Black gifts us onyx, coals (to be given to naughty children), blackberries, ravens, and Harambe (RIP). Many people like black and would appreciate black gifts!

Black is a popular color, especially in retail. In color psychology, black’s color meaning is symbolic of mystery, power, elegance, and sophistication. Black is also a definite color. It is the color of borders, and of authority. Though we have many negative associations with black, yet many people find it very intriguing and unambiguous.

When given as a choice of color for a gift in design it can be dramatic and helps create a feeling of certainty. Most of all, it can be paired with any hues and shade. Check out this list of cool black gifts for your cool loved ones.

  1. Black Candies and Sweets
  2. Electronics and Gadgets in Black
  3. Games and Play Stuffs for Kids that are Black-Themed
  4. Black-Colored Home and Kitchen Gizmos and Decors
  5. Black-Colored Clothes and Accessories
  6. Black-Themed Office and Work Stuff
  7. Other Black Gifts

Black Candies and Sweets

Candies are popular gift items for any special occasion.  It just adds up to the sweet celebration of important people in their lives.  Giving them a sweet treat will not only add sugar but will surely spice up their special day as these unique candy treats in black color are just awesome and wonderful. Here are the recommendations.

Bags of Coal Palmer Double Crisp Chocolaty Candy

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This 3.4 oz. bags of Coal Palmer Double Crisp Chocolaty Candy that comes in a pack of 2’s is just a fun and naughty gift to give. Being naughty never tasted so nice. These naughty lumps of “coal” are delicious and the perfect gift for all those “naughty’ friends and family on your list.

Edible Anus

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Looking for a gag gift to give? Then this box of six anus-shaped chocolates is the perfect fit.  Give your family and friends the awesome tongue-in-cheek gift.  This is made of pure milk chocolate (suitable for vegetarians) and may contain traces of nuts.  The best part is they will be laughing the night out eating these tasty “anuses”.

Lump O' Coal Gum

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This is a funny pack of gum disguised as a lump of coal.  This 1 oz tin can have about 18 pieces of black-colored gums. An incredibly fun “lump of coal” naughty gum for a stocking or just to give for fun to loved ones young and old.

Instantly Control Your Husband Mints

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These funny breath mints inspire joy as this will have everyone laughing.  Great gift for girlfriends and boyfriends.  Aside from this witty candy name, these wintergreen mints counter bad breath and is best after a sumptuous meal.  These hilarious mints will come in handy when someone needs a smile. Tin contains approximately 165 tabs of mint therapy.

Black Electronics and Gadgets

Electronic gadget as black gifts is such a joy to receive especially if you are the techy ones.  Below is an interesting list of black colored themed gifts in the gadgets and electronics categories.  Choose the ones that perfectly fit your loved one’s personality and taste.  Enjoy!

Rabbit Whiskey and Beverage Jumbo Chilling Stones Set

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This set of two chilling stones is just a cool gift to give for wine and liquor lovers. These stones are made up of stainless steel instead of ice, so the cubes will never ever melt and dilute the strength and flavor of a whiskey or scotch. Thus, if you have warm liquor, it is not a problem. These whiskey rocks go straight from freezer to glass, chilling a beverage in seconds. Only one stone is needed to chill your drink, leaving the second to share with a drinking buddy. Isn’t it cool and chill?

Finger Flashlights

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This awesome and practical finger flashlights glove is one pretty useful gift for dads who loves fishing, working on cars and other electrical works.  Best assistant for the DIY guys and even gals. The flashlight is built in the gloves with 2 led lights on the index finger and thumb and could point to anywhere you want (just like spiderman giving out his web) and bright enough to make a light for you.

Sleep Headphones

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This cool and sleek 3D eye mask for sleeping is the perfect sleeping companion.  While sleeping it gets you to lose yourself in the music.  You can listen for up to ten hours playing and blocks light to make your sleep better.  A great tech gift for an awesome and techy loved one.

Sport Car Shape Mouse

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This cool car USB optical mouse is one sleek gift to give.  It has 7 color breathing LED headlight which will turn on when it is working. A cool and fun mouse to work with.  Suitable for children or car enthusiasts.  The best part is that it can also be used as a toy car when not in use.

