Many men and women like camping. The smell of fresh piny air, waking up to the chirping of the birds, eating fresh fish caught from the nearby waterfall for breakfast… nature tripping at its finest. What is not to love?

If you have someone who is hooked into the great outdoors, here are some camping gifts that you can present to a camper’s birthday, Christmas or even just because.

Lifestraw (Purifying Drinking Straw)

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Many times, a camper would lose his water bottle and would have to find a suitable spring to drink from. While this can be fun, sometimes this can be dangerous. Enter Lifestraw. This nifty little straw will purify any kind of freshwater clean of physical impurities... As. You. Sip. What could be easier? Lifestraw is in fact being distributed to areas that lack fresh water like in Africa.

Engraved Survival Knife

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Survival knives are basically a necessity when you go camping in the great outdoors. Why not make it even more personal? You can have a message or your outdoorsman's name into the knife blade. Also, this survival knife can do more than cutting and slicing. It can also spark tinder and flints and has a small flash light. Amazing what a small tool can do.

Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

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One thing is very likely to happen when kids are camping: marshmallow and hotdog roasting! If you have a young camping enthusiast, then you should get them one of these marshmallow roasting sticks. These are made to hold marshmallows from afar (these extend up to 34 inches, like a selfie stick) preventing stray campfire burns. It can also hold hotdogs and sausages for roasting, too. Perfect smores, coming!

Collapsing Lantern and Flashlight

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Want to see something cool? Tis lantern has an accordion body that collapses into a small disk that can serve as a flashlight! This is amazing! Your camping lover can use this both as a lantern and as a small flashlight for hunting fish at night. Very ingenuous tool indeed. One of the most awesome camping gifts ever.

Strong, Lightweight Camping Hammock

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A camping hammock adds a bit of luxury into the woods by giving you and your friends a place to rest when the daytime activities are over. This hammock can also be the place to take a nap when it is too hot or the place to sleep when it is too dangerous to camp on the ground. The best part? One can use this at home. Awesome!

Light My Fire Titanium Spork

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Now, this is not really needed, but more of a luxury, but hey, who said camping should be inconvenient? Light My Fire's titanium spork combines a spoon and fork at the same utensil for easier carrying. The material, titanium is the hardest metal ever, so you are sure this will last very very long! Awesome gift idea not only for campers but also for those who live in a dorm.

Personalized Hatchet

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Chopping firewood is one of the most disliked part of camping. You can help get it over with faster by gifting a brand new sharp hatchet. Make it even more special by personalizing it. Like this hatchet, where you can have your outdoorsman's name or your message engraved into the blade of the small axe. Also useful for cutting and chopping other things like a freshly caught fish.

Military Compass

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hardcore campers and hikers would really need a compass, or risk getting lost. A military grade compass is not only very durable, it looks very cool too. You can give a camping lover this if he likes to go camping to areas that are very far from civilization. This gift is not for hobbyists, folks!

Camouflage Hiking Bag

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One cannot camp in the mountains without hiking! How about a high quality hiking bag? This will be perfect for those who love to camp in the mountains to see the beautiful morning atop the mountains. Choose the manliest design, like this camo design hiking bag from Everest! Hiking stuff can be camping gifts too!

Looking for More Camping Gifts?

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