Wow! Twenty years! Two decades of long lasting love and companionship! It is time to celebrate!

Traditionally, couples celebrate by giving each other themed gifts. The theme for the 20th year is china. Since china is a bit limited to porcelain, you can get creative and include the country to the theme, too.

Are you the husband? If so, then this is your list. This is the list of china wedding anniversary gifts for her, your wife. If you are the wife, you can check out this list I have made earlier.

Fine Bone China Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Chinaware! The most common china wedding anniversary gifts for her.

This is the traditional china gifts that are usually given to a wife during their 20th wedding anniversary.

China wedding anniversary gifts for her: fine bone plates and bowls set

1. Fine bone china bowls and plates set. Fine bone china plates look gorgeous in a set. Why not buy her some to replace your older ceramic wares? This way, she will be more proud to invite your buddies for lunch!

2. A cute fine bone china coffee mug is very much appreciated if she drinks a lot of coffee or tea.

3. Speaking of tea, why not make it a teacup set? Fine bone china tea sets look gorgeous and decorative even if she does not want to use it a lot.

China teapot tea set!

4. How about a fine bone china tea pot?

5. You can also go and buy a set of matching teacups, sugar jar, saucers and teapots. They look nice on display and even nicer when she is using them.

6. How about a fine bone china salt and pepper shakers set. Something you, too can use. Pass the salt!

China Decorations, Statues and Lamps

7. A china ceramic statue will look nice on your living room!

8. This elephant ceramic candle holder looks expensive!

9. How about ceramic bird lamp? Looks really nice.

10. Lastly, you can get her a ceramic bird feeder set. It is eco chic because it is recycled and the birds provide a lot of entertainment value!

China (Ceramic) Jewelry, Anyone?

Recycled China Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

ceramic ring

The handmade stores are teeming with beautifully crafted china jewelry. Here are some of my best picks.

11. These china ceramic beads look beautiful! She will look nice wearing these on casual days at  work!

12. How about this gorgeously huge cocktail ring? Talk about avant garde! She will love this. This boho ceramic ring also looks nice!

Ceramic earrings with leaf prints

13. These ceramic earrings will surely give a breath of fresh air into her wardrobe. These dangling earrings can be used whether the occasion is formal or casual.

14. This ceramic necklace will surely be the envy of her friends! Buy her one of these gorgeous blue necklaces.

15. With all these ceramic jewelries, you should buy her something to keep her jewels at. This leaf ceramic plate will do nicely!

16. Or, you can also buy her this ceramic keepsake box.

Other China Presents for Your 20th Year of Marriage

17. Have money to burn? You can schedule a trip to China. Just the two of you! Some of the best tourist spots in China are Beijing, Hongkong and Shanghai.

18. This buddha oil burner represents both China and china. Clever!