Sometimes there are men who would really want to dress well but have no idea where to begin. You can show him to the right direction by giving him Christmas gifts that help him groom well and dress sharp. Here are some dapper stocking stuffers to help transform your caveman into a gentleman.

Dapper Stocking Stuffers to Help Him Groom Better

The art of shaving set is a very nice gift for men.

A typical dude’s grooming is literally divided into three: trimming and fixing, keeping clean and smelling fresh. Unfortunately, a man forgets grooming most of the time… maybe because it is too monotonous. I see my husband shave every morning and I think, “thank goodness I do not have that much hair”.

Maybe you can spice his grooming sets up? Here are some grooming Christmas gift ideas I can think of.

Take note that this only includes trimming, fixing and cleansing — I will make a separate section for the smelling nice part.

  1. Art of Shaving Set. I gave my hubby a set last Christmas. He still uses the brush.
  2. A super nice butterfly style comb.
  3. Beard grooming set, if your man looks like a lumberjack and you like it that way.
  4. Nose hair trimmer! Nose hair is one of my pet peeves… Actually, I usually pull Kit’s nose hair with my fingers out when I see his nose hair sticking out. Never fails to make him tear up!
  5. Comb key ring. Perfect for unfixed hair when outside.
  6. Nail cleaning set.
  7. For the guy on the go.

    Grooming kit in a matchbox.

  8. A new razor and some spare blades.
  9. Body, face and hair shower gel. Perfect for men who do not like carrying a lot of soap items to the gym.
  10. Organic shaving cream. Especially if he is the eco friendly guy.
  11. Bacon, hair of the dog and whiskey soaps.
  12. Nivea for Men Face Wash.
  13. Clear Shampoo for Men. Totally works for my hubby.
  14. Charcoal soap for men. This is a great dapper stocking stuffer for men who sweat a lot. Try buying this dead sea mud soap with activated charcoal. Really nice smell, too.
  15. Soap in a Rope.
  16. Hair gel or hair wax.

Dapper Stocking Stuffers to Help Him Smell Fresh

Country Gent Crotch Powder

Oh Lordy! Your man is bound to chuckle when he sees this.

You have to admit, ladies, you love a fresh-smelling man. Not to strong perfumy smell, not sweaty like a room full of quarterbacks. Just nice, fresh smell. Here are a few Christmas gifts that will help him smell nicer.

  1. Stick deodorant.
  2. Axe Deo-spray.
  3. Nautica Voyage. This is my hubby’s current cologne and I love the nice, light smell. Quite a turn on, actually.
  4. Kenneth Cole Black. Another cologne my hubby used. Also quite light but very masculine.
  5. Shoe and foot spray. This prevents smelly feet and smelly shoes.
  6. Aftershave. (On a side not, a cologne and an aftershave are two very different things. Aftershave soothes the skin after shaving… it has a smell but won’t last as long as cologne. Cologne lasts longer but does not soothe skin.)
  7. Country Gent Crotch Powder. This keeps his manly parts from smelling and it can also come as a gag gift!
  8. Masculine wash. Like our feminine wash, masculine wash is specialized to kill and prevent the germs that multiple in men’s privates.
  9. Comfy Boys Intimate Deodorant. This is like underarm deodorant, only for his lower region!

Dapper Stocking Stuffers to Help Him Dress Better

Blue pinstripe necktie is a classic and should never be absent from a man's wardrobe.

Blue pinstripe necktie is a classic and should never be absent from a man’s wardrobe.

Add a bit of here and there to his wardrobe so he will have more choices to mix and match his clothes.

  1. Colorful socks. Adds a splash of playful colors into his wardrobe.
  2. Black dress socks.
  3. A guy essential is a blue pinstripe necktie. Get him one is he hasn’t already.
  4. Neck tie clip.
  5. Bow tie.
  6. A wooden watch will revive his wardrobe… especially if he is the guy that collects watches.
  7. Leather cross necklace.
  8. Cloth bracelets.
  9. A funny statement T-shirt.
  10. These fart-absorbing underwear.
  11. A reversible leather belt. Black and brown, please!
  12. Canvass belt for casual outfits.
  13. A crisp, plain, white T-shirt. (This is one of the essentials in a man’s wardrobe, yet many men do not have this.)
  14. Cuff Links. Avoid unconventional designs if this is the first time he gets cuff links. Just get those square cuff links from Kenneth Cole Reaction.

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