We could all agree that mom is the most special woman in our lives.  She is so special that we wanted to surprise her on to show her how much we appreciate her love and care for us.  Moms are multi-talented, most of them are really good in the kitchen and cooking has been a favorite hobby for them.  Lucky for us who have moms who love to cook, scrumptious meals and tasty desserts are abundant that we just can’t help but to love them more.  We got you covered because we have prepared a wide variety of cooking gift ideas for moms. These gifts are perfect for Mother’s Day, Christmas and her birthday.

For The Traditional Cooking Mom

Moms are using tons of kitchen aids to help her in cooking and preparing our meals.  You may see various tools in her kitchen but for sure, it would be nice to gift her new ones and to add some valuable ones that could certainly ease her cooking weariness from the tedious preparations it takes to prepare just one meal.

Micro Plane Style Zester

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Zesting and grating are essential steps in cooking. You can surprise your cooking mom with one of the essential tools in the kitchen by gifting her this micro plane style zester. This zester comes with an ergonomic handle for easy grip and handling. It comes just perfect for grating lemons, ginger, nutmeg, cheese and other fresh ingredients to produce and capture the crisp and solid flavor that she needs in her cooking.

iGrill Mini

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Mom is a natural multitasking queen. Aside from cooking, she can do other tasks like talking on the phone, tutoring or watching TV and more. To keep up with her busy schedule and multi tasks at hand, you can gift her with this iDevice iGrill mini to help her monitor her cooking even while she is doing something else. This device will send her updates on her iOS device within a hundred and fifty feet. It gives alerts when the food has reached the optimum temperature for consumption.

Stand Mixer

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Cooking is one of mom’s favorite hobby at home and part of this cooking regimen is baking sweet and flavorful desserts. The stand mixer is a very helpful kitchen tool for the cooking and baking mom. On mother’s day, show her how much you appreciate her by gifting her a new stand mixer that can whip, combine and blend in her ingredients and make her life easier in the kitchen. This Hamilton stand mixer comes in six speed with quick burst button. At 290 watts peak power, mixing mom’s ingredients has never become easier.

Food Processor

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Chopping, shredding, slicing and dicing ingredients can take so much of mom’s cooking time in the kitchen. Plus it can also drain her energy especially when no one is around to help her out in her cooking. On mother’s day, give mom an extra hand in the kitchen by gifting her this food processor. This food processor has a wide mount hopper which can accommodate bowls up to six and half inch in height. It also comes with a video demo showing the versatility of this machine.

For the Geeky Mom Who Loves Cooking

You can gift your geeky cooking mom, one of a kind kitchen tools and materials that others might find very intriguing. Materials that are Star wars themed, chemistry set, Dr. Who memorabilia and more. Chopping ingredients, storing spices, storage of ingredients and preparing the food would be very interesting with these geeky kitchen aids for the cooking mom. Check them out below:

Planetary Plates

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One of a kind plates, I should say intergalactic inspired planetary plates would be a charming addition to mom’s collectibles.

Star Wars Death Star Measuring Cups

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Getting the exact measurement of mom’s ingredients would be more fun with the Star Wars death star measuring cups.

Chemist's Spice Rack

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It doesn’t take a genius to ponder that mom is an organized female. She wants everything to be in its proper place. Add a little geekiness in her spice rack by gifting her this chemist’s spice rack.

Brain Specimen Coasters

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Flowery coasters is a thing of the past, brain specimen coasters have come to invade our geeky cooking mom’s kitchen from now on!

Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker

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Waffles would be more interesting in the morning if they are shaped like death stars from Star Wars. For sure, mom would be head over heels for this Star Wars waffle maker if she is a fan and serving waffles is her thing in the morning.

Doctor Who TARDIS Apron

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The cooking mom needs to shield her outfit as she battles the splashing cooking oil from the pan. If mom is a fanatic of Dr. Who then she would love to have her very own Tardis apron .

For the Burnt out Mom

Mom can be expressive of her burnt out especially when she is tasked to cook for a huge family or for an event. As we know, she always want to do the cooking by herself since she is the expert on this. You can help her keep her sanity back and ease her burnt out by gifting her some one of a kind experience that could help her enhance her cooking skills too. Check out our ideas below to help you out.

In-Home Cooking Class

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We are all aware that mom is a know-it-all in the kitchen. The kitchen is her fortress and sanctuary but most of the time it takes a toll on her sanity when she is already tired and cooking seem to be a task and not a hobby anymore. This in home cooking class would be a perfect ice breaker for mom on Mother’s day. This class would be headed by an executive chef and she could learn more cooking styles at the comfort of her own home.

Lunch Cruise

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It would be great to treat mom for a gourmet lunch on a cruise on Mother’s day. It would be the perfect time for her to enjoy a scrumptious meal without being tired of cooking. Plus, she can get to enjoy the fantastic sceneries of the city as she is being cradled on the sea.