Butterfly gifts color and beauty to the world, that is why a lot of people love them!

Picture something beautiful in your mind and you might right away think of a garden with plenty of colorful flowers and to add to the beauty of the surrounding some butterflies are seen flying from one flower to another.  Butterflies are charming because of the breathtaking color and design that Mother Nature has made.  The butterfly is often used as a symbol of change because as we know, it was not born beautiful right away, it started as an ugly caterpillar before it transformed into an impressive butterfly.

In the Greek myth culture, they consider the butterfly as Psyche which means soul.  Psyche is usually associated with love because she is bonded with Eros the god of love.  No wonder we have this saying, whenever we see the one we love we have butterflies in our stomach.  Other cultures from ancient times believed as well that the butterfly symbolizes the soul and they are as follows: Zaire, Central Asia, New Zealand, and the Mexican Aztecs.

The butterfly also symbolizes power transformation or rebirth because of the metamorphosis it undergoes.  Playfulness can also be associated with the butterfly because of its habit of flying from one flower to another.

If you are a big fan of this charming creature or knows someone whose favorite creature is a butterfly then you would be delighted to see our top twelve butterfly gifts.  Check out our prepared list below to satisfy your cravings for the beauty of a butterfly.

Vintage Dictionary Art Print (Giraffe and Butterfly)

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This is a cute giraffe and butterfly combo!

If you want something unique yet beautiful art print to liven up your living room then this vintage dictionary art print would be perfect for you!

This vintage dictionary art print features a giraffe with colorful butterflies flying around its head.

This one of a kind design is printed on an authentic vintage dictionary which was published way back the mid-1900s.  This art print measures eight by ten that could fit any frame of the same size.

Artistic Butterfly Sun Catcher

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A charming window display would brighten your day at any time you would get to see this.  This artistic butterfly suncatcher is a gorgeous hand-painted window display that captures the beauty of butterflies.

This suncatcher is made by hands using translucent colors that are eye-catchy that can look stunning from the outside of the window and more captivating when seen up close from the inside.  This is a stunning butterfly gifts that you can surprise any butterfly lover out there and make their heart skip a bit from first sight.

Butterfly Sun Catcher with Pressed Flowers for Mom

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What beautiful butterfly gifts for mom!

Mom has always been there for us ever since we were born.  Her love and care can never surpass anyone else’s.  You can show how much you appreciate mom by gifting her this breathtaking butterfly suncatcher with pressed flowers inside.  This suncatcher is a hanging beauty that could captivate anyone’s attention for sure.  This suncatcher has a heart dangling from it with an engraved word: mom.  This would be a brilliant window decoration that can be a charming gift for mom’s birthday, mother’s day, or any occasion it may entail.

Personalized Wooden Clock with Butterflies

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Butterflies are great symbols of beauty and color.  You can even use this beauty to give some high aesthetic points to your living room or in any room in the house by putting this personalized wooden clock that features colorful butterflies in pastel color.  This wooden clock can be customized by adding the name of your recipient.  This butterfly wooden clock is made from high-quality plywood and vivid acrylic paint that gave life and emphasis to the butterflies.

Butterfly Copper Lamp

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This is such a nice clock with a butterfly design.

To lighten up the room, we need some good light sources but if you want to add someone of kind view then this butterfly copper lamp would be the perfect pick.  Check out this uniquely designed butterfly copper lamp that comes with a tea light candle and glass candle plate as the base.  This copper lamp is handcrafted and you could be amazed at its intricate details.  Those who are celebrating their copper wedding anniversary would also be great candidates for this beautiful butterfly gifts.

Engraved Rolling Pin with Flowers and Butterflies

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Cute butterfly cooking gift idea!

Tasty cookies are delightful to the tummy but you can also add some aesthetic points by embossing some beautiful flowers and butterflies through this engraved rolling pin.  The baker in the family would love to have this one-of-a-kind rolling pin to add some life to the usual dull-looking cookies.  This engraved rolling pin is made of food-grade oil and beech wood.  It measures 15 inches and is a perfect hobby tool that you can gift to the baking diva that you know.

Midnight Butterfly Toiletry Bag

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Make-up and other toiletries need some proper storage to prevent leakage and breakage when just stored loosely in the bag.

Check out this midnight butterfly toiletry bag, this can house all the needed girlie aides and can also be used as a pencil case or multipurpose bag.  The colorful butterflies are fun to look at too.  This toiletry bag can be easily cleaned even just by wiping because of its laminated outer cover.

Butterfly Watch

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Nice butterfly-themed jewelry for her!

Keep track of the time while having a beautiful fashion accessory through this butterfly watch.

This watch is hand-crafted with vivid colors to come up with a beautiful butterfly background for the watch.  The leather straps are charming as well and this watch can be worn on a daily basis as well.

Silver Butterfly Ring

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Another beautiful butterfly-themed piece of jewelry for her!

Capture the beauty of a butterfly and use it to dangle on your hand through this silver butterfly ring.  This uniquely designed ring is made of sterling silver and features a detailed butterfly as a design.  This silver butterfly ring comes in a package of a beautiful gift box when bought which makes it ready for gift giving. This could be the most romantic gift ever.

Golden Butterfly Hair Accessories

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The hair is a woman’s crowning glory.  To add some charm to your muse’s crown this golden butterfly hair accessories set would be the perfect gift.

The golden color on this butterfly hair accessory makes it stand out even from afar.  Anyone who would wear this golden butterfly would be like a garden goddess instantly.

Butterfly Bangle

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Jewelry adds some spice to the usual outfit that’s why many women are going gaga over these fashion pieces of jewelry.

This butterfly bangle is made of eco-friendly and hypoallergenic alloy with Swarovski element crystals.  The two butterflies may symbolize you and your recipient.  This may be a form of remembrance to keep the recipient reminded of your love and appreciation.

Butterfly Pattern Scarf

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Wearable butterfly gift idea!

A scarf adds a stylish accent to anyone’s wardrobe when worn.  It certainly stands out and what makes the scarf look more attractive would be the color and print on it.  If you want a charming scarf then this butterfly-filled scarf would win your heart.

This scarf comes in different colors to choose from and the butterflies are beautifully printed in flying motion.  This stunning silk scarf can be worn in casual wear and even on special occasions.

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