Got a loved one who loves Dr. Who? You should take a look at these Dr. Who gift ideas for the Whovian of your life. They will be happy to receive one of these from you!

Dr.Who Bed Sheets

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If your Whovian loves geeky bedroom stuff, then you can get him this Bed Sheet set. This is blue with prints of flaoting TARDIS and Gallifreyan symbols all around the covers. This Doctor Who Microfiber Sheet Set is a officially licensed product and you can choose between king, queen and twin sizes. This is a very cool Dr. Who gift ideas for a Whovian.

TARDIS Cookie Jar

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For those Whovians who work at a desk at the office or at home, you can give them this TARDIS cookie jar. They can store their delicious snacks in this, keeping their munchies fresh inside in style.

This cool thing even lights up and produces TARDIS sounds when opened... on a side note, the sounds can be an alarm when someone dares to steal your goodies! This is perfect for those who love to eat!

This can also be a really nice decor in the kitchen of a Whovian, don't you think?

TARDIS Waste Basket

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The TARDIS waste basket is something a Dr. Who fan should have in their bedroom! This will help a geek's room clean in a really geeky fashion! And no, it does not transport the trash somewhere else... you would have to empty it eventually!

TARDIS Coffee Mug

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Whoever said that a coffee mug is the worst gift has not seen mugs like this TARDIS mug! This looks like it jumped out of the TV show and into your kitchen, ready to contain the coffee you drink in the morning! This is the perfect Dr. Who gift idea for the someone who loves to drink coffee or tea while watching the show!


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The TARDIS insanity does not stop! If your Whovian loves hats or live somewhere where it snows, then you can get them this handmade knit hat. They can keep their head warm and toasty while declaring to the world what a geeky Whovian he is! Your Dr. Who fan would receive lots of compliments from other Whovians while wearing this super nice hat! Awesome!

Now if your Whovian loved one wants to disappear, just spin on the spot while sounding "vworp... vworp..." and he might dematerialize! Oh wait...

Sonic SCrewdriver Flashlights

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No, this sonic screwdriver does not open locks or fix electronics. This is a flashlight that you can use in the darkness to illuminate your way. You can choose between the 10th and the 11th doctor's screwdrivers. This is perfect for people who always leave at dawn or those who come home at night. Also perfect as a light source when you rise out of bed to catch a snack... so you don't have to accidentally step on your cat's tail.

TIme Master's Pocket Watch

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Want to get time on your side? Get the Time Master's Pocket Watch and get control of time... oh wait! This is just a replica of the real thing! But hey, this is still a very nice pocket watch. It is very intricate and looks like the exact same thing they use in the TV show. A male whovian who loves accessories will definitely love this Dr. Who gift ideas.

Time Lord Psychic Container

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Oh come here, you scrumptious little beauty!

Aside from quoting the show, I am referring to this cool little lamp fashioned from teh Time Lord's psychic container. This changes color and is motion sensitive, changing colors whenever it detects movement! This is a really nice convo stater even for non Whovians... but of course, the Whovians will love this the most!

This can be a nifty desktop accessory or a night light can can save you from stumbling in the dark.

Dr. Who 11 Doctors Action Figures

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Got a Whovian who collects toys and action figures? You should definitely get a set of Dr. Who Doctors actions figures. All the eleven doctors are here and each is very details and looks like the actors who played the doctor in Dr. Who. Each is made of rubber and cloth, not hard plastic. This is plain awesome!

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