Birthdays are special and probably the biggest day in our lives every year, and this is probably our parents’ fault for making us think this way. From childhood, it has been ingrained in us by our family members that birthdays are to be celebrated, gifts are always something to look forward to and we can eat whatever we want because “it’s our day.”

Unfortunately, we grow older, grow a little jaded, and loses the same innocent anticipation as when we are a kid, but that doesn’t mean that we stop hoping for a rocking birthday celebration. In fact, we look for more than the party, the gifts, and the food, because we want a more meaningful celebration.

Look: We redid a each birthstone for each month for an even higher examples of gift ideas!

If you are looking for meaning, then perhaps, you can check out your birthstone as it can give you some sort of an overview about your personality depending on the month of your birthday and it would also be able to help you choose a gift for someone you love, who is celebrating their birthdays, since you can put meaning behind every gift that you would be choosing for them.

So if you are at a lost with regards to gift-giving and we usually are, no need to be frustrated because all you need to know are the birthstone of the celebrant, the meaning behind it, and the gifts you can give with it. Here are some birthstone gift ideas you can consider!


January: Garnet

Garnet: It is said that this stone is mined in a rainbow of colors, but is mostly associated with the red-colored crystals, and is meant to be the symbol of fidelity, light-heartedness, and promotes peace.

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Garnet Bracelet

Birthstone Jewelry!

A simple gift but a thoughtful one, since it’s a beautiful garnet beads that the birthday celebrant can every day, and even the water would not hurt them so much, so it can take up a permanent residence around their hands.

That would be a good reminder to them of you!

Garnet-colored necktie

Birthstone Gift Ideas for Men

If you are going to give a gift to a guy then this specific gift is totally for him, but instead of choosing just any red thing, get this garnet-colored necktie!

He can wear it for work or for any occasion, really, as it speaks of elegance and of course, confidence in wearing clothing article with a bright color.

Garnet Stone for a Ring

A Very Nice Birthstone Ring for the Ladies

Rings are such simple gifts that hold so much meaning and weight. So be careful with giving out this one, but if you are giving it to a partner, this is a very beautiful promise ring!

It would look so elegant on anyone’s finger.


January birthstone gift ideas - garnetHeart-Shaped Garnet Pendant For A Necklace

A Nice Garnet Necklace Gift Idea for a January Birthday

Necklaces make anyone look so refined and lovely, so why don’t you give someone this vintage-looking necklace to show them your love and make them look absolutely stunning with this around their necks and close to their hearts.

February: Amethyst

Amethyst: This is probably one of the most popular birthstone dating back to the Ancient Greece where it is regarded as the stone of protection from inner confusion and anxiety. Today, it is a symbol of knowledge and nobility.

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Antique Pewter Finish Enchanted Amethyst Candle Lantern

A Unisex Amethyst Themed Gift Idea for February Birthdays!

You can never go wrong with antique since the classic beauty would take anyone’s breath away and the wrapped around amethysts tones make this candle lantern truly unique for anyone’s home.

Amethyst Gemstone Tree

Amethyst Birthstone Gift Ideas for a Friend!

Another home décor that would surely brighten anyone’s day is the Amethyst gemstone tree that has a light purple quartz base so it is very steady and does not fall off easily.

It can even be placed on an office desk because it can make any place a little more blooming.

amethyst birthstone gift ideasAmethyst-Colored Long Sleeve Pajama Set

A Comfy Amethyst Gift for a Woman!

Comfort is still the number one priority and at the end of the day, we all would just like to crawl inside the blanket and snuggle on our warm bed wearing our pajamas.

So why don’t you give someone an Amethyst-colored pajama set for their birthday?

Tree of Life Pendant with Amethyst Stones

A Nice Amethyst Wire Necklace. Very Beautiful!

There are a lot of necklaces in the market but this Tree of Life pendant is truly a work of art because it can make any outfit look so elegant and edgy with a vintage feel, while the Amethyst stones make it look extra majestic.

March:  Aquamarine

Aquamarine: The color of the ocean, it is very calming for the eyes, and thus regarded as the symbol of fortune, good memories, and hope for the fulfillment of dreams.

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Large Dragon Star Crescent Time Gem Dangle Pendant

Unisex Aquamarine Necklace as Birthstone Gift

This unisex necklace has an oriental feel and the dragon printed above the aquamarine pendant makes it more edgy, as if the wearer is someone who likes to take a challenge.

