Looking for Captain America gift ideas? I have a list here!

Captain America, a character created by Marvel, is probably the most enduring superhero since he was introduced way back in the 1940’s. He is also loved by the American audience despite his inability to fly. He may not be as sophisticated as Iron Man or as strong as The Hulk, or as godly as Thor, but he is brave and very much capable of defending the world. Through the 2011 film, Captain America was reborn. His popularity rose partly due to the portrayal of hunk actor Chris Evans as the soldier turned superhero. This Captain America craze goes on everywhere and people of all ages are affected.

Fans are after anything that carries the colors and emblems of the superhero. To make their search easier, I came up with a list of amazing Captain America gift ideas that any fan will surely love!

Captain America Canvas Running Shoes

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Do you think Captain America could have moved better in this canvas hi-top sneakers than in that heavy red military boots he wore in the movie? These shoes are lightweight so it is easy to move about; flexible to suit the wearer’s active lifestyle: and stylish to fit the fashionable man. If you think this is no match for the Captain’s heavy duty boots, well you’re mistaken. This pair is made to endure some serious action!

Captain America's Dogtag

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Tired of looking for an inexpensive but wonderful gift for him? Get these Captain America dog tags and he’ll think it’s one of the best gifts he’ll ever get. It’s not much but they sure hold some sentiments especially for a Captain America fanatic. The set has a 22-inch ball chain holding 2 military-style dog tags with rubber silencer on the edges. The tags even have Steve Rogers’ serial number on it for a more authentic look. He’s going to love this!

Infant Onesie

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If Captain America was born a superhero, he would be wearing this onesie. The thought of your baby boy wearing the Captain’s red, white, and blue colors will surely delight you to bits. This jumpsuit has leg snaps so you can change diapers without your child losing that superhero image. The material is skid resistant, and warm for autumn and winter wear. Aside from these practical reasons, you ought to get your child this outfit because he will look so adorable in it, Chris Evans will be envious!

Shield Earrings

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This goes to show that Captain America’s charm has really worked around the female population. Express your love to the good-looking superhero without the usual outrageous display of emotions. Be a fan in a subtle way and maintain that composed and elegant look by donning these dangling Captain America Shield earrings. They look so chic and attractive; they wouldn’t miss everyone’s notice. They are made of sterling silver and hypoallergenic, too.

Captain America Candy Bowl

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You may have had a bad day, or you were tired from all the day’s work, the house was a mess, and the kids were causing a pandemonium. Here is Captain America to the rescue, but he’s not in a fighting mode. Instead, he has that docile look and he’s holding out candies to make you feel better. Of course you can’t resist having one of those sweets and then a second later, you’ll forget everything that made you feel so worked up. Great gift for moms and housewives.

Tie Bar and Cufflinks Set

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Captain Steve Rogers may be a little old-fashioned, but he can still dazzle girls with his timeless good looks. You can also acquire that clean-cut but gallant look without much effort. Just wear these Captain America cufflinks and tie clip on meetings and gatherings and you will catch the attention of every single lady within a ten meter radius. Just don’t forget that you’re supposed to be a good guy!

How About a Captain America Shield Necklace?

This Captain America Gift Idea is Perfect for Both Men and Women

This necklace looks too cool! It is very geeky without being too loud!

Captain America Shield Bottle Opener

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Be the superhero of the party and impress your friends as you bring out this remarkable bottle opener. This unique bottle opener is shaped like Captain America’s shield and also carries the formidable shield’s tensile strength to withstand the tension of popping bottle caps for long hours. Great gift for collectors and certified beer drinkers.

Captain America Leggings

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Now that’s what I call MARVEL-ous! These sexy Captain America leggings will certainly accentuate your long shapely legs. I’m sure these eye-popping, jaw-dropping, figure-hugging tights will make your man speechless. Of course it’s not Captain America he’s after, but the superhero print will surely get proper attention. It’s fun, and it’s sexy!

Captain America Shield Rug

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Welcome! You are now entering a room exclusive for Captain America fans only! To gain entrance you must wipe your feet clean and dry on this neat Captain America Décor Rug. You can use this tasteful mat with vibrant colors to decorate your bathroom, kitchen, or kid’s room. It is made of no-slip latex material to ensure safety even on wet floors.

Money Clip and Key Chain

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Men seldom carry accessories but when they do, it is more out of necessity than making a fashion statement. You can never go wrong with these Captain America inspired money clip and keychain because they are both useful and fashionable. Ideal gift for your husband, boyfriend, father, or any man whom you want to give something special to. These items also come in an elegant gift box.

Captain America Shield Backpack

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This shield backpack is so awesome, you don’t want to go anywhere without it! Imagine yourself carrying the emblem of justice on your back and the looks you’ll get from it. This is so convenient to use in school, work, or just going out on a casual walk. It is water-resistant so your important stuff will be protected from water damage. It has compartments for your laptop or tablet to keep it safe from unwanted scratches and bumps. It also has additional pockets for your cell phones and other small gadgets. No it is not made of Vibranium but of quality material nevertheless so it is durable enough to withstand daily use

Captain America Shower Curtain

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OK girls, if you have fantasies of standing naked next to Chris Evans, well, this is your chance. Not exactly what you specifically imagined it would be, but close enough. This polyester shower curtain features Captain America in colorful print to make your shower experience extra special. Men would love this, too! I’m sure they like the idea that an Avenger has their backs covered while they take a shower.

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