As your kid grows up into a teenager, they would start to seek for greater knowledge and answers to the questions that has bothered them as a child. So, you would find them challenging all of the explanations that you have given them when they were merely a kid and this is not a bad thing, after all, there has to be an extensive development of their cognitive functions during adolescence. However, your teenager would not be able to mature well if you would not help in opening his eyes to how the world actually works.

During childhood, your kid is far too innocent, he only views the world as black and white, but as a teen,  they would experience a more complex emotional tangle, wherein nothing is as anymore easy as A, B, and C. Thus, it is your responsibility to give them  books and literature that would broaden their mind and give them a better understanding of human relationships, which at the end would help determine the person they are yet to become, and you definitely would want them to be a responsible person later on in his life. Hence, here are some books and literature gifts for teenagers, both boys and girls.

The following contains the book’s synopsis and a little bit of review.

Importance of Children’s Books

They probably all of these during elementary days, but they are a teen now with a different perception and understanding. Giving them classic children’s book is a good start in opening the eyes to the real world.

The Little PrinceThe Velveteen RabbitChrnicles of Narnia Complete Set

The Little Prince. This is a classic, a book beloved by many for so many years, and your teen son is going to love the innocence of the story and how the Little Prince has grown up into a more mature person by exploring the universe and getting hurt and meeting new people.

The Velveteen Rabbit. The message of this book is simple. If love is pure enough, then it can overcome anything, and make anything real. It also drives home the fact that growing up is difficult and not everyone comes out unscathed, but that’s okay, because “when you’re real, you can’t be ugly, except for those who can’t understand.”

The Chronicles of Narnia. The Chronicles of Narnia is an enchanting story of a parallel universe wherein animals and nature can talk and feel. Everything is alive and growing. It is also filled with symbolisms that targets the society and politics, but the subtlety of C.S. Lewis wrapped in a seemingly childish world is going to make your teen think and eventually align their attitude to the four children that has struggled to save the world of Narnia while also saving themselves from succumbing to evil.

Coming of Age Books

This kinds of book are one of the best for your teenager because it is centered on those who are coming out of their childhood and into adolescence and how to deal with it.

The Perks of Being a WallflowerPaper TownsThirteen Reasons Why

The Perks of Being a Wallflower. This is critically acclaimed for being one of the most emotionally honest books about this generations teenagers. It shows their struggles with their identity, with their friends, and even with their family. It is centered on the boy named Charlie who is torn between wanting to live his life and wanting to run from it.

Paper Towns. John Green’s books are always a roller-coaster ride of emotions and Paper Towns is definitely a masterpiece, because it shows how the society deals with teenagers and vice versa, since teens are now discovering how unfair the society can be and how friendships is important in facing the challenges presented in one’s life.

Thirteen Reasons Why. This book is a little eerie since it revolves around that time when a boy receives a package from a friend who has committed suicide. It is not gruesome but it gives an insight about how depression keeps plaguing the youth of this generation.

Fantasy-themed Books

Every teenager wants a story where they are a hero, always saving the day and is revered by many, so why not give them fantasy genre books?

Harry Potter SeriesPercy Jackson SeriesLord of The Rings Trilogy

Harry Potter Series. Harry Potter has become this generation’s very own classic because of the clever way that J.K Rowling weaved her story of the magical world and the symbolisms it presented, but one thing is for sure, magic happens when there is friendship and love.

Percy Jackson Series. Percy Jackson is a demi-god, son of Poseidon, and is considered to be powerful. He has done his best to fulfill his adventures and come out as a hero.

The Lord of the Rings. This is the standard of all the books in the fantasy-genre today and it is a shame if your teen boy would not read it. Full of blood-pumping action and subtle lessons, it would teach your teen boy a great deal about the world while keeping him greatly entertained.

Post Apocalyptic Books

The rise of this genre started when news of the end of the world in year 2012 broke all over the world, so now people are thinking about what would happen in the future if something bad is to happen today.

The 5th Wave (3 Book Series)The Hunger Games Box Set: Foil EditionDivergent Series

The Fifth Wave. This is an emotional book as the protagonists are trying their hardest and keep on fighting for their lives as the aliens invaded the Earth.

The Hunger Games. This is all set-up during the time wherein the government has repressed the people’s rights and the time when the last of the people’s patience has been broken, rebelling against a government of corruption and violence.

Divergent Series. This series highlight the power of choice and how the freedom to choose is precious, because it can make or break a person and even the society itself.

Romance-centered Books

The Infernal Devices, the Complete CollectionThe Hunger Games Box Set: Foil EditionEvery Day

During adolescence, your teenage child would eventually fall into their first love, and most of the time, it does not end well and so would experience first heartbreak, one they have to cope with by themselves. So give them some romance-centered books to give them an idea about love and why it doesn’t always work.

The Infernal Devices. This is a prequel to the Mortal Instruments and centers on how Tessa, Jem, and Wil have faced all the challenges of the Shadow world with their entangled friendships and love affairs.

The Fault in Our Stars. Sometimes, your teen boy forgets about mortality and how sickness is real and that death can always be around the around, so he has to precious those moments he is spending with those he loves the most.

Every Day. This is a story that transcends time, space, gender, and all the standards set by humanity. It is also centered on how people grows up and facing every day not knowing who they really are and what do they really want out of life.