The fear of the unknown is great.  Often we do find ourselves worrying about the future.  Sometimes we fear the rapid onset of technology and because of the great influx of such and the massive impact it has in our lives we can’t argue that the future is indeed evolving sooner than we think.

Cyberpunk which is greatly inclined to futuristic settings and scientific achievements have got some great followers.  We can see cyberpunk stories from decades ago such the Terminator from Arnold S. and the movie Back to the Future of Michael J. Fox.

I mean these films from decades ago are great indicators that people are into cyberpunk and is mesmerized by its trend.  Movies have become more futuristic and most people do enjoy this science fiction genre in our era.  Cyberpunk journals can let you be reminded of the cyberpunk plots that you love while jotting down your memories, ideas and reminders at the same time.

We have gathered the top twelve cyberpunk journals from the web market that you would certainly adore!  Check our listing below for your reference.

With a View Journal

We all have that wild dream that one day our house would have a great view, not just an ordinary great view but an aerial view of our town.

Check out this “with a view journal”, this journal features a house sitting proudly on top like floating in the air.  Imagine living in a house on top of a floating land, well that would be something to look forward to everyday I should say!

This with a view journal is a cyberpunk themed journal that has 384 pages inside that would be great or your whole year of jotting down notes and memories.

Under Unknown Stars Journal

Cyberpunk Journals for Lover of the Stars

A great night outdoors would be described perfectly if there are tons of stars in the sky.  Would it be mesmerizing if you are under unknown stars?

Let your imagination run wild as you stare at this beautiful photo of unknown stars that gives you the chills and keeps you longing for what would happen next just like in any cyberpunk themed stories.

This journal will let you doodle, write down and keep you updated with its grid pages for up to 384 pages.

Digital Well Journal

This Cyberpunk Notebook is Stunning!

How deep is a digital well?  I can’t say but it doesn’t look like the well that we used to know.

Imagine yourself being trapped in a digital well with floating matrix and digital imprints?  Its kind a weird if you would ask me but if you would ask someone who is a cyberpunk fanatic then the answer would be otherwise.

This digital well journal will give you the privacy you need to vent out your feelings, write down your ideas or to doodle as you please.

Too Close Encounter Journal

Very Artsy Journal, Indeed!

When I was a kid while inside the car, I told my mom that the moon is following us.  She just smiled and told me that I was silly.

Have you ever imagined what if the moon is as close as a heartbeat and just within your reach?  This journal captures the illustration of a close encounter that would keep you astonished with its breath taking view.

You can let your imagination run wild in its 150 pages.

Bobble-Bot Journal

How cool it is to have your very own robot?  It would be nice to have your own robot to train and help you out on your chores just like what we see in cyberpunk themed movies.

Well, having your very own robot is kind of pricey and if you do not have the enough stash to spend to get your very own robot then this bobble bot journal would do for now!

This journal with an adorable bobble-bot head robot as cover is a cute way of having your own robot for the meantime.  You can let your spirit lose and write them down on this 150 paged journal all you want.

Down and Out Grid Journal

Astounding Cyberpunk Themed Notebook!

A crashed satellite that landed in a different planet is a great picture of a futuristic idea but is so possible to happen, right?

This down and out grid journal has a cover that captures a crashed satellite in a dusty floor bed.

The cyberpunk fanatic in you would be surprised whenever you get to see this cover as you write on this cyberpunk journal every day.

Urban Assault Droid Journal

Cool Robotics Journal for You!

Intruders are not only terrorists they can also be droid bots from the future.  What if one day they would want to take over our beloved planet Earth one day?  Would you be prepared to run or hide or just fight?

Too soon to think about that I guess, for now check out this urban assault droid on this cool cyberpunk journal.

See what our future enemies would look like so you can devise a plan as soon as now!  Write your ideas and plans on this over one hundred fifty paged journal as you can.

Asteroid Field Journal

Cyberpunk Space!

The outer space is such a phenomenal scene to look at but we can’t see this superb view every day or any time as we wish because as we know, you should have NASA equipment and shuttle to get there alive.

You can get to see and adore the fantastic view of the outer space with asteroids as bonus on this glossy cover finish of this cyberpunk journal.


Viral Architecture Grid Journal

Robotics Architecture Notebook

This photo of a viral architecture that looks like a space shuttle that is wrecked or others might see it as a tower or a headquarters maybe.

It merely depends on the perception of the one who stares at it.

You can think of endless ideas and jot them all down in this grid journal all you want for it has 150 pages that will let you write your field notes and reminders too.

Robot Chic Journal

Beauty is in the eyes off the beholder.  Some might say that a pretty face can be described as lovely eyes, pouty lips and a contoured face but this robot chic gives us a different impression of beauty.

This robot chic is beautiful in its own cyberpunk world.  What I remember when I get to see this photo is R2D2 and the tall robot guy on that film.  The robot guy would be a perfect match for this robot chic for sure!

Jot down your reminders, things to do, life lessons and other things to write about on this 365 paged journal with a robot chic as cover.

E-Sight Cyberpunk Journal

Kick-ass Cyberpunk Notebook

The wondering eye is captured as target in the cover of this e-sight cyberpunk journal.

Just like in any cyberpunk plot, you could see observing eye watching over you.

It can also be a depiction of an eye peeping on the target of a futuristic gun before pulling the trigger.

The ending is for you to write about on this 150 pages of grid journal.

With Heart Journal

A robot may be made of steel and screws but what if it has a heart just like ours?  Check out this robotic presentation of a human heart in this cyberpunk journal.  Just like a human’s heart it has the same size, parts and maybe some functions too?  We will never know, but you can write your own cyberpunk story from that idea on this 150 pages of grid journal.  Each page is numbered, with four blank pages of table of contents on the front pages as well.

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