C is for cookies, and carrots, and cats, and cheese. If you are looking for gifts that begin with the letter C, this is your chart (word intended).

If you have not done your gift shopping yet then you need to make it fast and real quick since you would run out of time! Before you know it, you only have hours left and all the items have skyrocketed in their prices. Not to scare you or something but the earlier the better, right? If you want to keep a tight budget for your gifts, you can do so especially if you have a long list of recipients to give.

In line with this, we have listed the top finds that we have found over the web that will not make you fret! These items are good as stocking fillers, basket wonders, or even given as a single token. Check out our great goodies of gifts that begin with the letter C below.

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  7. Catchy Books and Novels
  8. Other Charming Gifts That Begin With The Letter C

Candies, Chocolates, Sweets and Other Treats

C is for candies and chocolates indeed! These sweet man-made treats would certainly give you a sugar rush and instant happiness when ingested. Most of us do have a sweet tooth and this guilty pressure of ours may be taking its toll on our waistline and love handles but what can we do about it?

Since eating is one of the most loved hobbies of all time, we dedicate this list to your foodie friend. What would be the best gift for a friend who has a big appetite? Well, you got it right, that is F-O-O-D! We have listed the top dishes and food varieties that could bring plenty of smiles to your food lover recipient.

Chocolate Gift Basket

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Stress is inevitable and in order to get out of it alive, you need to find some great distractions.  One of my favorites is some scrumptious chocolate!  For the chocolate lovers on your list, check out this bountiful chocolate gift basket.  This chocolate gift basket would be a charming and delicious treat ever!  This chocolate gift basket comes with gourmet chocolate treats which include chocolate bars, cookies, wafer rolls, and more!  This comes with a beautiful basket that can be a keepsake too when all the chocolates are gone.

Cadbury Chocolates

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Cadbury has tons of variety of chocolates like fruit and nuts, with cookies, with candy sprinkles, cashew, or even plain milk and chocolate. These four bars of small Cadbury bars are perfect for the office or during travel. Cadbury is going to be an appreciated gifts that start with C.

Caffarel Assorted Chocolates in Gift Box

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There are two things great about this gift idea, first is that you are gifting scrumptious assorted chocolates and lastly it’s already in a gift box. You already saved time wrapping, it’s all set for gift giving! I also forgot that these are just delicious and anyone can eat these in one sitting if they have a sweet tooth!


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Not all the glitter is gold! Some of them are sweet treats that you can munch and enjoy! The Cup-o-Gold is like Mallomars, where a marshmallow is on top of a cookie then covered with chocolates! Super delicious and a classic treat!

Coffin Creepers

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If you love Halloween then you will love Coffin creepers. This lollipop is shaped like count Dracula in the cutest way possible. Scary and cute! This candy is going to be a perfect edible Halloween decoration or just be given to the trick or treaters!

Cascadian Farms Organic Granola Bars

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If you have a recipient who has a sweet tooth but prefers the healthier alternative then this would be the perfect gift idea for him or her. The Cascadian Farm’s granola bars are made from organic ingredients that can make you feel satisfied without being guilty.

Caveman Dark Chocolate with Almonds and Coconut

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We often see chocolates with almonds or chocolates with coconut but this time you can have both mixes in dark chocolate with the Caveman bar. These dark chocolate energy bars are also paleo, which means it is grain-free. If you know someone who lives a grain-free diet, this is the treat you are looking for.

Charleston Chew

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Charms made of candies. This gift idea is great for kids since they can also let their imagination run wild before eating their candies. These strawberry chewy bars are just delish.

Choco Rocks

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They come in different sizes and colors to choose from. You can also add some touch of ingenuity by adding some candy-shaped plants or mix it with chocolate powder then put it in a pot-like container to make it look like you have given a plant. What makes your plant special is that it’s made of yummy candies, of course!

Coffee Candies

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For the coffee lover who needs to taper one’s dose of coffee, better give them in sweet candy versions to satisfy the coffee cravings whenever a cup of piping hot coffee is not possible. This is going to be a great gift for coffee addicts (like me).

