Grabbing a hot cup of coffee (or tea? Or hot chocolate?) with your special someone is one of the small ways to spend time with them when you’re both buried with your personal lives (work!). You can just maximize coffee home dates by using romantic mugs. Here are cute couple coffee mugs to match your love!

(Item on feature image is PIzza and Beer couple coffee mugs, #1 in this list. Beautiful!)

Pizza and Beer Mug Set

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The couple who can settle with a box of pizza and some beer on a Friday night lasts forever. You just need to put on some good movie and you have a date night right in the comfort of your home. Ditch the beer glass, and just use these charming mugs that have a cute message “You complete me” on the rim.

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Good Morning Handsome, Beautiful Mug Set

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Cute couples coffee mugs for cute couples! If you’re never really awake before you have your first cup of coffee, these couple cups will do the job for you.

The two sweet morning greetings are printed in calligraphy. It’s a beautiful and clean white ceramic mug with delectable details. They are handmade so it is better to not use strong dish soaps and cleaners when washing them.

Camera Lens Mug Tumbler Set

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If you two love photography, these unique lens tumblers can house your drinks even when you are away on trips. You can bring your favorite drink with you when you’re out and about snapping photos.

The lens design serves a double purpose of insulation keeping your hands safe from burning with hot drinks.

Cat Parents Coffee Mugs

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If you and your boyfriend/girlfriend are proud parents of a cat/s, get these matching mugs to show off your love for your cat.

Your cat may not be able to read what was printed on the mug but your visitors will see your committed parenthood duties to your furry feline. Nothing says strong relationship than showing outward love to your baby cat.

Long Distance Couple Mug Set

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This set is a great long-distance coffee mugs for couples!

You two may be miles away but you can always have your coffee dates through Skype. The design for the mugs is your respective states with dotted lines acting as map trails. There’s also a “Miss You” message printed on the mugs because you just have to always remind your partner that coffee is best enjoyed when you’re up for cuddles after.

Mermaid and Captain Mug Set

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This set is a cute and fun-filled couple mugs for those who are kids at heart!

For the sea-loving, beach-bumming couple, you can always take the role of the mermaid and the sea captain she finds washed ashore after a shipwreck. The designs are pretty cartoony making them adorable. Now, if you can just sip your tropical cocktails in those mugs.

Kissing Mugs Set

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The mugs’ edges form two faces that perfectly fit one another forming a kissy couple. Complementing colors of red and white with face details and small hearts, they also come with their own matching teaspoons. You can have your hot cup of coffee cooling “face to face”. Not you two, the mugs.

Queen of Everything and King of Whatever's Left Mugs

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This is a clever and funny set of coffee mugs for couples!

For that acceptably imbalanced relationship, this is the mug set for you. Hey, sometimes boys just like to give way to their girlfriends, whether she demands it or not. It’s not emasculating, it’s love. The messages are hand-painted on the sleek white mugs.

Tinder Mug Set

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For that couple who were brought together by the ever-magical dating app Tinder, you can now show that Tinder pride with this pair of mugs. Tinder made your fairytale come true and these mugs will make your mornings great. They are dishwasher and microwave safe. Quite funny, too!

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