Traditionally the couples who celebrate their wedding anniversary give each other themed gifts. For the eighth year of marriage, the couples give each other gifts made of bronze. Are you a woman looking for a bronze gift for her husband? Here are some bronze wedding anniversary gifts for him!

Take note that this list contains gift ideas for a man. If you are looking for bronze presents for your wife, check this article.

On the intro photo: Bronze vintage phone. (#10 on this list)

Oulm bronze watch

1. Bronze colored watch. I especially like this Oulm watch. Looks luxurious but is actually quite affordable! Very nice.

2. A pocket watch, if your hubby has a lot of watches already. A pocket watch looks very classy. Take a look at this steampunk bronze pocket watch. Very geeky and very cool!

3. A man who wears cuff links to work look very professional and very dedicated. Why not buy him a pair of bronze plated cuff links?

4. A bronze ring like this ring from Etsy look too beautiful to pass up. Go get him one!

5. To complement his office wardrobe, you can also get him some bronze collar stays. These make the collars of dress shirts look sharp.

Bronze bracelet. Looks simple but beautiful!

6. This bronze bracelet from Etsy is another beautiful piece of bronze jewellery for your hubby. It will look good on casual days when he is wearing just a t-shirt.

7. “I Pick You” bronze guitar pick. So cute! And the pun! He can put this on display at his work desk or use it if your hubby plays the guitar.

8. Personalized bronze fishing lure. There are many of these on the internet, but you can take a look at this fishing lure at Etsy. I picked that one mainly because it is romantic, but not too much because men mate too romantic stuff.

9. A bronze paperweight will look great on his work desk!

Bronze wedding anniversary gifts for him: Bronze retro phone

10. A bronze retro phone! This looks too cool and is functional! You can actually use this.

11. How about an antique gramophone? Especially when he grew up whit one of these in his house… it is nostalgic and even if he does not possess any vinyl records, this looks very decorative. Perfect for the living room or his mancave.

12. Bronze Age Perfume for Men. It is colored bronze and has bronze in the name, so it counts!

13. A bronze statue. Pick the statue that looks very antique and looks wholesome so your man can display it on his work desk.

14. You can also get your man a bronze mug.

15. A tasteful bronze pen that he can use on his work.

16. A leather belt with a bronze belt buckle! You can search online stores for that and check the make of the buckle.

Bronze dragon pendant!

17. This bronze dragon pendant looks awesome! A geek guy will appreciate this. Too cool!

18. How about a rustic, old style bronze bottle opener?

19. This bronze wine set. It includes a bronze cork screw, aerator, pourer, stoppers and more. This is a perfect gift idea to celebrate your eighth wedding anniversary. Also, get him a bottle of wine. Have fun!

20. To complement the wine set mentioned above, you can also get the ubiquitous bronze wine holders. They are quite easy to find at gift shops, flea markets or at Amazon.

21. A manly trinket box. Something like this kraken trinket box in bronze finish. Something to put his small stuff in, like the jewellery you give him, his car keys even coins.

Bronze Flask

22. Bronze drinking flask! So he can carry something that can warm him up.

23. Bronze ash tray. For the smoking man, of course!

24. Another bronze accessory you can buy for your man is a compass.

25. Here is an idea. Buy him a bronze beverage tub (this octopus beverage tub looks too cool) and put a lot of his favorite beverages, like beer, soda, wine, whatever, and then have a nice picnic beside it. Maybe on a hillside where the view is nice?