C is for cookies, and carrots, and cats, and cheese. If you are looking for gifts that begin with the letter C, this is your chart (word intended).

If you have not done your gift shopping yet then you need to make it fast and real quick since you would run out of time! Before you know it, you only have hours left and all the items have skyrocketed in their prices. Not to scare you or something but the earlier the better, right? If you want to keep a tight budget for your gifts, you can do so especially if you have a long list of recipients to give.

In line with this, we have listed the top finds that we have found over the web that will not make you fret! These items are good as stocking fillers, basket wonders, or even given as a single token. Check out our great goodies of gifts that begin with the letter C below.

Candies, Chocolates, Sweets and Other Treats

C is for candies and chocolates indeed! These sweet man-made treats would certainly give you a sugar rush and instant happiness when ingested. Most of us do have a sweet tooth and this guilty pressure of ours may be taking its toll on our waistline and love handles but what can we do about it? If your recipient is a big candies fanatic then you need to check out the great finds we have under this category.

Chocolate Gift Basket

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Stress is inevitable and in order to get out of it alive, you need to find some great distractions.  One of my favorites is some scrumptious chocolate!  For the chocolate lovers on your list, check out this bountiful chocolate gift basket.  This chocolate gift basket would be a charming and delicious treat ever!  This chocolate gift basket comes with gourmet chocolate treats which include chocolate bars, cookies, wafer rolls, and more!  This comes with a beautiful basket that can be a keepsake too when all the chocolates are gone.

Cadbury Chocolates

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Cadbury has tons of variety of chocolates like fruit and nuts, with cookies, with candy sprinkles, cashew, or even plain milk and chocolate. These four bars of small Cadbury bars are perfect for the office or during travel. Cadbury is going to be an appreciated gifts that start with C.

Caffarel Assorted Chocolates in Gift Box

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There are two things great about this gift idea, first is that you are gifting scrumptious assorted chocolates and lastly it’s already in a gift box. You already saved time wrapping, it’s all set for gift giving! I also forgot that these are just delicious and anyone can eat these in one sitting if they have a sweet tooth!


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Not all the glitter is gold! Some of them are sweet treats that you can munch and enjoy! The Cup-o-Gold is like Mallomars, where a marshmallow is on top of a cookie then covered with chocolates! Super delicious and a classic treat!

Coffin Creepers

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If you love Halloween then you will love Coffin creepers. This lollipop is shaped like count Dracula in the cutest way possible. Scary and cute! This candy is going to be a perfect edible Halloween decoration or just be given to the trick or treaters!

Cascadian Farms Organic Granola Bars

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If you have a recipient who has a sweet tooth but prefers the healthier alternative then this would be the perfect gift idea for him or her. The Cascadian Farm’s granola bars are made from organic ingredients that can make you feel satisfied without being guilty.

Caveman Dark Chocolate with Almonds and Coconut

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We often see chocolates with almonds or chocolates with coconut but this time you can have both mixes in dark chocolate with the Caveman bar. These dark chocolate energy bars are also paleo, which means it is grain-free. If you know someone who lives a grain-free diet, this is the treat you are looking for.

Charleston Chew

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Charms made of candies. This gift idea is great for kids since they can also let their imagination run wild before eating their candies. These strawberry chewy bars are just delish.

Choco Rocks

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They come in different sizes and colors to choose from. You can also add some touch of ingenuity by adding some candy-shaped plants or mix it with chocolate powder then put it in a pot-like container to make it look like you have given a plant. What makes your plant special is that it’s made of yummy candies, of course!

Coffee Candies

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For the coffee lover who needs to taper one’s dose of coffee, better give them in sweet candy versions to satisfy the coffee cravings whenever a cup of piping hot coffee is not possible. This is going to be a great gift for coffee addicts (like me).


Dishes and Desserts

Since eating is one of the most loved hobbies of all time, we dedicate this list to your foodie friend. What would be the best gift for a friend who has a big appetite? Well, you got it right, that is F-O-O-D! We have listed the top dishes and food variety that could bring plenty of smile to your food lover recipient.

  1. Cake
  2. Canapes
  3. Canneloni
  4. Casserole
  5. Ceviche
  6. Choux Pastry
  7. Clafoutis
  8. Cookies
  9. Cupcakes
  10. Custard Tarts

33. Cordless Household Gadget

Make cleaning a breeze and worry free duty for your home buddy recipient.  This cordless household gadget which is perfect for multiple cleaning tasks at home.  This handheld power scrubber is a cordless household gadget that comes with a scouring pad and four brushes that can remove even the nastiest dirt and stains at home.  You can use it also to care for your car seat, shoes, bags or other leather items.  This is a lightweight gadget that is waterproof as well.

