There are many reasons why people give gifts – it could be a means of remembering someone special, a way of celebration, or something intended as a rewards. But nothing says a good gift than one with the intent to express one’s love of you which tells you that you are special.

Yet, the most noble thing about giving gift to someone special is not on the price of the actual gift but on the idea that, despite the tough economic situation for many people, you are able to give something which you place importance to for the recipient.

But when you think that gifts must always be expensive, you would be surprised to know that even the humblest of gifts will stand out if you know how to properly present it.

The following are some great budget friendly gift ideas:

Personalized Homemade Gifts

Just as when people find the latest gadgets or electronics to be the ideal gift for any occasion, others resort to something more personal that is by making a personalized homemade gifts which takes money, time, creativity, and effort to make. Giving someone a homemade gift is like telling him/her “I made this personally for you and I hope you remember me for it.”

Picture Frames

Picture frames are an important décor at any home. As common this item may be for any household, it is still the kind of item which can be easily made or be easily personalized as gift. Adding more personal touch with the design like adding seashells, names, or brass corners can make what seem to be an average item more special.

Customized Calendars

A calendar as is may be a boring choice for gift. But one personally customized to commemorate your relationship with the receiver is another thing entirely – that’s special. Whether it’s about photos of past events you all are in as taken by a photo, special dates, or anniversaries, nothing reminds the recipient better about it than a customized calendar he or she can easily look into just to reminisce or look for future events.


Having a bibliophile as an acquaintance or special someone has its own perks. You know for sure what he or she likes – books. But when you think that it is always the hard cover—which by comparison is expensive than paper cover—that makes a better gift, you would be surprised that its cheaper counterpart—paper cover—can be more ideal as well with the right conditions. Author’s own personal autograph, your personal notes, or your personally-made bookmarks, are but some of these mentioned conditions.

Food Dishes

Got a special talent for cooking and has a recipe anyone else do not know about? Why not put your skills to a special test and impress someone when using your God-given gift and cook for someone which is intended as a gift? Just add labels to it to make it more memorable.


You need not have to be a horticulturist to make plants a choice of gift. Even a person with little knowledge about plants would know how plants can be so special for some people as a gift. Indirectly, you may even be having someone to cultivate a relationship with the plant you gifted as he or she takes care of it.