Plus, dragons are considered a bringer of good fortune for the Chinese.

Unisex Slim Fit Tee

Yay! A unisex slim fit tee with the warm aquamarine hue for its color so you might want to get your hands on this one real quick, because it’s perfect for any type of weather!

“Frozen” Teardrop Pendant Necklace

Cute Aquamarine Drop necklace for the Ladies

Frozen is a beautiful and touching Disney movie and nobody is going to forget Let it Go real soon and this looks like a jewelry that came out of that world! The teardrop style makes it look totally elegant and princess-like.

Aquamarine and Sapphire Trilogy Ring

A Beautiful Promise Ring Made Out of Aquamarine

Can’t resist putting a Ring gift suggestion here, because rings with Aquamarine stone is just so stunning and the light and “fragile” blue of this birthstone is breathtaking.

April: Diamond

Diamond: The most highly regarded stone for humanity because it’s rare and has the glimmer than cannot be compared with any other. Diamonds are an indication of high status, but also a symbol of strength and endurance.

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Diamond Headband Tiara

Only for Princesses!

We put so much time fixing our hairs every day before we go outside, so help out someone with this glamorous headband tiara double strip and make someone you love turn into a princess effortlessly.

Shiny Diamonds Stones Pearls Hanging Necklace Bath Décor

Beat the Arabian luxury decors with this glimmering curtain set! Like taking a bath is our way of relaxing after a long day from work so it’s only right to give someone this kind of gift.

1/3 Carat Round Diamond Solitaire Pendant

A Beautiful Diamond Necklace as Birthstone Gift Ideas for April

Diamonds make the greatest necklace pendant and this design is a mix of the classic design and trendy ones, so grab a hold of it, and give it to someone who you think is as beautiful as that shiny diamond pendant.

May: Emerald

Emerald: Considered as the rarest gemstone that can only be mined in South America, emeralds have a vivid green color of the Spring and symbolizes rebirth, fidelity, and insight.

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Love Heart Necklace

A Gorgeous Emerald Necklace!

Since emerald is the birthstone for fidelity then it is only right to give someone this heart-shaped necklace with emerald stone to make it shine brightly.

Give it to someone really precious to you as emeralds don’t come that easily.

Drop Dangle Earrings

A Beautiful Set of Dangling Emerald to Match the Stunning Necklace Above

Earrings make anyone look more brighter and their features defined and a drop dangle earrings with emerald stones would make anyone look red carpet-ready!

Solid Grosgrain Ribbon

Artsy Emerald Themed Gift Idea

Make it art-sy and opt for this simple gift as the emerald ribbon can be used for anything, really, but mostly in decorations and even hair styling.

Emerald Solitaire Ring

A Beautiful Birthday Gemstone Gift for May Celebrants

Vintage-y feel plus emerald stone? Perfect combination so don’t let this solitaire ring go by and just take it, because you loved ones deserve something as beautiful and bright as this Ring and it even look like something an ancient noble Chinese woman would wear.

June: Pearl

Pearl: Always part of almost all of the history books because of its natural beauty, Pearls are the gift of the ocean for us and symbolizes the purity of heart.

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Long Chain Snowflake Necklace

It looks beautiful and at the same time, fragile. This long chain snowflake-shaped necklace would look absolutely pretty around anyone’s neck.

Holiday Wreath Ornament

Christmas is always just around the corner so you can really get this holiday wreath ornament because those pearl designs look so cool and immediately brightens any place.

Beaded Pearl Evening Clutch

A Beautiful Pearl Gift for June Birthday Celebrants

A perfect match with the snowflake necklace is this beaded pearl evening clutch and anyone would look regal.

Cufflinks Round Stud Set Tuxedo

Cufflinks make men look really handsome so you might want to keep that in mind when getting a gift for someone with Pearl birthstone, as this cufflink is made from Pearl abalone shell and looks to die for!

July: Ruby

Ruby: One of the most highly sought gems, Rubies are known for its fiery red hue and is a symbol of passion, love, and great fortune.

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Heart Cluster Ruby Pendant

A Cool Sweet necklace Birthstone Gift Ideas for Women

The fiery red of ruby stone is burning hot when set dead center of tiny diamond stones and this necklace is everything a girl could eve ask for her birthday!

Photo Frame with Ruby Designs

Keep memories safe and print out those precious moments and then give someone this beautiful photo frame so that they can proudly display a happy moment in their homes or office.

