Celebrating your eight year of marriage? Married coupes usually give gift ideas made of bronze (traditionally)  to commemorate eight years of blissful wedding. Are you a man looking for bronze gift ideas for your wife? You are in luck because I compiled some bronze gifts a woman will love!

Take note that this contains gift ideas for women. If you are looking for gifts for a man, you can check this article.

Here are a handful of suggestions for traditional bronze wedding anniversary gifts for her.

A bronze family photo frame. It looks gorgeous and it can serve as an inspiration for her at her work desk!

1. How a bronze family tree photo frame? You can put in you and your children’s photos, or if you want it to look even more romantic, just the photos of both of you together. Pick the happiest ones!

2. You can also give her a collage frame with bronze colored frames. This collage frame looks good and can serve as a reminder for her that you both has been through a lot of good times.

3. Bronze jewellery! I like this set of 3 bronze gemmed ring! They look so gorgeous and she will totally love wearing one of these during dressy occasions!

4. Another bronze jewellery that stand out is this bronze antique earrings! The feather design is just too cute!

5. To complete the jewellery collection, bronze locket. This is just too romantic!

This bronze jewellery tree looks so fine! It is sturdy and looks too nice when filled. She will love you for this anniversary gift!

6. Another present that goes with the theme of traditional bronze wedding anniversary gifts for her is a jewellery tree. This jewellery tree from MyGift looks gorgeous! She can hang her earrings, necklaces and rings as decors on her vanity table. You can also give this as another gift that goes with the bronze jewellery I mentioned earlier!

7. If jewellery trees are not her thing, how about a bronze jewellery box? This box looks antique. So cool!

8. Another bronze present is this mermaid trinket box with a bronze finish! She can store her keys, small jewellery, even coins inside!

9. How about a bronze bath accessory set. Shampoo container, toothbrush holder and tumbler. All have bronze finish!

A new vanity table with a bronze finish is a really nice eighth wedding anniversary gift idea for a woman!

10. Bronze vanity table! She will have something to put all the makeup, jewellery and trinket holders that you gave her. It is nice gift that will make her jump in joy!

11. An elegant bronze candle stick, perhaps?

12. You can also get a set of candle holders made of bronze. You can also supply the candles and present them in a romantic way… maybe use them to lead her in your room or to a bathtub with bubblebath your you both!

13. This bronze sculpture of a couple embracing is just too sweet. She can put this on her bed side table or on her work desk! It is a bit abstract and looks super artful. Perfect for artistic wives.

14. If the abstract art is not your cup of tea, you can also give her this super sensual bronze sculpture of a pair of lovers making love. It is tasteful without being too sexy! I like this one.

Owl sculpture, made of bronze.

15. You can also give a representation of you two in animal form,  like this cute cold-cast bronze owl pair sculpture. Very nice!

16. A bronze rose. Yes, such thing exists!

17. If you want to give her something she can use everyday, you can give her one of those bronze mugs you can find at Walmart. They look so nice!

18. Bronze paperweight or organizer for someone who works at the office.

19. Bronze wall clock! Get the most antique looking one. Antique bronze looks very nice.

20. I love the look of bronze wine racks. You can get these at Amazon or at gift shops. They hold quite a variety of  designs.

21. For something decorative, you can give her bronze skeleton keys. They look beautiful!

Bronze antique record player!

22. Bronze antique record player! Very vintage! Even if she does not own a set of vinyl record players, she can still keep this because they look so decorative!

23. Antique bronze picture frames. You can pick one up at antique shops then put her most beautiful photo in that.

24. Bronze bathroom mirror.

25. Bronze vanity mirror.

26. There are wind chimes that are made of bronze. This one looks particularly good!

27. Retro bronze phone. It is like bringing her back to the 80’s!

28. Lamp with a bronze base. Something she can use when reading beside you in bed.

29. Bronze wine corker.

30. Go to a trip to somewhere tropical and sunny. Remember to get bronzed up in the sun. See what I did there? ;)