Congratulations on your fifteenth year of marriage! Fifteen glorious years of happiness, trials and deep bond!

Did you know that wedding anniversary traditionally call for themed gifts for your spouse? For fifteenth anniversary, the theme is crystal.

Are you the husband? If you are, then this list will give you ideas what kind of crystal gift presents you can gift your lovely wife.

This list is a compilation of useful romantic and fun crystal wedding anniversary gifts for her. (Side note, if you are the wife, you should check out this list of crystal presents you can gift your hubby.)

Useful Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

Some ladies would want to receive something that she can use everyday. Practicality is very important for these kind of women! If your lady love is this kind of gal, then you should check out these useful crystal gifts.

crystal swan necklace

Crystal swan necklace: Perfect crystal wedding anniversary present for your wife!

1. One of the most common (and most appreciated, at that) crystal gifts are jewelry. You can choose to give her this super beautiful swan necklace with a blue crystal body. This gorgeous necklace will look good with a nice dress!

2. No a big fan of swans? You can also give your wife this tear-drop shaped crystal necklace with wings accent. Such a beautiful piece of jewelry!

3. Another cool crystal jewelry you can give her are earrings. This pair of black tear-shaped crystal earrings will do nicely!

4. Not a big fan of black? This pair of swarovski crystal earrings produce beautiful rainbow colors when the light shines on them! Pretty!

Crystal Bracelet

Crystal Bracelet

5. Crystal bracelets also look nice. Try giving her this crystal wire bracelet which will go nicely with any outfit.

6. You can also give her this bangle crystal bracelet if she does not like wearing thick bracelets.

7. Versace Bright Crystal. This cologne smells really nice and feminine and she will love to use this everyday.

8. Or… you can also give her Karen Low Pure Crystal. Also a highly rated cologne for women.

Crystal lamp

9. Crystal lamp. Women are a sucker for decorative lamps and this one looks absolutely gorgeous. You can also get her a Himalayan crystal salt lamp, for health benefits.

10. This super gorgeous peacock crystal bag will be her favorite bag for evening events!

11. How about a clock? This crystal wall clock looks very pretty with the peacock design!

12. …or a crystal desk clock? Both are very decorative and she will be reminded of you whenever she takes a look at the time!

13. Speaking of clocks, you can also get your lovely wife a crystal wrist watch.

Romantic Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

Of course most women love to be romanced. Here are some crystal presents that will make her swoon!

Crystal Anniversary Teddy Bear!

14. You can give her this crystal wedding anniversary teddy bear. It is a cute stuffed bear holding a crystal rose and wearing a shirt that says, “Happy Crystal Anniversary!”

15. This crystal rose is perfect! She can put it on her work desk and be reminded of your love while she works!

16. You can also give her a crystal gold rose in a crystal vase. Take note, this is real rose dipped in gold!

17. Haven’t got enough crystal flowers? Here is a bouquet of crystal roses!

Crystal Heart Necklace18. How about this heart crystal necklace? It is deep red, just like your adoration for her!

19. You can also give your wife this heart crystal bracelet.

20. You can also give your beautiful wife a crystal etched picture of both of you. This cute gift will make her tear up! Add a sweet anniversary message, too!

Fun Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

Lastly, here are some exciting crystal gift ideas that will tickle her for sure!

21. Is your wife a geek? She will take great fun in this eye candy of a crystal planet decor. If she is an astronomy buff, she will recognize that this is Jupiter.

22. A pair of crystal toasting flutes. Throw in a bottle of champagne, too.

23. A crystal wine aerator will do nicely, too!

24. Corkcicle is a crystal icicle that she can place on her favorite beverage (liquor or not) to chill it but not water it down. Works best for booze, tough!

25. Take her swimming in crystal clear waters of somewhere warm and sunny.