It is a wonderful thing to have a new baby in the family. You will never measure the happiness of the new parents to embrace their little angel. This is a moment that needs to be celebrated.

Close friends and family members come to celebrate this wonderful news. You are invited in this baby shower because the new parents or expectant parents are happy to share this great day with you.

Extend your best wishes to your friend or family member that will soon see their lovely little angel. Baby shower gifts don’t need to be expensive to be appreciated by the recipients. A gift is more wonderful if given with love. There are baby shower gifts that wouldn’t cost a fortune but will be much appreciated by the parents and the baby as well.

Let me give you some baby shower gift ideas that you can find online that has better offers compare to one you see in the market. There are online shops that provide discounts and have wide selection of great gift items that you can’t find in stores.

Pre-Shrunk Baby Jumpsuit

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This is one of the essentials of newborns. Make sure that they are made from 100% pre shrunk cotton. Why pre shrunk? For preshrunk cotton even though they are washed it wouldn’t shrink so it will still have the same comfortable fit for the baby. Also look for those with easy snaps; this will help the mothers or caretaker change the baby’s clothes easier and safe for the baby. Cotton fabric is soft and comfortable for babies. They can sleep well with our being irritated. Sleep is needed for a baby to grow faster and healthier. Check out for great packages where you can save more money. It can be personalized or you can look for those sold by packs. You save more if you buy by packs!

Bottle Organizer

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Buying cheap bottle organizer isn’t that bad. There are bottle organizers offered online with discount and has good quality and made from safe materials. This gift idea will surely be appreciated because it will be a big help for the parents keeping the nursery clean and safe for the baby. These bottle organizers are available in different colors, so if you have time you can check the nursery so that you can look for a bottle organizer closer to the nursery’s color. This is a practical and affordable baby shower gift idea that is really useful

Baby Bath Towels

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Babies always smell good even though they don’t take a shower for two days. They smell so sweet but not taking a bath is not a hygienic for babies. Wrap up towels are much better for babies because it is safer and much comfortable for both mother and baby. Look for wide baby towels that can cover the baby’s whole body and dry them up easily. We can’t leave a baby wet for a long time because they can get sick. Make sure that you buy towels made from cotton so it won’t irritate the baby’s skin. One or two baby towels will do.

Cute Crib Mobile

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This is something the baby will surely love to have. He can’t talk yet but for sure he will love to see his very first toy. The good thing about this gift idea is it functions as a toy and music player to keep the baby entertained. It can play lullaby music to keep noises from disturbing the baby from sleeping. This will be the baby’s playmate while in his crib. Crib mobiles are colorful and this will help parents introduce colors to babies. There are affordable crib mobiles that has good quality, just be keen in searching for a good pick!

Baby Photo Album

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In our era we tend to keep photos digitally but we all know that files can be corrupted and these memories can’t be retrieved anymore. It is still good to have soft and hard copies of photos to make sure wonderful future memories of the new baby will last long. A photo album is somehow a sentimental gift because is doesn’t only provide space for baby photos but it keeps the memory of the baby’s childhood. It is like a treasure chest full of great things. Photo albums are so affordable; there are cheap ones that are good quality and adorable design. Give this baby shower gift to extend your love and best wishes to the parents and the new baby.

Baby Pillow

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Baby pillows gives baby a good sleep. It also protects them from falling off the bed or their crib. It makes them feel that someone is sleeping beside them. Pillows are soft and cuddly, it makes baby feel comfortable. There are pillows specifically designed for babies. Some online store offers great discount and packages making you save more. There are adorable designs and some can be personalized. This is really a wonderful gift idea which is very affordable.

Colorful Baby Toys

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Alright, this shouldn’t be forgotten on our list. Toys are the top gift ideas for babies. They are the star of this baby shower so better yet give them what they want. There are several toy choices you can find but is suggest look for educational toys. These toys will help parents in developing their baby’s brain even on an early age, there is no right age to start and stop learning so better yet let them learn new things as early as he can. Toys are so affordable, just make sure these toys are BPA free and made from non toxic materials. We always have to consider the baby’s safety.

Baby Photo Frame

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The most given gift item is a photo frame but you make it look unique and exclusively for the new baby. Most of the time personalized photo frame are much cheaper that the generic ones. It will make your gift idea more special and be remembered. You will surely impress the parents with this gift idea. Try to find out what the baby’s gender is or the name and make sure you have the right spelling. It is a bit risky but definitely a great gift. There are some photo frames made in glass, wood and metal just look for a design that will fit well with the baby’s gender or name.

Baby Socks or Fabric Sneakers

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This gift idea will keep the baby’s feet warm all the time. There are baby socks that look like cute sneakers even though babies don’t run yet! But still they look so adorable on babies. They are made of cotton so babies will feel comfortable wearing it. There are also baby socks with rubber stopper under the sole part to keep baby safe especially if he is already trying to stand up or do baby steps. These rubber stoppers will make sure the baby won’t slip when they try to stand up. This won’t cost a lot. It is best of you buy if packs so you get cheaper. Look for those with cute designs.

Diaper Bag

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A baby needs a day out too! This gift idea will make sure that the parents have everything the baby needs even they are away from the nursery. There are diaper bags that are so affordable and have good quality. Just have a little patience in browsing the web to find the best diaper bag. It is best to look for ones with big compartment and has zip pockets, allotted pockets for the bottles and has a soft ready blanket for changing the baby’s diaper. This will keep all the baby stuff organized and ready when the baby needs something. This is absolutely a practical gift that the parents will thank you for. Check out for discounts offered online.