At some point in the relationship, couples get bolder in displaying their affection even through the simplest forms, like the shirts we wear when we’re together.

However, we can’t always be wearing the shirt especially when we’re not with our partners. You cannot be seen wearing a shirt that says “I am in love with her →” when she is not around (or she is standing on your right). It may look completely silly that’s why we need to be sensible when purchasing couple shirts. Choose shirts that look great with or without your partner!

To make your search easier, we have compiled a few couple shirts. Here are the shirts that can be worn together or apart:

Bacon and Fried Egg Couple Shirts

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Bacon and eggs are the quintessential American breakfast even for the couple who spend their mornings together. Thought unhealthy when taken in bigger servings, it’s the sweet sinful combination that begs everyone to have more of it. Good on their own, but better together.

Beauty and Beast Couple Shirts

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You do not need to have that perfect fairytale love story in order to be called the beauty or the beast. Beauty here is represented by a bow, finesse and feminine and the beast, a barbell, for the mighty macho male appeal.

Banana and Apple Couple Shirts

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Fruity pickup lines that need no second thoughts. The witty lines will make anyone who sees the shirt smile. Other than that, it is made of quality cotton fabric which means you can wear it even on a lazy, hot day (maybe lounging around the house with your love, or running errands with them).

Milk and Cookie Couple Shirts

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Be the “dunkee” or the “dunker” in this couple shirts featuring a cookie and a milk. Milk and cookies were our favorite midnight snacks when we were younger to help us get a good night sleep or to get us through a study night. It comes in a gray-colored cotton fabric that is comfortable.

I Love Lemonade Couple Shirts

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This “I Love Lemonade” statement shirt comes in a unique partner shirt. The other half is a cartoon lemonade so it’s not an obvious pair up. Lemonade though is a go-to drink for most to quench our thirst but really…when we wear the I Love Lemonade shirt we really are referring to our sweetheart.

Team Naughty Shirt

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If you are utterly confident with the level of relationship, then take your frisky out into the streets by this shirt of declaration. Although, be warned that this will give you unsolicited attention and maybe some, indecent proposals but let them know that you already have someone aboard in Team Naughty.

Fix it, Wreck It Couple Shirts

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The awesome Disney film inspired by classic video games was a hit even to adults when it was released. This shirt set includes a blue Fix It one derived from Fix It Felix Jr. and the Wreck It is for Wreck It Ralph, the good bad guy. The duo was the perfect hero-villain characters in their game just as how good your pair up with your partner.

Skull Shirts

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Punk couples have a place on our list with this female and male skull printed shirts. The design is actually more cinco de mayo inspired but the artistic drawing is really eye-catching with the details: the pink rose on the female skull and the beard on the male skull.

Mickey and Minnie Shirts

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Mickey and Minnie Mouse are one of the classical and legendary love teams even though they are cartoons and not humans (but the voice actors for the two were married, awww). There’s another edge with the designs of these shirts because it also includes a beer design for the male and a wine for the female. Definitely, PG-13 kids.

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