The bee is a symbol of power and royalty in ancient Egypt because they believed that it was born from the tears of an ancient sun god called Ra.  In reality, most of us are afraid when we get to see this insect because we know how painful it stings!  Some people do adore this insect and even use it as their inspiration.   If you know someone who is in love with the bee and adores anything that has a bee design on it then you need to check out our gift listing below.  We have featured our favorite picks of bee themed gifts. See them all here for your reference.

Bee Candle

Beekeeper Gift. So Nice!

Set the mood in your room by using this beautiful bee candle.  This bee candle is the perfect gift for your queen bee who just adores bees so much!  This bee candle stands beautifully on six inches tall and is noticeably vintage styled.  This bee candle is unscented.  The image on this candle is a bee skep printed using heat transfer process, so you are assured that the image would not fade out in time easily.

Bee Socks

A Great Bee-Themed Gift for Men and Women

If you are a big fan of the movie: “Me Before You”, then you would love to see our next gift idea that is greatly inspired by that.  Do you remember Loisa’s birthday when she was so delighted to receive the surprise from Will?  Well, you got that right!  This pair of bee socks may not be the bumble bee tights that Loisa received but the design is very similar to that and you could be Loisa for a day when you put this on!  This pair of bee socks is one of a kind because it comes in a mismatch fashion that may tickle your recipient’s funny bone for sure!  If you want something animated then you should check out this pair of Bees Knee High Socks.  This pair of bee knee high socks is inspired by the honeycomb and of course there are bees flying around it for your delight!

Bee Tank Top

Well, if you say that you adore the real image of the bee instead of the animated one then you would certainly enjoy this bee tank top.  This bee tank top features the close up image of your favorite bee!  This bee tank top comes in heather black color with materials made of American tri blend that is super soft and comfy to the skin!  This bee tank top comes in a variety of sizes to choose from to fit most queen bees out there!

Bee Skirt

Bee Themed Gifts for Kids

Kids, especially the little girls prefer to wear colorful clothes to suit their personalities.  If you know a girl who adores bees then this would be the perfect gift idea for her!  This bee skirt is the greatest gift ever for your bubbly little girl on your list.  This bee skirt comes in a gorgeous print of bees in silver and yellow color.  The waist band of this bee skirt is elastic for that comfort and snug fit.  This bee skirt comes in different sizes that is suitable for 0 month up to eleven years of age.

Bee clutch bag

Keep your essentials intact during your cocktail parties or date nights on this charming bee clutch bag.  This bee clutch bag is a beautiful clutch which features your favorite insect of all time, no other than the bees!  This bee clutch bag is based on a white fabric with grey and white linings.  The lock of this bee clutch bag is of kiss lock which makes it even more adorable!

Bee Storage Caddy

Your bath essentials or even your coloring materials at home need not to be cluttered all the time.  You can get to keep them neat and tidy on this bee storage caddy.  This is also great for the kids to inspire them to be more organized with their stuff.  This bee storage caddy is made of sturdy canvas that comes in three sprouts.  The bee design is animated and elaborated for your convenience and amusement too!

Honey Bee Charm Necklace

Let me bedazzle you with this honey bee charm necklace.  This honey bee charm necklace is a very cute and dainty honey bee necklace that is made of gold and silver.  This is great to wear for any occasion there is!  This honey bee charm necklace comes in sixteen and half inches long.  You can also customize the length of the necklace to your liking as well.

Silver Color Bee Honeycomb Necklace

Dainty Bee-Themed Jewelry for Women

If you want a two tone necklace which features the honey comb and your favorite bee then this silver color bee honey comb necklace is the perfect jewelry for you!  This is a two toned jewelry which is made of silver and gold.  You can see the remarkable pendant of the honeycomb with a bee in gold color.  You can wear this in almost any occasion there is and be a certified stunner!

Bumble Bee Happy Beads

Be always inspired through this inspirational bracelet which features your all-time favorite bee.  This bumble bee happy beads is a hand crafted jewelry that is especially made to inspire people!  You can gift this to gift some smiles and laughter to your special someone.  You can gift it as one or even stack it up with another one or more!  This bumble bee happy beads bracelet comes in a drawstring bag which makes it ready for gift giving when bought.

Bee Bath Bomb

Let this bee bath bomb surprise you during your bath tub quality time.  This bee bath bomb foams and fizzes in a bath and releases a clean floral scent which makes bath time for kids and the kids at heart be more enjoyable than ever!  This bee bath bomb is molded in the real image liking of your favorite bee and the ingredients used on this bee bath bomb are combined to give you a moisturized and soft skin to touch!

Bumble Bee Plush Keychain

Check out this great gift idea for a party favor: this bumble bee plush keychain is distinctively designed as a charming keychain but can easily be removed to be transformed into a novelty toy as well.  This bumble bee plush is very soft and fuzzy, you might just get crazy by touching it!  This would be great to hang on your bag or purse and catch more bee loving attention from the crowd.

We also strongly recommend this Bee Bag Charm for your simple yet elegant looking bee charm which inspires you to find joy in the journey!

Bees Hand Repair Gift Set

Soothe your hands or the hands of the one you love by using this Bee’s hand repair gift set.  This hand care kit comes in three Burt Bee’s products that are formulated to give you the soft and silky hands that is great for holding and cuddling.  This gift set comes also in an organza pouch for easy gift giving, anytime and anywhere!