Have a car? Then you had this problem: you leave your car for work or an errand and then when you come back, the whole interior is an oven! You would have to keep the car windows open for a while to let out the heat, making you late for your next destination… or you can bite the heat out and suffer for a bit… or you can get a sunshade!

There are sunshades that are boring and there are amazing, clever sunshades! Want to see those amazing car sun shades? Here are some!

On the photo: Lightning McQueen Eyes Car Sun Shades (First on this list)

Lightning McQueen Eyes Sun Shade

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Have you seen the movie, Cars? That Disney-Pixar film where cars are living beings? The protagonist lightning McQueen is this red sports car with large eyes. How about making your red car look like the movie character? This cool car sun sahde is amazingly cool on red cars (which is incidentally, the most elegant-looking color for a car) and will show your geeky, fun side. Super! Other colors are available, too!

Want to Take a Look at This Windshield Sun Shade in Action? Check This Out!

Just too cool! It looks like it came right out of the movie!

Star Wars Millenium Falcon Windshield Sunshade

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Com'on this makes it look like the Star Wars crew is inside your car and makes your car THE Millennium Falcon of the parking lot. Just too cool! This car sunshade will make you the envy of your nerd friends and earn you some coolness points from the people who happen to pass by in front of your raked vehicle. Block out the sun and keep your car private in nerd fashion!

Look at The Star Wars Windshield Sun Shade in Action!

Nerds will approve of this auto sun shade! "That's no moon..."

Star Wars Snow Speeder Car Sun Shade

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Want to give another Star Wars car sun shade? How about this Snowspeeder sunshade? This makes looking into your car look like Luke piloting the you own Snowspeeder car inside.

This is the Snowspeeder Car Windshield Sunshade in Action!

Oh look! Luke Skywalker is inside your car!

Grumy Cat Windshield Sunshade

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Do you overreact when people touch your car? You are one grumpy fella! Warn those in the parking lot with this Grumpy Cat sun shade. It has a picture of the internet sensation feline, along with the warning, "Owner is Grumpy!" that should keep people from sitting on the hood!

Sleepy Car Sunshade

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Do you ever wonder what our cars do when they are left in the parking lot? This auto sun shade shows just that! Turns out, the cars bet bored and become sleepy. The "Sleepy Car" sunshade has a pair of almost-closed eyes, giving the impression of your car is bored waiting for you. Too cute!

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