Jewelry!

Teddy bear earrings are simple yet oozing with cuteness.  If you want to keep it plain and simple then this pair of teddy bear stud earrings would be the perfect pair for you!  This pair of teddy bear earrings is made of titanium that is hypoallergenic that is safe to be worn even by those with allergies with metal.

Engraved Bear Family Ring

Check out this one of a kind ring, this ring features a bear family silhouette that is mysterious and a bit dramatic to look at.

For those who love the wilderness and the bears they would be delighted to have this bear family ring as a surprise gift!  This bear family ring is made of tungsten and ceramic.

You can choose from different engraving styles and sizes too!

Praying Teddy Bear

Cute Bear Plush as a Gift to the Kids!

Teach your kids to pray not only when they need to but because we should always give thanks to our Creator.

This praying teddy bear is an inspirational cuddly bear that recites Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep in a refreshing child’s voice recorded to help your little ones learn the art of praying and saying thanks before they have some shut eye.

Teddy Bear Night Light

One More Cute Bear Gifts for Kids!

You can keep the monsters under your bed from attacking you while you sleep if you have some lights on according to folklore.  But as we know that is not true because there are no monsters under your bed, kidding aside, this will keep your darkness phobia a way in a cute and loving way.  This teddy bear night light is a 3D night light which changes colors each day as you please.  This is a charming gift that could definitely melt the heart of your giftee.

Get Well Soon Bear

It’s really devastating when someone in the family is sick.  As heartbreaking as it is, all you can do is to cheer them up as they get well.  This get well soon bear is the perfect gift for your recovering loved one.  This teddy bear is wearing a blue gown with slippers which holds a pillow that says “get well soon”.


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