Ahh, chess. The game of strategists. I can not get the hang of this game. I have huge respect for those who can play chess very well because I know they can think three to five steps ahead. If you know someone who loves chess (and those who play it well) then you must get them one of these superb chess gifts.

Spare Parts Chess Set

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This is so cool! One of the most common chess gifts is, of course, a chess set. This however is not your common chess set. This chess pieces in this set is, as you can see in the image, is made of upcycled materials from spare parts from vehicles like washers, nuts and bots and other trinkets that a man might have in his garage. This is a great gift idea for chess playing guys who are both smart and macho.

Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set

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Those who play chess and are a fan of the Harry Potter series will be delighted to receive a replica of the wizard chess Ron and Harry love to play on the movie. Of course, this chess set is not bewitched and will not smash each other to smithereens. They, do, however, look very much like the giant chess game that was featured on Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone movie.

Chess Knight Bookends

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A chess player is very smart and most smart people own a lot of books. Why not help them organize their books with this set of chess night bookends? These class knight bookends are large enough to hold heavy bound books together and decorative enough to look smart and cool.

Other Chess Piece Bookends

Oh wow! You can also use other chess pieces to hold the books together! Queen, king and bishop can also hold those books together into pretty stacks of knowledge tomes.

Queen and King Chess Piece BookendsBishop and Knight Chess Piece Bookends

King and Queen Chess Pieces Salt and Pepper Shakers

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For those who like to put a bit of geeky flair at the dining table can get this set of chess king and queen salt and pepper shakers. Not only that you get to flavor your food, you also get to shout to the world that you are a chess geek! Actually this chess gift is stylish enough to be given to anyone who would want to add cool stuff into the dining table, not only for those who love chess.

Other Chess Piece Salt and Pepper Shakers for Your Dining Table

Do not like the queen and king duo of salt and pepper shakers? You can also get bishops, rooks and pawns. Wait, how about getting one for each so you have a nice chess-themed kitchen? That is a great chess gift, I'd say!

Bishops Salt and Pepper ShakersRooks Salt and Pepper ShakersPawns Salt and Pepper Shakers

"Me and This Army" T-Shirt

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What a cool shirt! If you want to show the world that you are a chess geek, you can do so with this T-shirt! It says "Me and This Army" with chess pieces silhouettes. An avid chess player will probably wear this all the time, or when they play chessin tournaments. What a smart shirt for a smart person!

3D Wooden Chess Jigsaw Puzzle

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Chess players love puzzles, so why not give them this 3D Jigsaw puzzle? The shape of king and queen pieces will remind them of their love for chess, while keeping their hardworking brains when nobody who can play with them is around. Super cool chess gift, especially for those who have a library or a geek room.

Huge Chess Set

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Looking for a gift for a family that plays chess? Then this jumbo chess set is the one to give them! They are large enough to look novel, but are not too large to restrict playing on the yard. This chess sett is lightweight but won't be knocked down by a small gust of wind, making them very senior citizen friendly.

Chess Piece Icons Necktie

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A chess geek guy can also wear those beautiful chess pieces at the office! Well, not really the actual chess pieces, but the icons of the chess pieces, printed on a necktie. This makes a very tasteful, geeky but tamed down and sophisticated piece of office wear. Get one for that office guy of yours!

Chess Pieces Wrist Watch

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A nice wrist watch that tastefully shows that you love playing chess! This chess wrist watch is also perfect for chess coaches and those officials who preside and proctor chess tournaments. This particular chess gift also makes a great giveaway on chess tourneys, don't you think?