Cheery Gadgets and Nifty Accessories That Begin With C

Technology and gadget do come hand in hand nowadays. People tend to rely on their gadgets in most of the activities of daily living. Just like the smartphone, you can’t leave home without it. It feels like you forgot to wear your underwear when you slipped putting your phone inside your bag or pocket. If you have a tech-savvy giftee that you want to surprise, giving gadgets as gifts the begin with C would be the best decision that you’ll ever make.

Camera Lens Buddy

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Taking the best shot is always difficult especially when you are getting a picture of a kid.  Kids are easily distracted and they can easily get angry and upset too.  Well, good thing there’s this camera lens buddy that you can use to your benefit.  You can catch their attention and take that best shot ever while keeping them entertained and focused on your camera.  This camera lens buddy comes in an owl design but there are other characters as well.  This camera lens buddy is made perfect for any camera lens because it is made of an elastic band at the center.

Canon Powershot

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Talk about getting the best shot, well if you have a gift for photographic skills then why not enhance them by taking more pictures with this Canon Power Shot.  This would be a great gift to yourself or to someone whom you know would be delighted to practice their photography skills even more.  This Canon Power Shot has a fifty times optical zoom with a built-in Wi-Fi which allows you to transfer your great shots instantly to your mobile devices.  This can also capture a 1080 p full video through its movie button.  You can also view your project with its three-inch LCD screen.

Cordless Scrubber

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Make cleaning a breeze and worry-free duty for your home buddy recipient.  This cordless household gadget is perfect for multiple cleaning tasks at home.  This handheld power scrubber is a cordless household gadget that comes with a scouring pad and four brushes that can remove even the nastiest dirt and stains at home.  You can use it also to care for your car seat, shoes, bags, or other leather items.  This is a lightweight gadget that is waterproof as well.

Crab Multitool

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Super cute and super functional! This crab multi-tool combines a few different tools a man or a woman needs in the household: bottle opener, Mini scissors, Lanyard Holes, Can Opener, Mini knife, Rope saw, Punch, Small Flat Head, and a 3/16 flat head screwdriver. This is small enough to hand over a keychain or a backpack’s zipper. Perfect camping gift idea!

Camping Lantern

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If you have someone who loves camping and you need a set of gift ideas that begin with C, then this is going to be perfect! Camping lanterns are super valuable to those who love to camp, but sometimes, they can become bulky. The solution? This camping lantern collapses into a small disc, with can be tethered onto a camping bag. This is also very lightweight and is solar-powered. Just bring it and forget you are even carrying it!

Camping Chainsaw (That Fits In Your Pocket)

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Chainsaws are very useful when cutting wood! They are not portable though. The solution would be this camping chainsaw that fits in your pocket! This is going to be great for bonfire nights when sticks and logs are hard to come by in the forest. Just pick a tree and start cutting off the branches for that romantic night looking at the fire! marshmallows not included.

Carrot Ballpen Recorder

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If you have ever watched Zootopia, you have seen Judy’s trusty little carrot pen with a recorder function. This saved lives capturing what evil animals had to say and reporting them. Want a carrot recorder for yourself? Then this is the item you are looking for! Just like the cool pen in Zootopia, this carrot pen also has a recorder you can playback! Perfect for Zootopia fans or just those who like to collect unique office and school stuff.

Car Cleaning Gloop

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Few things are harder to clean than car upholstery spills: dust, stones, pieces of rice, and *gasp* glitter. You cannot pick up those by hand! The solution would be a vacuum cleaner. That and this super awesome car cleaning gel. This picks up everything your hand cannot, including the particles I mentioned earlier. You can reuse this multiple times. Just wash it in running water. What’s even more fun is it comes in super squishy form, so it can even double as a stress ball, keeping stress at bay whenever someone cuts you off in the road.

Clothes and Accessories That Begin With C

C is for clothes! Clothes are a great idea because they will always remember you whenever they wear the shirt, pants or even hats that you chose for them. Accessories go with the idea, so if you are not comfortable buying clothes for them (because of sizing difficulties) then accessories, such as jewelry or watches are a nice alternative.

If you want to give wearables as a gift that starts with C, then here are some ideas. This batch includes both clothing and accessories.