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August: Peridot

Peridot: It has a beautiful lime green color that can easily cause calmness, Peridot is considered as a powerful love talisman amulet, especially in the past, so it can also mean influential or a born leader.

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Peridot Money Tree Bonsai

A Nice Decorative Peridot Birthstone Gift!

Maybe you are not Chinese and don’t believe in Feng Sui, but there is no harm in wishing someone a good fortune especially financially since money is a universal problem we all want to solve.

This makes a great gift for either male or female recipients!

Peridot Vial Pendant

A Cool Peridot Necklace Gift for Guys!

This is advertised as the vial for happiness and we all want our loved ones to be perfectly content with their lives, so wish someone a happy birthday with this peridot vial-pendant necklace.

This is perfect for male recipients!

Peridot Cluster Ring

Seriously any stone when set on a ring, it totally glows and calls like a siren. The Lime Green color of Peridot is warm to the eyes and can bring inner peace to its wearer.

September: Sapphire

Sapphire: Blue is probably the most favorite color of humanity and Sapphire amazes humans because of the pureness and richness, thus it is a symbol of loyalty, trust, love, and protection for the love ones.

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Black Gold Filled with Sapphire Stone Ring

What a Gorgeous Piece of Jewelry!

Black always looks extremely beautiful and sexy, but when you placed a sapphire stone in the center of the black makes it look so nice and glowing so brightly. It would be a great gift for anyone because of its timeless yet trendy beauty.

Blue Sapphire Star Tabletop Lantern

Home décor with this blue sapphire star tabletop lantern? Yes, please! You would be able to enjoy eating with family with his eye-catchy design or just place it in the living room area for visitors to look at while you’re getting food for them to eat.

Sapphire Fashion Jewelry Set

Sapphire jewelries are undoubtedly awesome, no more questions asked, so just buy a set instead of just choosing one jewelry type. The combination of the earrings and necklace is deadly gorgeous.

Sapphire Birth Stone Gift Mug

Mugs are coffee and late night binge drinking of hot chocolate and this mug would be an immediate favorite of anyone.

October: Opal

Opal: This is one of the most beautiful birthstones as it contains the colors of the rainbow color because of the contrasting color play and the background. Thus, it is a symbol of happiness, spontaneity, and confidence despite the difference.

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Opal Stone Ring Jet on Jet Black

Similar to the ring in the Sapphire list, this is also set against the jet black surrounding and then the opal stone, which gives off so much color under different lighting, is the perfect gift, because it feels like giving a star to someone.

Silver Hoop Studs

Opal stones for an earring? There is nothing more perfect than that, because every movement that you would make would make it sparkle endlessly as if you are giving off rainbow lights.

Marble iPhone Case

A Cool Non-Jewelry Birthstone Gift Ideas for October Celebrants

We are protective of our mobile phones because they cost a lot and they have all of our important pictures and personal information. So give someone a marble iPhone Case designed with Opal colors.

November: Topaz

Topaz: Almost brownish-gold in color, Topaz is considered as the symbol of healing, good health, sagacity, and long-lasting friendship.

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Topaz Snow Boot

Practical Topaz Gift Idea

Everyone loves Christmas but the winter that it also brings can be annoying especially if you live in a place that undergoes sub-zero, so keep someone extra warm for the winter days and give them a Topaz Snow boot, since it looks awesome while being fully functional.

Crystal Topaz Bee Pin Brooch

Brooch can make anything look elegant. Just wear a plain tee, add a brooch, you are good to go and really fashionable-looking. So give someone a Topaz-colored crystal pin brooch to help with his or her fashion statement.

Smokey Topaz and Gold Crystal Bracelet

Wrap this smoking hot bracelet around someone’s wrist today and help someone achieve effortless beauty.

December: Turquoise

Turquoise: This is considered as a love ornament and is believed to keep bad luck away from marriage. However, it is also a symbol of gentles and humility in success.

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Turquoise Colored Throw Pillow Covers

A Very Cool Looking Pillow for a Homemaker

Because we all want to snuggle on a beautiful pillow after a long day out, so give someone this smooth turquoise-colored throw pillow covers for their birthday.

Turquoise Drop Dangle Earrings

This one looks so tribal which means that it’s going to look so unique and awesome when worn in the city, plus it puts a edge to the wearer clothing.



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