Of all the mythical animals, dragon is my favorite. When I was a kid I have always loved playing video games where you get to keep a pet dragon (Pokemon and Breath of Fire for example). If you have someone, maybe a kid or a kid at heart, who loves dragons, then you should look at this list of cool dragon themed gift ideas.

Serpentine Dragon Mug

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Whoever said that a mug is the worst gift idea ever is wrong! I would love to receive an intricately designed dragon mug like this anytime! This looks like something a fantasy dragoon (dragon rider) king would drink and declare toasts on. Did I say it is very intricate? Cheers!

Salt and Pepper Shakers and Dragon Holder Set

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This is a really nice kitchen ornament for those who love medieval mythology. This dragon holds salt and pepper shakers, ready for the next sumptuous feast on your table. This piece of art is super intricate and looks like something medieval people would use on their tables. Super cool dragon themed gift idea for geeks.

Dragon Guardian Trinket Box

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Super cool! This looks like a dragon is guarding whatever is in the box. While many trinket boxes are oozing with estrogen, this trinket box is very unisex. In fact, this is something I would store my coins, car keys, jewellery in. Women who love dragon fantasy art would love this too.

Hatching Dragon Egg Trinket Box

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This serves the same purpose as the trinket box above, but it looks like an egg that is hatching. Super nice and this "box" is not square at all. Unconventional, but really beautiful!

Dragon Egg Cookie Jar

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Modeled after Rhaegal's egg from game of Thrones, this dragon egg is no joke -- it looks cool in person and it will hold your delicious goodies inside, helping you stave hunger while you work or play video games or watch Game of Thrones. This is also perfect for storing other things, like coins, keys or a real baby dragon, if you can find one.

Dragon Wrap Earring

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This looks super cool! This is a really nice goth / punk / heavy rock jewellery and is perfect for both men and women. Maybe the dragon is protecting your ear from nasty mosquitoes?

Anyway, the price is for one earring only, and you can choose an earring for your left or right ear. Superb dragon themed present for anyone who wears earrings. Rock on!

Dragon Ashtray

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For those who smoke cigs, you can gift this super cool dragon ashtray. This solid piece of as tray is heavy ad will hold cigarettes still. The bowl will hold ashes away from soft wind. The details of the dragon itself is very well defined and it looks like a nice piece of artwork that will last long.

Dragon Guarding a Sword Statue

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This statue is a really nice piece of artwork featuring a dragon guarding a somewhat magical-looking swords. This figurine is a gorgeous dragon themed gift idea for someone who works on a desk in an office or at home. It can also work as a nice paperweight as it is quite heavy!

Dragons Wall Plaque and Sword Holder

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There is something about dragons and swords being very cool together, right? This medieval-looking dragons-and-sword plaque looks mesmerizing. It also has something exciting for you: you can actually take out the sword (more like a long dagger, if you ask me) from the plaque. It is dull by design, but if you want to use it as a weapon, you can have it sharpened. The dragons wall plaque won't hold differently sized swords, though. Still, this is a really nice dragon themed decoration that will gather lots of compliments.

Two Dragons and Two Swords Wall Plaque

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Want two swords on a single plaque? Get this one. It offers the same coolness factor as the one above, but it holds two swords (also blunt, you can have them sharpened if you want) and a decorative shield. Look cool and reminds me of Skyrim shield and sword display plaques.

Fire Breathing Dragon Lamp

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For someone who wants a dragon statue in the bedroom, this dragon lamp is one cool decor. When you switch on the light, the fire part of the statue glows and gives a faint light. Perfect night light so you do not accidentally step on the house cat's tail when you wake up at night to grab a midnight snack.

Dragon on Orb LED Lamp

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Same purpose as above, but with different style and a cool blue dragon that looks like it is guarding a blue, glowing orb when the lamp is turned on.

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