“We have learned to fly the air like birds and swim the sea like fish, but we have not learned the simple art of living together as brothers.” –Martin Luther King Jr.

Groomsmen are one of the busiest people during your wedding, ushering guests to their seats and assuring everything is in place before your nerve-wracking and most of all the best day of your life.

Groomsmen can be your closest friends, brother or cousins; providing them gifts after your big day would be a great idea in showing them that you really appreciate their efforts.

Here is the rundown of crazy good gifts for groomsmen you can give:

Personalized Cheese Board

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If your friends love to cook this is definitely a must-gift for them, in support for their cooking skills. You can also put a short reminder or message as the design for the cheese board. Through this personalized cheese board, they will always remember you as a supportive and great friend that they can call anytime.

Leather Magnetic Money Clip

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We have known men for being free-spirited; they don’t want to carry big and heavy bags. A leather magnetic money clip will help them to access their money anytime conveniently; aside from paper bills, they can also insert their I.D. inside the magnetic money clip.

Passport Wallet

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For more bonding moments with your brothers from another mother, a passport wallet would be a great gift for groomsmen. This is also to ensure that no IDs will be lost, keeping their passport safe all the time.

Luxury Shaving Kit

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This is highly recommended if you really want to maintain the good looks of the best men in your life, having a proper hygiene is one of the good qualities why women fall in love. Removing beards and unwanted hair on face will actually attract women and that might lead them to find the ideal partner they want to marry.

Round Power Hub Port

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For your techy guys they will totally love this, round power hub port has the ability to charge multiple USB devices all in one place. This gadget will eradicate too many cables and chargers inside their bags for different phones and tablets they use at work, business or even at school.

Credit Card Bottle Opener

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The most unique gift you can give for your groomsmen, they can easily open bottle of beers and soda during your catch-up night and the same time to place over their credit card while you’re hanging out. Credit card bottle opener features a dual purpose that fits inside their wallets, ready to drink anytime when you’re all together.

Stainless Steel Flask

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To those years you have spent together as the best of pals from teenage years until now that you are married, stainless steel flask is great idea gift for your groomsmen. This resembles those hardships you went through and they chose not to leave you behind in good times and bad times in your life; stainless steel flask cannot be easily break that can also be compared to your friendship with them.

Men’s Watch

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As your groomsmen to your wedding, you can give them a watch as your appreciation gift for lending a hand during the preparation for your big day. Choose men’s watch with a strap made from genuine leather that has a minimalist design, you will be happy by just seeing them wearing it all the time. These crazy good gifts for your groomsmen will not be complete without imparting some pieces of advice on how to take care of a woman in a long-term relationship. This will also help to develop a good manhood that lies within them.