Airpods Case

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This 3D cute cartoon bulldog design Airpod case with a protective shell box will make your Apple Airpods look different, fashionable, and cool. This shockproof and wireless case is made from a soft silicone bumper that will provide multifaceted protection.  A great gift collection item for dog lovers and techy friends and family.

Black Games and Play Stuffs for Kids

Toys and play stuff for kids are great gift items for special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, graduation, and Easter.  These are memorable stuff that will make any celebration happier and more enjoyable.  Toys will always be for kids and toys which are unique and funny will always make a mark on that special person.  Check out this black-themed list of games and play stuff for kids below for more interesting choices.

Electric Shocking Pen

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Stun your friends and family with this hilarious shock pen.  This funny shock pen by Laughing Smith lets you trick your victims by delivering an electric shock when they will use it.  Watch them scream in shock as they pick up your realistic-looking pen and receive a serious jolt.  Great for teens and kids alike.

Novelty Squeeze Pooter Fart Machine

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This fart prank toy is one hilarious toy to give to the clown in the family.  This can be used to play sneaky pranks and use this black small tooter fart machine.  This is an interesting toy and a must-have artifact for funny people to use.

LED Flashing Gloves for Kids

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Want a cool and different gift to give to kids?  This box-packed pair of gloves is the ideal kid gift for special celebrations.  Kids love all things that light up and these colorful gloves will help kids put on an amazing light show for friends and family.  This can also be used as light when the need arises. Plus, it looks cool and awesome.

Funny Dumbbell Shaped Baby Rattle

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This is a fun, functional, and hilarious toy that will deliver laughs as the little one shows off his or her bench-pressing body-builder skills. Buff Baby makes entertaining visuals but is also an exciting toy for babies 3+ months old.  It comes in a unique design and the little one’s curiosity will be piqued by the gentle rattle sound and natural handgrip.  Great gift idea for baby showers, Christening, and birthdays.

Build-on Brick Mug

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This is not only a fun coffee cup but is also a creative gift not only for children but to friends and family on special occasions. This novelty mug can be compatible with Lego and more Lego building blocks can be used to build your own water cup by combining airplanes, rockets, cars, robots.  Cool, isn’t it?

Novelty Mobile Joke Phone

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This is a toy made of plastic and can be used as a fake shocking phone for pranks and just for fun. A great gift to give to outgoing and funny personalities. This joke phone includes a flashlight, lighting, and of course shocking.

Black Gifts for the Home and Kitchen

Thinking about useful yet creative and delightful gifts for a special person? Then the home and kitchen things are the most appropriate of it all.  Home and Kitchen gizmos and decors are wonderful and delightful to every home.  Check out this list of elegant gift items in black theme to give as gifts to your most wonderful people.

3D Skull Ice Mold

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This fun skull ice mold is the perfect gift for whiskey drinkers as this will make drinks look cool and exciting.  These are long-lasting ice cubes for any kind of beverage and drink. Great for house parties, home bars, restaurants, and beach outings. Also suitable for homemade chocolates, soaps, candles, cake pops, as well as resin art.

The ice is white, though.

Bicycle Pizza Cutter

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A cool bicycle gadget should be your best gift choice for cycling enthusiasts such as your dad, boyfriend, or any male and female friends for that matter.  This pizza cutter will also look cute on kids’ birthday parties or pizza parties. Get this gift now and make someone happy as they open their wonderful surprise.

Funny Coasters

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These cool and funny coasters have six well-designed hilarious phrases that will give you and your loved ones a kick to smile about.  Best gift to give to couples and wives who love to host dinner.  These coasters are made of a smooth and ceramic finish that allows even the toughest cups to stay put.  You wouldn’t want to make any more messes, do you?

Funny Wine Stopper

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This funny black wine stopper is the perfect gizmos for parties and even for gifts. It’s a funny conversation piece for the whole gang.  This perfectly fits general wine bottles.  This unique wine bottle stopper provides an air-tight seal to prolong and preserve opened bottles of wine.  Great for wine lovers too.