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Walking, strolling or malling can be fun but a big pain in the feet when you are wearing uncomfortable shoes or slippers.  Thank God for Crocs, because now you can enjoy long strolls and malling for hours without complaining that your feet hurt!  Crocs come in different sizes, colors, and designs to choose from.  You can get that casual slippers for your daily use or even a formal pair of shoes for your office wear.  Kids can even enjoy the comfort of Crocs because they also have kids’ sizes as well.

Camouflage Apron

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There are quite a few things that are manly: wrestling with lions, fighting to the death, hunting bears, fishing for trout, and grilling meat in the barbecue grill. Why spoil the manliness of grilling with wearing lady outfits like frilly aprons? This uber-masculine camouflage apron is one surefire way to not lose machismo while cooking in the garden. Oh look! The barbecue is cooking sausages by itself!

Cheeseburger Cat in Space Shirt

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C is for cheeseburger… c is for cats too. Put them together and here is a cat riding a cheeseburger in outer space! This super cute, super colorful, and super geeky shirt will sure melt the hearts of both cat lovers and non-cat lovers alike! This black shirt is going to look awesome in men, women, or children! This is a great space-themed gift idea, as well as a great gift that starts with C.

Letter C Necklace

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When it comes to jewelry that starts with C, a piece of alphabet jewelry is going to be on the top of the list. This letter C necklace is in cursive, giving it a nice feminine look. This is nice for a lady’s birthday, as a push present or as gifts for the bridesmaids.

Citrine Necklace

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Citrine is one precious gemstone. It is also the birthstone of November. Citrine jewelry is a nice “C” gift idea for those who are born in November or just because you do not want to give a letter necklace. This little handmade citrine necklace looks super polished in its square and shiny form. Super cute and super dainty, and also superb if they like yellow.

Chainmail Necktie

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Got a medieval geek who goes into the office? How about an RPG player that regularly goes into conferences and formal meetings? A chainmail necktie could be a useful and geeky gift you can ever gift them. This necktie is not ordinary: it is not made of cloth but made of chains, like the ones that armored the knights and warriors of the old medieval times! This chainmail tie offers +20 protection, +10 vitality, -5 dexterity. The last sentence is true, I equipped this a few times until I found a neck tie made of dragonbone.

Chicken Head Mask

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This chicken head mask can be a source of laughter and even an unnerving aura between friends. Chicken head masks can cutely hide your identity whenever you step online streaming or just for a photo-op. This also makes a funny display atop the bedroom drawer.

Crocodile Pajama

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Who would have thought that crocodiles can be so cute? This crocodile pajama (also known as Kigurumi) is a nice gift idea for children with names that start with the letter C. This pajama doubles as a costume, so you can save money on Halloween costumes, too! This particular crocodile pajama is for children, but adults do not need to worry because there are ones manufactured for men and women too!

Charming Toys for the Children

If the recipient of your “C” gift is a child, then you can also take a look at these toys and play stuff that begin with the letter C.

Crystal Making Set

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This crystal growing kit has seven different experiments in growing crystals plus display cases for each finished experiment! This is a wonderful gift idea for kids who are interested in geology, jewelry making, or even those who just like to make something with their hands! This set comes with instructions, but it would be more fun if an adult can supervise and interact with the kids. This toy kit will make children love science more!

Chutes and Ladders

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A variation of Snakes and Ladders, chutes, and ladders help children stop being afraid of snakes by substituting them with slides in this game. This game also stops making use of dice but instead uses a small roulette to determine the steps in each turn. Fun without words that will help small children develop skills at counting, number recognition, and color identificaton!

Cheese Plush Toy

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Children who love cheese (such as my baby boy) will appreciate being gifted with this cheese plush. This cheese plush is super cute with its tiny, smiling face and large triangular body. I bet your little cheese monster will hug and squish and sleep while holding it.

Cranium Word Game

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If you want to shape a child’s talents and skills, the Cranium Word Game is the board game you want to choose. Players team up to cruise around the board completing activities in 4 color-coded categories: Creative Cat, Data Head, Star Performer, and Word Worm. This game is fun at slumber parties, children’s birthdays, or just whenever the cousins are around.

Count Dracula Plush

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Sesame Street has taught millions how to read, write, sing and dance! If you want to cement a child’s love for the educational TV show, you should get them this Count Dracula plush! This plush looks so much like the funny character. This toy that begins with the letter C is… one! One exceptional gift! Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah!

