As a dog lover myself, I would love to receive dog gift ideas that I can use in taking care of my fluffy best friend or showing the world that you love doggies.

Here are some presents that a dog lover would love to receive.

Underwater Dogs Calendar

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Underwater Dogs Calendar features hilarious and cute pictures of dogs fetching things at the bottom of the pools. The pictures of the dogs are super hilarious and people will love to look at every photo in the calendar.

One of the pictures were chosen as a cover of a popular pet magazine and the photographer, Seth Casteel has been featured at National Geographic, The New York Times and in hundreds of other magazines.

This is a nice dog gift idea for veterinarians, dog lover and those who work closely with dogs. This will give a large smile to anyone who looks at the pictures.

Wet Dog Coffee Table Book

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Those who own a fluffy dog knows how a furry puppy shrinks into a cute little rodent when wet. Pictures of wet, bath time doggies are compiled in the coffee table book, Wet Dog. Just look on the picture on the right. Hilarious, right?

The book itself makes a good book at lobbies of veterinary clinics or just at the living room of a person who adores dogs. This book is a a charming dog gift idea for those who cannot live without Fido.

Boo Plush Toy

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All dog lovers have an idea who Boo is. He is the most charming Pomeranian the internet has ever known. Super cute and looks super happy, Boo became an internet sensation and a picture of a million memes. Boo had more than 13 million Facebook fans and now people can have a piece of his cuteness with this detailed replica of the famous puppy.

Your dog over friend will love to receive this as a present from you. This will suit most female dog lovers, as well as little children. Be prepared to hear the words, "cute" and "thank you" a lot!

A Dog's Purpose

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This is a book that tells the story of a dog who was reincarnated from a mutt to a beautiful Golden Retriever. Bailey the dog discovers what his purpose as a dog by being owned by an 8-year old boy named Ethan.

The book is a roller coaster ride of emotions: the reader will feel happy, sad, will feel touched and laugh out loud as it depicts the real purpose of why dogs are here for men.

Siberian Husky Shirt

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For those who own these macho dogs, there is this Siberian Husky shirt. This shirt tastefully features the whole face of a Siberian Husky in a really comfy 100% cotton shirt. Your dog lover should be very happy to receive such cool gift idea. This shirt would be perfect for the guys.

iFetch: Dog Fetching Bot

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This is for dog owners who are always busy or for those who are always lazy! The iFetch is a fetch machine designed for dogs. What it does is it automatically launches a ball for your dog to catch. All you have to do is to train your furbaby to put the ball into the chute and it will be hours of pure fun and exercise for your dog without a human having to do the throwing. This is good for dogs who are always left in the house alone.

Your Dog, Nobilified

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Want to see your puppy as Joan-of-Arc? Then you can order a Nobilified portrait and upload a picture of your cute dog. The guys at Nobilified will do the rest! This is a perfect funny gift idea for those who love their dogs so much.

Dog Charmbracelet

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This one if a great dog gift idea for the ladies! This dog-themed charm bracelet features different charms like a doghouse, a bone, a heart with a print "I Love My Dog" and a dachshund. This is a subtle way to profess your love for those furry babies. Plus, these bracelets are just too cute.

Rules of Being a Dog Framed Decor

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This colorful framed decor show the rules of being a dog, like "Be Loyal", "Guard the House" and "Ask to Go Outside". All printed in beautiful rustic colors and framed in sturdy wooden frame, this makes a nice decor to a house with lots of dogs or a vet clinic.

Zen Dog Statue

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Ommmmmm. This is a funny dog statue you can give to a dog lover. Makes a nice yard decor, don't you think?

Schnauzer Throw Pillow

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The pop-art-esque print of this Schnauzer throw pillow makes a really nice conversation starter in the living room. Cute and artistic! This makes a perfect dog themed present for a visual artist.

Dog Hat (With Propeller)

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A dog can get away with wearing costumes even when it is not Halloween or Christmas. This propeller hat for dogs will guarantee some "aww" from anyone who sees your cute puppy wearing this.