33. Crocs

Walking, strolling or malling can be fun but a big pain in the feet when you are wearing uncomfortable shoes or slippers.  Thank God for Crocs, because now you can enjoy long strolls and malling for hours without complaining that your feet hurts!  Crocs comes in different sizes, colors and designs to choose from.  You can get that casual slippers for your daily use or even a formal pair of shoes for your office wear.  Kids can even enjoy the comfort of Crocs because they also have kids sizes as well.

Books or Novels

Reading is a good habit to practice. Having a book lover friend, relative or loved one is such a blessing. Mostly they are smart and a know it all. What would be the best gift for them? Nothing would excite them even more but be given a new book to read. Just ensure that you would pick out their preferred genre so they could lose themselves into a new world once more. Check out the great reads we found on the list provided below just for you.

  1. Cane River
  2. Casa Rossa
  3. Catch Me If You Can. This bestselling novel is actually based on a true story. This was also shown on the big screen with Leonardo Di Caprio as the lead actor.
  4. Certain Prey
  5. Change of Heart
  6. Chesapeake Blue
  7. Chicken Soup for the Soul. There are many chicken soup for the soul based on the reader’s age and profession. Ensure to get the appropriate book for better appreciation of your receiver.
  8. Children Are From Heaven
  9. Chilled
  10. China Dolls

Movies and TV Shows

Watching a movie is one of the best and easiest way to spend time with family and friends that you can all enjoy at the same time. If you are looking for some movie marathon on the holiday season, gifting some movies to enjoy coupled with some scrumptious snacks would certainly mean a blockbuster gift for sure!

  1. Camp Rock
  2. Captain America
  3. Cat People
  4. Cave of Forgotten Dreams
  5. Chasing Sleep
  6. Cheaper by the Dozen
  7. Christmas Carol – The Movie
  8. Clash of the Titans
  9. Clueless
  10. Confessions of a Shopaholic
  11. Cold Comes the Night
  12. Con Air
  13. Coneheads
  14. Coming to America
  15. Conspiracy Theory
  16. Constantine
  17. Couples Retreat
  18. Coyote Ugly

Gadgets and Nifty Accessories

Technology and gadget do come hand in hand nowadays. People tend to rely on their gadgets in most the activities of daily living. Just like the smartphone, you can’t leave home without it. It feels like you forgot to wear your underwear when you slipped putting your phone inside your bag or pocket. If you have tech savvy giftee that you want to surprise, giving a gadget as a gift would be the best decision that you’ll ever make.

  1. Car Mount Holder
  2. Car Dashboard Pad
  3. Car Speakerphone
  4. Carabiner
  5. Case or Cover for Smartphones
  6. Chameleon Circuit
  7. Charge and Sync Cables
  8. Charms for Phones
  9. Cellphone Light Clip for Selfie
  10. Coach for Posture and Activity Tracker Mom can take a rest now in reminding you to sit up straight and to stand tall because with the help of the Lumo lift posture coach and activity tracker. This nifty accessory can easily track your activities and assess you if you are having the right posture. It’s very easy to use, just clip it near your collar bone and it’s good to go!
  11. Compact LP
  12. Computer
  13. Console for games
  14. Curling Iron
  15. Customizable Headphones
  16. Cypher Computer Glasses

78. Camera Lens Buddy

Taking the best shot is always difficult especially when you are getting a picture of a kid.  Kids are easily distracted and they can easily get angry and upset too.  Well, good thing there’s this camera lens buddy that you can use to your benefit.  You can catch their attention and take that best shot ever while keeping them entertained and focused on your camera.  This camera lens buddy comes in an owl design but there are other characters as well.  This camera lens buddy is made perfect for any camera lens because it is made of an elastic band at the center.

79. Canon Power Shot

Talk about getting the best shot, well if you have a gift for photographic skills then why not enhance them by taking more pictures with this Canon Power Shot.  This would be a great gift to yourself or to someone whom you know would be delighted to practice their photography skills even more.  This Canon Power Shot has a fifty times optical zoom with a built in Wi-Fi which allows you to transfer your great shots instantly to your mobile devices.  This can also capture a 1080 p full video through its movie button.  You can also view your project with its three inch LCD screen.

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