Crayons (That Are Egg-Shaped)

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If you have a preschooler who has not yet developed a fine motor skill of gripping pens and papers, you can get them this palm grip, egg-shaped crayon set! They can still have so much fun coloring and drawing stuff on a piece of paper without difficulty!

Castle Tent

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How to help bring the children outdoors and play under the sun? Aside from swimming pools and plastic slides, you can also get a pretend tent set! This Castle tent will get them to play knight and princess just like in the storybooks. This set also comes in with a sword and shield, so what’s only left is a princess crown and a dragon costume for dogs.

Cactus Dancing Decor

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So cute! This dancing cactus toy mimics the ending scene of Guardians of the Galaxy where Baby Groot dances in its little pot. This cactus sings and dances and a little child can do the same, encouraging the development of singing and dancing skills. Perfect gift for those who like cute stuff.

Cute Kitchen and Dining Gift Ideas The Begin With the Letter C

If the giftee is someone who likes to cook or bake or just loves cute kitchen stuff, then you should look into these super nice ideas! From the kitchen counter to the dining table, there is always something to give that looks superb.

Cherry Measuring Spoons

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So cute! These cherry measuring spoons are just what a baker needs in their kitchen! These measuring cherry spoons come in four sizes, plus an egg separator in the form of the leaf. This is the perfect gift for bakers because they tend to use measuring cups and use eggwhites in their crafts. Super cute when hanging on the kitchen counter wall

Cotton Candy Maker

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Do you remember the good old days when mom and dad would take us to the carnival and we would buy cotton candy and the cotton candy guy would make the treat right in front of us? This cotton candy maker is the nearest that comes, in the compact, at-home form! This even comes in a form that mimics the cotton candy cart that we find in fares, so this is super cute. This is a perfect bonding experience with the kids. nostalgia!

Cheese Board Set

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Nothing screams “rich!” other than serving your guests afternoon or evening snacks in a charcuterie board. The cheese, meat, nuts, and dried fruit come so perfectly with wine and crackers. This charcuterie board set has everything you need: an expanding board and cheese knives that give that sophisticated look. This is perfect for both those who love cheese and those who would die for snacks.

Camera Lens Coffee Mug

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If you have someone who loves both coffee and photography, then this gift would be perfect for them! This camera lens coffee mug is quite deceptive. It looks like an ordinary camera lens, the one you would use for professional photography but it is a mini portable thermos, which can hold your coffee and keep it warm too! This is perfect for those who work in photography in the early mornings and late evenings, for that special caffeine boost.

Cat Oven Mitts

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Meow! These cat oven mitts are just perfect for those who love to cook in the kitchen and love cats. These cat mitts are made of 100% cotton, so they do not burn while you hold red hot cookie trays or cake pans. This is the purrfect gift idea that brings together cuteness and functionality!

Cow Sponge Holder

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There comes a “moo”-ment when you think your kitchen sink just looks plain and boring. The solution? Changing the “moo”-st stuff like the sponge holder! This cow sponge holder adds cute to your kitchen without too much space! This also makes the “moo”-notonous task of washing plates an exciting one, for sure!

Cake Recipe Cookbook

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Cake! Everybody loves cake and everybody loves people who make delicious cakes! Want someone to love you? Make them one of the most whimsical and delicious cakes found in this cookbook! Okay, so it is not guaranteed you will find love if you make a cake, but at least there is a delicious confection that will get you through heartache if you don’t!

Colorful Gifts for the Home and Garden

One of the biggest giftable items is decorations. Decor for the home, bedroom, and garden are appreciated by everyone. There are lots of cute, funny, and cool items that start with the letter C, and here are some of my picks.

Choose Joy Wire Wall Art

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If you like optimist and quote wall arts, then this simple reminder for us to choose what makes us happy and ignore all others. This wall art looks super elegant and will be perfect in plain white walls. This will look good on the living wall, kitchen, or bedroom wall.

