When the proposal has been enacted and you have already said your “yes,” you know you are already a step apart in becoming a missus. But out here in the west, there is also another affair that often intercedes between the happenings of accepting a marriage proposal and the actual wedding—the so-called “bridal shower party.”

Traditionally, a bridal shower party is set up in order for the bride-to-be’s wedding be made possible, typically in the absence of the dowry from the lady’s parent out of poverty or disapproval of her chosen future life partner. To compensate for the poor girl’s humble lacking, her girl friends send out gifts.

The term “bridal shower” draws its name back in the Victorian era when friends of the future bride made surprise gifts as placed in a parasol which, when opened, showers the bride-to-be with presents.

Although originally an exclusive women-only party, recent years have also seen men making a presence in the event.

But, like any other happy gatherings, a bridal shower emphasizes on the good and is often taken as a rite of passage of future wives. Yet, what better way to enliven the occasion than a few sets of activities which foster positive relationship between friends, taking it as a show of gratitude for everyone’s presence?

Here are some bridal shower game ideas to spruce up that party.

1. He Said, She Said

Not many couple reveal much about their relationship in public for fear of getting criticized. But, as a couple who is soon to be husband-and-wife, your friends are probably wondering about certain trivial things that had transpired in the relationship.

Why not give them the bits and pieces of the romance in a way that is not considered offensive but remains inquisitive and revealing such as the game so-called “He Said, She Said?”
What’s so good about this game is that everybody can participate in it, not just the future husband and wife who were essentially at the spotlight of the game.

2. Jenga for Two

The brilliance behind the jenga has easily made it a special part of any gathering intended for fun. To describe the game in few words, it is both easy and difficult but ultimately fun.

The game may be easy enough for some people, especially those who have a knack for good physics and paired with good body reflex. But this particular twist to the popular game is not as simple—it will take a bonded partner to make a move in the game per turn.

The process of making a move with another person is no simple feat. Without the right coordination, the process gets jerky and things fall apart quick, consequently ending the game as losers.

3. (Guess and) Find the Guest

As a mixer who formed various social circles, not everyone you call as friends might be known to one another. Chances are, they do not. Using the idea of this unfamiliarity, it makes for a perfect condition to launch a guessing game, meant not only to be fun but also sociable—the “Find the Guest” game.

Of course, most gatherings might fail on ever launching this type of activity for having introduced each arriving guest to those who are already present in the premise. So, for the sake of the game, deliberately skip the introductions and explain to your audiences why that is so.

The game, however, is simple: with everyone as active participants, you give every person a task to find a person within the audience based on certain criterion and with the intent to break the ice barrier with that person. It may seem awkward at first, but it does actually work, especially in making connections between existing friends from different circles.

4. Guessing Game: Where Were We?

This particular guessing game is exciting in that, it not only focuses on how the guests know the couple, it also tickles on their brain regarding their familiarity with geography or, otherwise, how updated they are with the couple’s affairs involving places.

Using 10 images of the couple as taken from various locations, the guests play a game of speculation where they identify the location where each picture is taken.

To make the play more interesting than merely participating, the guest who makes the most correct answers wins a prize. The reward need not have to be expensive.

5. Who Makes the Best Cocktail?

Baristas and club goers among your party attendees might have an advantage in winning this event over a person who literally has no idea about alcohol. But even a person with just a good imagination about drinks might have an edge if given a try.

“Who Makes the Best Cocktail” is true to its moniker as a kind of party game: it literally finds the best cocktail-maker in the crowd with you and other people as judges to it all.

Intro photo by SunShineCity of Flickr.