Boxing is a sweet sport. It is very entertaining and it makes people roar with excitement!

But boxing can also be a nice way to lose some unwanted pounds. One fitness boxing session will make you burn around 600 calories(!) and and really good for the heart.

Do you know someone who loves boxing or someone who likes fitness boxing? Well, here are some boxing gifts that will surely put a smile on boxers and boxing enthusiasts.

Eat, Sleep, Box Shirt

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This simple shirt looks very nice! This comfy shirt bears the words "Eat, Sleep, Box" and some icons to show each. It is a simple yet very nice way to show the world that you enjoy boxing. The shirt is made of breathable cotton, making this a very nice shirt for any day.

Muhammad Ali Poster

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Who does not recognize the boxing legend? Muhammad Ali, the greatest boxer that ever lived is captures in this colorful, almost psychedelic splash paint artwork poster. The frame is not included, so you can choose a suitable frame that fits the color of the wall of your boxing lover or you can offer it as a poster. Boxing gifts like these are very memorable!

Fight! Boxing Gloves Necklace (for Ladies)

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This beautiful charm necklace has a ring that says "fight" plus a silver boxing glove. This is perfect for the ladies who like to show the world that she does boxing for fun and can totally kick a** if she needs to. The chain is included in teh package and it is ready to wear!

Dark Boxing Glove Necklace (for Men)

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For the guys, there is a boxing necklace that is much darker in color and much simpler. This simple black metallic necklace will fit most young men who like boxing, if they are wearing a crew neck shirt. This boxing necklace is perfect for casual wear, but hey, he can even use it everyday if he likes. The beauty of black stainless steel jewelry like these is that these are very low maintenance as these rarely tarnish.

New Hand Wraps

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When boxing, hand wraps are essential if one wants to keep his hands callous free from all those fitness boxing sessions. It also prevents hand injuries. The thing is, most hand wraps at the boxing gym have already been used earlier, so it is like shaking hands with a sweaty person. Ewww! Get your fitness boxing lover a new set of hand wraps. They will love it!

New Boxing Gloves

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The gym also offers free use of boxing gloves, but like the hand wraps, someone already used those earlier this day. Double eww! And they probably do not was their boxing gloves unlike the hand wraps. Triple eww! If your fitness boxing lover does not have their own boxing gloves yet, then this is the time to get them one. This is one of the most obvious boxing gifts one can think of, but is the most passed on too. Get them one!

Boxing Glove Mug

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Coffee mugs are boring! NOT! This awesome coffee mug looks like a red boxing glove! Boxing. Glove. Mug. It is awesome and it is very nice just to look at. Oh and it also can handle coffee, the beverage of choice of most boxing enthusiasts. This mug is made out of ceramic, not plastic, so it lasts long... just do not drop it! It holds around 12 oz. of coffee. That is a lot of caffeine.

Table Top Punch Ball

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If your boxing fan works at a cubicle or an office, then you are sure he will like this punching ball which he can set up on his table. It is a nice way to show his love for the sweet sport and is pretty stress busting too. Suck up co-worker? Punch. Idiot boss? Punch. Irate client? Punch. It will definitely save his job and health and save the faces of the people that get into his nerves.

Boxing Art Vinyl Clock

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If your boxing enthusiast has his own den or room, then this vinyl boxing art clock is the perfect boxing present for his room. It is a vinyl record, cut up to show a silhouette of a boxing match with an added clock for extra usefulness. It also has the words "Keep Calm and Never Give Up". The best thing about this clock? Youc an customize it so if you want to replace the words or remove it, you can do it!

Pop Art Rocky Balboa Pillow

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Very artsy! This pop art Rocky Balboa pillow shows a nice artwork of the visage of Rocky (played by Sylvester Stallone). Very minimalist but very artful, this pillow will earn the taste of boxers and film enthusiasts alike! If your boxing fan is both, then hurrah! You have found the perfect boxing gift for them.

Looking for More Boxing Gifts?

You can check out this list from which includes a lot of products that are not mentioned in this list. Good luck!