Hey ladies. Does your collection of jewelry consist of boring shapes? You can breathe new life to your collection (and hence, your wardrobe, too) with some unique shapes. I know, how about bug jewelry? They are so unusual that people will take a second look at what you are wearing. People will stare, so might as well give them something good to look at!

Here are some unique bug jewelry that will look great on you!

Beetle Necklace

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This fantastic bug jewelry features a beetle made from bezel. The beetle in the pendant looks very lifelike, too. This necklace looks very Gothic and this is perfect for the ladies who likes wearing dark colored clothes and maybe listening to Evanessence. Did I mention the bug looks lifelike? Yes, it is.

Dragonfly Necklace

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This silver dragonfly pendant is the best I found for a silver necklace. The dragonfly is not colorful and does not look lifelike, which is great for those who want to look neutral and girly. Dragonflies symbolize change, self-realization and metamophosis, so this pendant is perfect for those who are undergoing the same. This is also perfect for very young girls!

Ladybug Necklace

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Are all ladybugs female? Or are there male lady bugs? Maybe they are called manbugs? Doesn't matter, they all look pretty all the same! If you love the look of ladybugs like I do, then you should get one of these ladybug necklaces. These are very colorful, like real ladybugs, minus the crawling. These will look cool hanging on the necks of women who like a bit of splash of color into their wardrobe.

Real Preserved Butterfly Locket Necklace

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If you like the look of butterflies, then you can show off its beauty with these real, preserved butterflies and flowers in lockets. Most of the parts of this jewelry is customizeable, including the chain, fabric and flowers used. This butterfly jewelry is perfect for those who want color into their outfits, as well as those who love gardening.

Real Insect Necklaces

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If you are looking for real, preserved insects you can wear, the look no further than these collection of taxidermied bugs in pendants. The insects were dried, preserved and encased in these small terrarium pendants so you can show off how colorful nature can be. You can choose from the following insects: Cuvieri, Shoenherri, Green Jewel Beetle, Magnificus, Rainbow Jewel Beetle, Bennetti. The insects are raised in an insect farm so you are assured that the insect population is not damaged at all.

Ladybug Bracelet

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Ladybugs look nice that a lot of women want them in their accessories. How about this super cute and colorful ladybug charm bracelet? This looks too cute and is going to be perfect for the teenage girl or the woman who is a girl at heart. Cute without the crawling.

Bee Bracelet

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If you are looking for bug jewelry with the bugs fashioned from gems, then you might want to take a look at this bee bracelet! The bees in this bracelet are made with glass gemstones and no two bees look exactly alike. This will put some shine into your arms and these look very whimsical and classy at the same time!

Golden Beetle Earrings

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Golden beetles look very nice and people often think how cool it would be to wear them as jewelry. Well, here is one golden beetle that won't crawl away when you wear it! These golden beetle earrings are stud earrings that look daintily perched on your ear as you wear them. They look so delicate and pretty, that it is perfect for any woman, but look best on younger ladies and little girls. This is the perfect bestfriend or girlfriend gift!

Butterfly Earrings

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Just too beautiful! If you do not want the golden beetles above or want to add another earrings to the selection, then this is the perfect choice. These colorful butterfly earrings look real that they look like they smelled flowers on your ear and they decided to check the smell out. As always, small insect earrings look nice on younger women and little girls.

Bee Dangle Earrings

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The non-teenage women need not fret, though. These dangling bee earrings will look nice on your ears! They look like golden bees that detected your sweetness and tried to find where the source of the sweet smell is. This looks whimsical and playful but will definitely look nice even with formal wears or business suits.

Moth Statement RIng

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Large, whimsical rings look very nice and this moth statement ring combines both the beauty of insects and the shine of gemstones. This ring is huge, almost covering the neighboring fingers and will definitely capture the interest (and envy!) of your friends. This statement bug ring is from the 1970's and is perfect if you were a flower child back then.

A Note on Gifting Bug Jewelry (Any Kind of Jewelry, In Fact)

Rings always signify strong emotional feelings of love, so if you do not want to signify romantic interest to the recipient, you should be careful when selecting rings as presents. Here are more tips when choosing jewelry as gifts.