Cherry Blossom Scented Candle

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One of the biggest attractions of Japan is the cherry blossoms that bear beautiful pink and fragrant leaves. The scent is easily one of the biggest things you can take home, via these cherry blossom candles. Light up and it easily takes you to the land of the rising sun! These are also perfect gifts for Japanese people who are missing home. Apple Hill Candle Co. is known for their super nice smelling candles and their sakura scented candles will never let you down!

Camel Jewelry Box Statue

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Camels are one of the most majestic animals there is. They are so resilient and cute, that many people love them! If you know a camel lover, then this jewelry box is a perfect “C” gift! This would be a perfect decoration on a vanity table or a nightstand. Aside from the box in its humps, you can also adorn its neck with your necklaces and bracelets! Superb gift for jewelry lovers, too!

Cactus Trinket Holder

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Another jewelry holder on this list is this cactus trinket holder! This is perfect for those who love and take care of a succulent garden! This would look good inside the bedroom across the vanity, but you can also place this on the side table in the living room because you can use this to hold coins and keys! This creative little cactus can even hold candies!

Cloud Magnet Key Hanger

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If you are like me that loses his house keys almost every day, then you might want to get yourself this amazing cloud key hanger. It does not have pegs, but it is magnetic, so you can hang your keys in style. with keys, it looks like the cloud is raining! You can also hang different stuff like scissors, paperclips or IDs, making this a universal office gift! Amazing little gizmo this is.

Cat Garden Solar Light

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The garden is a beauty, but is quite hard to navigate in the evening! The solution? SOlar garden lights. An even better solution? This cat-shaped solar garden light! This looks amazing at night and at the daytime, it absorbs power from the sun so it does not need any electricity when night comes. Perfect for those who have long, dark garden corridors or just on the patio.

Catchy Books or Novels

Reading is a good habit to practice. Having a book lover friend, relative, or loved one is such a blessing. Mostly they are smart and a know it. What would be the best gift for them? Nothing would excite them even more but be given a new book to read. Just ensure that you would pick out their preferred genre so they could lose themselves in a new world once more. Check out the great reads we found on the list provided below just for you.

Catch Me If You Can

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This bestselling novel is actually based on a true story. This was also shown on the big screen with Leonardo Di Caprio as the lead actor. This novel is one of the best gift ideas that begin with the letter C for non-fiction book lovers!

Chicken Soup for the Soul

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There are many chicken soup for the soul based on the reader’s age and profession. Ensure to get the appropriate book for better appreciation of your receiver.

C is for Corpse

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Sue Grafton’s alphabet series of novels. If you are following this series of gift ideas, Sue’s novels are always in it. This novel, C is for Corpse tells the story of the corpse of Bobby Callahan. This mystery and drama is going to grab you and prevent your from getting enough sleep.

Other Curious Gifts That Begin With the Letter C

Looking for more eh? Here are some letter C gifts that do not fit somewhere else in this list!

Crayola Hand Sanitizer

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This is totally rad! A hand sanitizer that looks like a crayon from a crayon company! This colorful hand sanitizer from Crayola is a super fun way to help kids sanitize their hands frequently. We know children touch a lot of things, whether, at home, school, or at play, and this is the perfect way to teach them about hand hygiene. Plus, they look super fun!

Cactus Dog Toy

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This is the dog toy that went viral! This dog toy understands dogs so much that they added a second, sad cactus inside the happy little cactus! This also saves money because once your pooch destroys its toy, you do not have to buy a second one!

Cinnamon Bath Bombs

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This DIY gift idea turns the very fragrant cinnamon into a bath bomb! Bath bombs are small soap balls that explode into a nice soft bubble when dropped in the bathtub. To make your own cinnamon bath bombs for gifting, just follow the instructions at Youtube. This is a very affordable DIY item and it also begins with the letter C!

Cinnamon Soap

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If you do not have the time to make DIY cinnamon bath bomb, then you can just grab this super fragrant cinnamon soap! The smell of cinnamon is said to relax and calm the mind, so this soap can be perfect for those who are always tense or just about anybody who likes to relax in the bath.

Calamity Jane Citrus Soap

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Another soap on this list! Choose your “C” gift here: Calamity Jane Soap or Citrus Soap! Both are the same item and it smells glorious! Citrus also relaxes the mind and the body, plus the smell of citrus is known to remove the smell of just about anything stinky.

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