Two decades of love and friendship! Happy twentieth wedding anniversary to you!

Tradition dictates that couples who celebrate their wedding anniversary should give each other themed presents. The theme for the 20th anniversary is china.

Are you the wife? If so, then you should take a look at these wonderful china wedding anniversary gifts for him! If you are a man and looking for china gifts for her, check this out.

Fine bone china: a useful china wedding anniversary present!

Since china, the ceramic is quite feminine in nature, you can also explore different options that use China (the country) in the theme.

1. Fine bone china coffee mug. This will be perfect for the man who loves his coffee and can get cranky when he does not receive his dose of caffeine.

2. You can also give your man this super cool electric guitar coffee mug.

3. You can also give this china wedding anniversary plate will look nice on his desk table, don’t you think?

4. These China map cufflinks really look nice and masculine. This is perfect for men who work in offices that require formal attires like those in sales.

broken china cufflinks

Broken china cufflinks

5. You can also give your man a pair of upcycled broken china cufflinks. This Etsy store focuses on such cufflinks. An example is the one in the picture.

6. Speaking of upcycled broken china jewelry, you can also get your man a pendant. Just take the most masculine looking pendant in this store in Etsy. (I like the plain white pendant, grab that if that is still available.)

7. Is your man a smoker? You can get him this super stunning fine bone china ashtray. It looks stunning as a trinket holder, too!

China teacup bird feeder

8. IsĀ  he a bird watcher? You can get your man this upcycled teacup bird feeder. It looks nice and will look even nicer when the birds start flocking to it.

9. How about a visit to the Great Wall of China?

10. You can also get your man this cool Great Wall of China model kit.

11. Another porcelain china stuff your man can actually use if a china shaving mug. This collection from Etsy will let you see all the available porcelain shaving mugs you can get for your man.

Porcelain China Buddha Oil Burner

12. How about this porcelain china Buddha oil burner? This is a little something he can use at the office. Just add some essential oil and light it up — watch his stress go away!

13. How about a porcelain china fishbowl? If he owns an office, this can be a great decor. Or, add some small koi for a zen porch decoration.

14. You can also get this unusual porcelain china garden seat.

15. Lastly, you can get your man a porcelain china ocarina. An ocarina is like a small flute. Zelda players will know this one.