Wine Condoms Stoppers

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This is one great novelty and gag gift for anyone who is up for a laugh trip.  These wine stoppers make the perfect gift paired with a bottle of wine or just these stoppers. This is an ideal gag gift for a friend that cannot quite loosen up. His or her reactions will definitely be funny but very functional as well.

True Lucky Lab Tabletop Wine Bottle Holder

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This adorable wine decor designed as a cute Labrador puppy bottle holder is one creative gift that you can give to both dog and wine lovers. Whether your special love one collects animal figurines or just appreciates a good dog, this black lab is ready to be their next favorite wine accessory.

Mama Shark Tumbler

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This is a one funny and cute birthday gift for new moms, best moms, and mom friends who are also wine and coffee lovers. The exquisite shape of the stemless wine tumbler fits comfortably in your hand. A generous 12 oz capacity is perfect for wine, whiskey, tequila, coffee, juice, or tea and can be used indoor or outdoor. Perfect for traveling as well.

Black-Colored Clothes and Accessories

Anything fashionable is always the best gift option.  From clothes to bags to jewelry, one can never go wrong giving this as black gifts.  Below are amusing and waggish black-themed clothes and accessories that are still chic and trendy when worn at a perfect time.  Choose the ones that perfectly fit his or her personality.

Hiss Cat Shirt

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This funny and seemingly updated party top makes a great gift for a girlfriend, sister or female friend.  Any woman would love to wear this as this is just what everybody is literally saying on their heads.  A hilarious way to make our problems go away for a little while.

Black Pugs Matter Shirt

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This Black Pugs Matter tee is a great gift for black pug lovers, owners, or just for people collecting cool pug stuff or dog stuff. Great gift for Christmas, national pug day, Thanksgiving, or any special occasion.  This shirt is lightweight with a classic fit and double-needle sleeve and bottom hem.

Mama Bear Women's Boy Shorts

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This funny and hilarious boy short panty is what girls just want to have for fun. These boy short panties are made of combed and ringspun cotton, and spandex.  They are low rise and come with satin trim fold over elastic waistband.  Great for brides, girlfriends, and any female friends.

Makeup Toiletry Cosmetic Travel

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This funny black organizer will be a great gift idea for girlfriends and women workmates. It comes in cute and is very handy.  Its hilarious print makes it more perfect for any woman on the go.  A few little laughs while traveling is just what she needs every time this pouch is out.  Go, girl!

Spooky Spider Hair Clips for Kids

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These spooky spider hair clips are just way too cool to use in toddler’s hair.  This looks super cute with pigtails in young girls and even teens alike.  Not to mention that women can actually use this on a costume or simply clip messy hair.

Huge Fan oF Space Black Beanie Cap

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This awesome unisex beanie is a beautiful and stylish daily accessory in autumn and winter.  Complete an ensemble with matching scarves and gloves and one is ready to roll. The caption, “huge fan of space, both outer and physical” is just hilarious!

This also makes a great birthday present or a Halloween gift and even a Christmas stocking stuffer for young and old friends and family.

Black-Themed Office and Work Stuff

It is always nice to have a best friend at work.  To do this, remembering them on their special days will always open a friendship that most of the time will last a lifetime.  This is why we have come up with a list of gift ideas that comes in black colored them to make it chicer and more stylish when used in the office.  Check out this wonderful list of black gifts for the office.

Birthday Journal for Women

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Looking for a birthday gift idea for a favorite gal pal whose birthday is in October?  This sassy journal is just the ticket for her birthday or any other holiday. This 6×9-inch size is just right to throw in her purse or backpack so she is always ready to jot down her thought and plans. Its printed design says it all.

For the Girls Party Game

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Need a gift that will keep your birthday girlfriend and girlfriends up all night?  Then, this card game is perfect for her.  This game contains mature content and is designed for ages 17 and up.  Encouraged to be played with 3+ players.  So, perfect for bachelorette parties, girls’ night in (or out), game nights, sororities and reunions, birthday parties, and more.

