Beauty and the Beast is one of the most loved fairytale movies of Disney. It had captured millions of fanatics all over the world. As a matter of fact, Belle from the movie is one of the favorite Disney princesses of all times, no matter how old they might be. The wonderful story had taught its viewers that it is not too late to change and be a better person, whether it is for yourself or for others.

Since the year it was aired, it had a lot of adaptations in musical plays and live action movies. Sure enough, Beauty and the Beast fans will definitely increase after the movie had been shown on March 2017.

Do you have someone close to you that loves the movies too much? Here are some Beauty and the Beast gift ideas that you can choose from.

Beauty and The Beast Dancing Art Print

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It is a wonderful art printed on a thick 260gsm premium semi-gloss luster paper. The ink used for the art is guaranteed not to fade for more than a hundred years. Also, it has fingerprint resistance, no crisp lines and professionally trimmed. This art print is the perfect wall decoration for Beauty and the Beast fans because of its intricate design and classy look. They will surely smile every time they pass by this wonderful print as they will be reminded of Belle and the Beast’s beautiful story.

Enchanted Rose Handbag

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This is a hand bag made from using durable and light-weight poly poplin fabric. All seams and stress points are double stitched to enhance the durability and make it last longer. The tote bag is features the rose from the movie. Also, it has a 1" wide cotton webbing strap for the efficiency when handling. This stylish tote bag will be appreciated by whomever you are planning to give this to, because of the art print that is featured on the bag as its design. The rose which represents the Beasts life in the movie.

Chip Coffee Mug

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It is a mug made from a top grade vinyl to ensure that it will be long lasting and durable. It also has a glitter handle for more a stylish design. However, hand wash is recommended to prolong the glasses. Remember Chip – the little tea cup from the movie? This mug is designed based on the movie character, which explains why this would be loved by a Beauty and the Beast fanatic. Using this cup, they will be able to enjoy drinking coffee from now on.

Beauty and The Beast Dancing Silhouette Clock

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This is a chic wall clock made from ply oak wood and black acrylic. It is also available in different colors. By giving them this trendy clock, keeping track of time will never be as boring as it was before. Plus, the silhouette of Belle and the Beast on the background is the perfect design.

Beauty and The Beast Dancing Silhouette Keychain

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It is a keychain laser cut made from nickel platted key ring with a design made from a Beauty and the Beast design in thick mat acrylic which is colored in black. Key chains are always given as a gift because of its functionality. It can compile as many keys one person has, and with its design that is related to the movie, its future owner will enjoy showing it off from everyone.

Beauty and Beast Wineglases

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This is a pair of wine glasses made from high quality outdoor vinyl. It also has the design of the movie which makes it a perfect gift for every fanatic out there. By giving them this pair of wine glasses, you will be making their celebrations or simple drink more exciting because it has the design of their favorite Disney princess.

Beauty and the Beast Couple's PIllows

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It is a soft and cuddly pillow made from guaranteed cotton material. This pillow is a perfect gift for anyone who loves Beauty and the Beast. Aside from they can use it whenever they are resting, they can also hug this squishy pillow whenever they are re-watching their favorite movie or even just an ordinary show.

Disney Beauty & The Beast 2017 Enchanted Rose Jewelry Box

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This is a jewelry box with the design of Beast’s red rose that opens, lightens up and plays the movie theme song. There is also a feather ring included. If you are looking for a gift that is something that your recipient will surely treasure, this jewelry box is the best item to pick. Aside from they will be able to use this to store their important stuff, the music it plays will constantly remind them of the magic that the Beauty and the Beast had brought when it was first shown on movie theaters.

Beauty and the Beast Blu Ray Movie

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It is a DVD containing one disk with the movie: Beauty and the Beast. What more could a fanatic ask for rather than the movie’s DVD itself? By getting this item as a gift for them, they will be able to relive all the magical feelings that this movie had given them. They can watch this no matter how frequent they want to and they will surely love you as well.

Mrs. Potts and Chip Figurines

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This is a movie collectible from the movie itself. It is a representation of Mrs. Potts and Chip, which are characters from the story. The size of the teapot is in 14cm in height, while the teacup is in 7cm tall. This set of collectibles is a perfect item to display in their house. With its fine and intricate design, it will surely suit their homes and will make their visitors adore the wonderful memorabilia.

Live Action Mrs. Potts and Chip Tea Set

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These are amazing! If you like the less cartoony and more antique version, which is the 2017 version of Mrs. Potts and Chip, then this is the thing you are looking for! What a super gift you can give to any tea enthusiast or to little teen girls.

Looking for More Beauty and the Beast Gift Ideas?

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It will surely be hard to choose from because each one is worth every penny. Which among them is the item that you’ll most likely buy for your special someone, and why? We would love to hear your thoughts about it!