The mother of the groom serves as the second mom of every bride; usually she is the one who’d love to regularly check up on you. She helps your wife to be familiar with household chores, normally you will get used to her everytime she surprisingly knocks on your door any day of the week.

To maintain the harmonious relationship with every mother-in-law, the wife should know first her interests and what can make them to be closer even more. Here are some of the practical and cost-effective gift ideas for the mother of the groom.

The list of the gift ideas below could help the newly-wed couple to express their gratitude and appreciation towards the groom’s bride for being supportive, reliable and a caring mom.

Relaxation in a Box

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An all-in-one box that has body wash, lotion, body cream and body scrub because being a mother is a non-stop job. She deserves to be pampered and to have her own “me” time after a general cleaning, a busy week and before going to bed at night.

Gift Certificate

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As you go on a trip for your honeymoon vacation, this is the best time for a mother to recuperate and to at least have bonding moments with her husband. A gift certificate to a hotel will allow your parents to think things over, what are their plans once you moved out from their house and start to make your own family.


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Give her something that will make her discover another skill yet a hobby, oven can be used several times in multiple purposes. This could be a start of her baking career that might lead her to establish her own mini business, because learning new things is never an old thing for everyone. Once she has learned how to bake, you will be her first customer that will be satisfied by the mouth-watering goodies she has prepared for your cravings.

Cologne or Perfume

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Your mother is a great example on how a person can sacrifice and devote her time and career for everyone she loves. She might not have the time and the guts to buy her favourite perfume because her first priority since you were born is to provide you and your siblings the essentials in life. Perhaps, she also wants to save the family’s money into a good use rather to the things she really want to buy for herself. You can treat her by giving her favourite perfume as a gift.

Stylish Planner/Organizer

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If his mom is a career-woman type and she has too much on her plate, a planner or organizer would be the best gift you can give to make you’re her life easier. More than that, it can help her to keep herself on the track and be updated with the scheduled meetings every month.

Toe-Touch Foot Spa

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Nowadays, technology opens our mind to countless inventions that could be used either at home or at office that can make our lives more convenient. Toe-touch foot spa will enable your mother to pamper her feet after a very long tiring day anytime she wants, this can be used while watching T.V. reading a magazine or while taking a quick afternoon nap.

Tea Infuser

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The elder ones preferred to drink a tea instead of a coffee due to its health benefits such as: it reduces one’s risk of heart attack and stroke, boosting the immune system and most of all it can improve her bone mineral density.