Kinetic Desk Spinning Ball

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Stress is synonymous with work most of the time and this kinetic desk toy will cut that stress out.  Spinning this toy on a table brings a magical visual experience.  When revolving it creates a full-body optical illusion. This is a suitable gift for a boss or any creative persons and those who are makers, thinkers, and anyone who wants to release their inner creativity and imagination.  A great eyepiece too!

Clocky Rolling Alarm Clock

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This alarm clock on wheels is just a cool gift to give to a great gal and pal.  It will be the best wake-up call ever.  This runaway alarm clock is the best rolling, jumping, moving alarm he will ever have.  The only bedside alarm clock that will run away, hide, move, roll, wheel, beep, and jump (from up to a 3 foot nightstand) to just let you literally wake up.


High Heel Stapler

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Do you want to make a fashion statement gift?  Then this style stapler will step it up. This sleek and stylish stapler looks like a black high-heeled shoe. Your friend’s office supplies will be as fabulous as they are reliable when you add this sturdy plastic stapler to her table-top collection.  Fun to use and show it off at work.

Cat Air Freshener

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These car cuties air fresheners have adorable designs that will keep your loved one smiling all day long during their commute to work, to home, or wherever they go.  Best gift for a friend that likes to always drive around.  This car cutie exudes a clean, classic car scent to keep cars smelling nice all the time and will remember your thoughtfulness always.

Horse Memo and Pen Holder

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This is one good table assistant. This appealing memo and pen holder will hold important information for you.  Great gifts for secretaries and busy bees.  More than the service it will do to her table, it can actually make his or her desktop more fashionable and attractive.  Its design is lovely and will be a perfect eye candy for an office table.

Black Cat Face Mousepad

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For cat lovers out there, this mousepad is for you.  This will be a great decoration to your working desktop and a great gift idea for black feline lovers out there.  This is a soft and flexible 3mm thick mouse mat made of soft materials.  It is portable and comfortable to use as well too.

Other Black Gifts

Giving a black-themed gift to a special person is quite elegant to think.  With the color black linked to elegance and sophistication, no doubt that this will be one lovely, funny but enjoyable piece.  Wrap it in a fancy kind of way and surely, they will have the best gift ever moment.  Check the list of one-of-a-kind gifts for your most loved people.

Funny Sexy Coupon Book

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Nothing gross or disrespectful, these vouchers will be perfect for a weekly gift that keeps on giving the entire year (or they can be combined or used more quickly for couples that just can’t wait). These coupons are designed to give ideas for him and her to explore boundaries, play with their senses and test the limits of pleasure.  A hilarious gift for newlyweds, couples, and wedding anniversaries.

4 Pcs Let's Get Naked Shower Curtain Set

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This funny get naked shower curtain is a comical gift to give to a couple’s new house, bridal shower, or a couple’s anniversary. This is made of polyester fabric, which is waterproof and durable. Coupled with a non-slip bathmat and a U-type rug which are made of high-quality flannel. Skid-resistant backing, durable and keeps the bath rug in place, helping you to enjoy pleasant bath time.

Funny Rules of the Bathroom Sign

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This funny black décor wall art with quotes and sayings will greatly add humor to any restroom.  Great gift for friends and family.  This distressed artwork will surely add style to a man cave, a family, or guest bathroom.  This is made of a decorative wood accent that will look great with other decorations and will help keep your bathroom clean too.

Ceramic Cat Toilet Brush and Holder

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This elegant and whimsical ceramic free-standing cat bowl brush holder in black is just one creative and practical black gifts.  A perfect bathroom decoration for cat lovers and free-spirited individuals.

Funny Black Pinback Buttons/Pin

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Just a head-on funny black-themed gift idea for a cool friend who loves to collect pin buttons.  These pinback buttons consist of four large 2.25″ (58mm) buttons/badges/pins and are made of sturdy tinplate material in full black color high-quality design. Give a friend this fair share of black pins.

Level Complete Controller Gamer Bowl

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Looking for a gamer’s gift?  We got you covered with this ceramic bowl made to look like a video game controller. Gaming and snacking go hand in hand and gamers need their fuel to own some noobs. So, fill this bowl up with chips, pretzels, or sweets and life will be awesome.  Perfect for kids, teens, and even adults whose lives were touched by a digital game. This is just way too cool.