The December birthstones all come in beautiful shades of blue.  Zircon as the oldest gem on earth and the colorless zircon in particular is a convincing replacement for diamond, tanzanite and often substitute sapphire, and turquoise is unmatched in its hue of robin’s egg blue. Whatever is your style preference or budget, one of December’s three birthstones will match your true blue desires.

Zircon is an underrated gem that is often confused with synthetic cubic zirconia due to similar names and shared use as diamond simulants. Few people realize that zircon is a spectacular natural gem available in a variety of colors.  The colorless zircon, known as Matura Diamond, displays brilliance and flashes out multicolored “fire” that can rival fine diamond. There is one key difference though: Zircon is more brittle though it measures 7.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, its faceted edges can chip.

Since the Middle Ages, people have believed that zircon can induce sleep, ward off evil and promote prosperity and wisdom.  Zircon has also been used in the decorative ceramics industry.  Today, zircon is considered a grounding stone that increases confidence and compassion. It is said that it can bring visions into reality and provide the guidance needed to achieve goals.

This is often considered as the best-looking natural substitute for diamond, zircon is gaining popularity and not just in colorless form, but across the spectrum. Whether you are seeking a birthday blue or any other hue, you can find some nice zircon jewelry gifts just right for the purpose.  Check the list of fine jewelries below with Zircon as its main stone for your choice of gift to give.

Round Blue Zircon and Diamond Infinity Earrings

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This contemporary and distinctive zircon and diamond gem stone earrings are sure to be a great addition to any jewelry collection. Zircon is a stunning stone making it the perfect piece for any occasion and holiday. It is crafted in sterling silver with 12 blue round shaped zircon and diamonds that weighs 1.77 carats measuring 7 x 14 mm. This stunning earring is brand new and comes with a complimentary gift packaging appropriately selected to match the occasion. Show her you care with a gift that will compliment her style flawlessly.

Arctic Blue Zircon Threaded Stud Earrings

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These earrings are the perfect size for day to day wear, and the threaded backing makes them secure in the ear no matter what the situation will be. This gorgeous teal blue in color earrings will surely transition from a bridal wear to a treasured heirloom with ease. It is crafted in 14k yellow gold and the 2 round blue zircon stones measures 1.20 carats with 15 mm in length and 4.7 mm in width.

Round Blue Zircon and Diamond Three Stone Pendant

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This unique three stone pendant (that comes in 8 pieces of gemstones in round single cut) is the perfect accessory for any ensemble on any special or ordinary occasion. This necklace comes with a complimentary 18 inch 925 sterling silver chain that makes the look more exquisite and stunning when worn. This pendant features a gorgeous Zircon stone that can be used either in dressing up or dressing down.

Silver Necklace With Zircon

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This beautiful piece of necklace is made of 925 sterling silver in rhodium plating. This help make the necklace look shinny look and protects it from getting dark. The length of the chain is about 40 cm and it has adjustable part up to 5 cm. If you are looking for a wonderful gift item for your loved one or to a stylish and chic gal, this necklace will surely be the perfect choice as it is packaged in a beautiful gift box when delivered.

Raw Blue Zircon ring with rough gemstones

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This ring with a beautiful blue blue zircon crystal from Cambodia is a unique piece that is great for everyday wear as well as for special occasions for any chic woman. The ring is 1 mm thick and is very sturdy although it looks very dainty on the finger. The size of the stone is 4 - 8 mm and is crafted in sterling silver. This is one interesting ring to give as its zircon gemstones are not in perfect shape thus making it unique to look at when worn.

Blue Zircon and Blue Sapphire Oval Ring

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If you are looking for a jewelry for all occasion, then this blue zircon and blue sapphire oval ring is the perfect piece. This timeless treasure and classic style ring are always fit for any occasion. This ring is beautifully crafted and designed with zircon and sapphire that is sure to win the way into a woman’s heart. This ring crafted in 925 Sterling Silver adds a polished look to any ensemble and outfit. Perfect ring for engagements, weddings and all other occasions.

Silver-Tone Full Zircon Wedding Tear Drop Link Bracelet

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This stunning piece can be worn on its own as a statement and then combined with any jewelry accessory. The stones look real. The quality is amazing and this bracelet is very delicate and elegant. This tear drop link bracelet crafted in brass metal is much smoother and will protect your skin. It measures 1 cm in width and 17.5 cm – 21.5 cm in length and weighs 16 grams. This piece comes with a gift box and a favor bag that conveys a “you are special” message to someone who will receive it.

Looking for more zircon jewelry gifts?

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