Couples who are starting to get comfortable with the relationship start getting stuff that matches — shirts, mugs, pillows, and gadgets, to name a few. Some go for jewelry, which does not shout as loud as shirts but is as special and cute.

Getting couple jewelry is a sure-fire sign of the strength of any relationship. Some couples choose cheaper fashion jewelry while others invest inexpensive ones for better quality. But when it comes to relationships, it is always the thought that counts.

Here are some couple jewelry suggestions that even Cupid will be jealous of!

(On the featured photo: Bow and Arrow necklaces, #2 in this list.)

Yin and Yang Necklace

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Every relationship needs balance and that’s what Yin and Yang symbolize. While they are complete opposites of one another, they are complementary and co-exists in harmony, as is every relationship. These couple jewelry are composed of one yin and yang that fits perfectly together when joined. It’s made of stainless steel and is resistant to corroding.

Bow and Arrow Necklace

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An arrow means a positive transition in, to go forward; while the bow is the instrumental force to push the arrow forward. In relationships, when one partner goes down, the other has to lift him/her up. Perhaps, that is one of the best facets of relationships that need to be focused on. This design will help your partner remember that they have someone out there who will never let them feel that they are alone.

Obsidian Wolf Tooth Amulet

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Inspired by native stylistic, this obsidian black pendant symbolizes courage and confidence natural to tribal heart. The “chain” holding the amulets is made up of adjustable nylon cord in black to match the pendant. It’s made of a shiny crystal-like material that has a little sparkle when light hits the surface.

Sun and Moon Couple Bracelets

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The dainty sun and moon pendant represents magnetic attraction between two opposite celestial bodies. Sun signifies power and strength, while the moon is for calmness and stability. Sun is usually for the male partner and the moon for the female. The charms are silver plated zinc alloy held by adjustable nylon cord.

Mountain and Sea Rings

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Mountain indicates hurdles to be jumped over while waves mean a cleansing of the soul. They are open rings, therefore, they are adjustable and can fit any finger size. The mountain comes in a black painted ring while the wave is in 92.5 silver.

Prince and Princess Rings

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This set of couple ring is for the couple who spoils each other, not only with gifts but also affection. The princess ring is a tiara ring with some diamond rhinestones around it, while the prince ring is a simple silver band with a cross pattern of rhinestones in the middle. They come in one size but have adjustable bands.

Heart Couple Rings

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The pair of rings is fairly simple but with one notable design. Each ring has a small concave cutout on the edge, the half of a heart so when placed right on top of another, they form a full heart. You can also have it engraved with your name or your anniversary date.

Soundwave Necklace

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Here is an ingenious way to have a sentimental moment capture forever. You can get the soundwave of a short voive message (I love you?) laser-cut into 92.5 silver and be worn as necklace. One necklace comes as the base plate with the laser cutout of the soundwave and the other has the soundwave piece cutout. This is such a unique couple jewelry.

Copper Magnetic Bracelets

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Not only these couple bracelets look stylish and classic, they have healing properties on them. They contain rare earth that can relieve pains specifically at your wrists. It will do things for you: make you look dapper with the gorgeous copper plating and will make you you feel healthier. They come in two designs, one for male and for female.

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